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Archangel’s Desire - Archangels’ Series # 1
by Karen Swart

Genre: Paranormal Romance - Audience: 18 + - Formats: E-book and Paperback - Publisher: Karen Swart - Cover By: Janine Fourie - Editor: Jasmin Petricola (Blue Butterfly Editing) - Published Date: April 30, 2015
Raven Black is no martyr, but she has a secret she deems worth protecting. Placed into the care of Zadkiel, the Archangel of Mercy, Raven Black tries with all her might and main to hide her deadly secret. It’s difficult to know who to trust or who to confide in, but Raven knows she’s unwilling to be exploited to get the Archangels’ greatest enemy. She seals her lips, refusing to speak and enduring the ensuing torture in silence.

After centuries of nothing but duty, Zadkiel is tormented by the hellhound Raven. The closer he gets to her, the more he discovers about this lethal beauty. With each passing moment an uncontrollable desire is awakened, and with it an ancient evil is provoked.

When he discovers her secret, Zadkiel must choose between all of mankind and the woman he has come to love. Can he save her in time, or will his failure bring forth the end of days?

He would awaken a desire that would burn through hell.


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As Raven faded away, I turn to look at Chax. Although Chax was our leader, his short temper always seemed to doom a situation. His green eyes pierced mine as he regained his footing and pulled out his sword.
“There are more ways to deal with something than just force, Chax.” I smirked at him.
“Agreed, but not in Raven’s case.” Chax brought his sword in front of him, determined to get the weapon he needed to bring down Lucifer.
“She is still a fallen, and in my care. I will not let her be harmed in any way.” I stepped a little to the left, bringing my body to a perfect counter position.
“So, you choose her side rather than our cause?” Chax accused me.
“Please, I am not one of your little fallen apprentices. I chose the right path, the one without hurting an innocent girl.” I steadied the weight of my body on the balls of my feet, and secured my position.
“I migh-“ Chax was cut off by something crashing through my office wall.
“Where is she? Where is that hellhound?” an even more intoxicated Camael yelled while trying to stay upright.
“You have got to be kidding me!” At the sound of Chax’s pained words, my eyes flew in his direction, and I lifted my eyebrows at his statement.
He blushed a little. “Too much time with my mate,” he replied.
“I see,” I replied and caught Camael before his face ended up in my chair.
“What the hell are you doing, Camael?!” Chax replaced his sword and grabbed Camael on the other side.
“That hellhound needs a lesson in respect.” Camael’s words slurred with his heavy tongue.
“He needs to be healed, Chax. Is there no one who can help?” I was worried for my old friend; he was not doing well at all.
“No, not even the visits in heaven seem to be helping, although I might have an idea we can test.” Chax grabbed Camael on the shoulder and forced him to sit down. His head hung backwards as his dark eyes looked up and tried to focus on us.
“If it might work, we need to try it. He is unable to fulfill his duties in this state.” A bitter taste was left in my mouth. I didn’t like what I was seeing at all.
“What about Raven?” Chax asked.
“I will find her, and I will let her take me to him. The moment I have him in sight, I will notify all of you.” My eyes drifted to Chax.
“And you think that you will be able to persuade her to help us trap him?” Chax frowned.
“Yes, but she will not know that she is doing it. I will steer her the way we need her to go.” Chax nodded and grabbed hold of Camael.
“Do that then, but if you fail, it will be my way, Zadkiel.” He shifted out, taking Camael with him.

My Review-

I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Raven is in a deep dark place at the moment. She has a deep dark secret that she will keep until the end of time. A secret that she will guard with her life. This dark secret of hers is eating a big hole in her and she is getting to the point where she doesn't know if she wants to live or not. She wants to die but her other half the hellhound as you might call her will never allow this to happen if she has anything to say about it.

Raven is hurting so much she doesn't know what to do or who to turn to. Who can she trust? Can she trust her best friend, a friend that is like a big sister to her? Can she trust the archangel Zadkiel that she has been sent to so that he can try and help her with her problems? Her friend Kasadya is only trying to help her when she sends her away to stay with Zadkiel the Archangel of Mercy. Sending her to Zadkiel is the last straw. There is nothing left for Kasadya to try. Kasadya a half Hellhound herself cares for Raven a lot and has taken her under her wing to try and help her but she can't help her if she won't or can't trust her enough to tell her what the problem is. Raven just wants all the pain and suffering to go away no matter what the cost to herself is. But her Hellhound is too strong willed and will not give up she will fight who or what she has to until the very end of time.

While living with Zadkiel something happens to Raven that she never even dreamed of. She starts to have feelings for Zadkiel. Just looking at him and hearing the sound of his voice sends cold chills all up and down Raven's spine. She gets all tingly every time she gets near him. But what Raven doesn't know is that the same thing is happening to Zadkiel as well. Zadkiel isn't sure what to do about the feelings that he is having for Raven or what to do about them. She is his student or like a student to him. They both fight these feelings they are having for each other. They are not sure what to do about them. Are they supposed to ignore them? They both have too much on their plates at the moment to be dealing with these kinds of feelings.

I loved Raven's character and her attitude and I loved her favorite word. It is one of my favorite words too; well it is according to whom I am with when saying it. I do have respect for other people. I love how tough Raven is but with all that she has to live with she has no other choice but to be strong, except when it comes to the Archangel Zadkiel; who is so hot that Raven melts and oozes down his leg every time she comes in contact with him.

Ok now I am going to let you in on few inside secrets to reading Archangel's Desire:

  1. You will need a box of tissue to wipe all the tears.
  2. You will need a fan to cool yourself off with from all of the hot Archangels.
  3. You will fall in love with all of the characters; well with an exception of a few maybe.
  4. You will not be able to put it down until you absolutely have to like a life or death situation.
  5. You will love Archangel's Desire from the very first page.
Now don't tell anyone I told you all these secrets. Shhhh! I wouldn't want anyone to know that I was letting out all of Karen Swart's secrets in Archangel's Desire.



Author The Author -

I am a complete book addict, and really proud of it. My entire world is made of books. From reading to writing to blogging to helping other authors. A day without my world of books would be impossible. I am a mother of three, two boys and a little princess. Happily married for 8 years with my high school sweetheart. I live in South Africa, just on the rims of the Kalahari Desert in a small town with one shop and friendly faces.

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