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NBTM + Review + #Giveaway: Conjuring Zephyr by D. Lieber @GoddessFish

Conjuring Zephyr
by D. Lieber
GENRE: Fantasy Romance


Retreating underground to escape a devastating ice age, humans build a new society. When magic is discovered and harnessed for survival, the citizens of Terrenus establish theories and principles of how to use it.

Kai Stephenson is determined to prove magical principles aren’t set in stone. Having lost her younger brother in a tragic accident, she will ensure such accidents never harm anyone else. She enrolls at the most elite university to gain the knowledge she needs to achieve her goal. Overconfident that living as a boy at an all-boys university will only be a minor inconvenience, Kai is convinced her classmates will never discover that she’s a woman. After all, women aren’t capable of higher forms of magic, and her boyish figure certainly doesn’t hurt her disguise.

Hiding her true identity becomes a problem when her new friends start to awaken her repressed sexuality.


“Ms. Nord, this is Mr. Breshire. Mr. Breshire, Ms. Nord,” I introduced them.

Ryn bent over Patti’s hand stiffly. “Ms. Nord,” he said coolly.

“Mr. Breshire.” Patti tried to smile but faltered in the chilly atmosphere.

Ms. Shale pierced the silence that followed. “Mr. Stephenson, I do hope your mother will be well soon.” I looked at her, confused.

“My mother is taking good care of her, Eliza,” Patti saved. “We are neighbors,” Patti explained to Ryn’s puzzled expression. He rearranged his features to look bored.

Ms. Shale continued to be solicitous about the details of my life. What do I study? Where did I grow up? Do I have any siblings? Do I like art? Music? What have I read?

The longer this went on, the more Ryn’s mask of boredom slipped. Finally, he slammed his cup in his saucer. We all stared at him.

“I need more tea,” he explained angrily and stomped from the room. I asked the ladies to excuse me, promising to say goodbye before we left, and went after him. He plowed past Leif as he was returning from his garden walk. I pursued him outside. He walked quickly to a secluded part of the garden, unaware that I was following. Facing a corner where two garden walls met, he stood tensely, clenching his fists.

I grabbed his shoulder. “What was that about?” I demanded.

“Why did you follow me, Kie?”

“I was worried. What’s wrong?”

“You should have stayed inside.” He spun around and pinned my back to the wall. He towered over me, eyes closed and breathing hard.

My Review:
When the world becomes too cold for humans to live in they move underground to start a new world. In this underground world magic is discovered and is used in their survival but rules upon using it are set upon the humans.
Girls are taught and trained in using magic for homely things like making clothes or cleaning; girls are no not capable of learning more advance magic. But one girl Kai Stephenson is determined to prove otherwise by enrolling into the all-male university.
Kai disguises herself as a boy in order to attend the school. She doesn’t think that anyone will discover her secret with her boyish figure but she is sadly mistaken when a group of boys who become very good friends find out her secret.
Everything seems to be going down the right trek until some of the boys become attractive to her but by this time they have found out her that she is not a boy but there is one guy who doesn’t know that she is a girl but is ok with her being a boy. Kai now has a group of boy vying for her hand while she is trying to keep her identity a secret. Can she hide who she truly is or will her secret be exposed?
Come join Kai on her adventures of discovering magic and boys and herself as well. Conjuring Zephyr will take you on a magical ride one that you will enjoy tremendously. I would recommend Conjuring Zephyr to anyone who loves a great magical story that is filled with magic and adventures. 

Interview with D. Lieber

What inspired you to write Conjuring Zephyr?

Conjuring Zephyr was inspired by my fangirl love for KDrama and anime. Nothing makes me squee like a heroine facing the odds and finding love in an impossible situation. Like everything I write, it was a story that I wanted to read but hadn’t been written by someone else yet. There were many serious subjects I wanted to explore in Conjuring Zephyr: science, gender roles, maturing sexuality, among others. However, on top of all that seriousness is just a fun story about a girl with a goal and all the craziness that happens as she pursues it.

Can you tell us a little bit about the next books in (Name of book or series) or what you have planned for the future?

While I have a sequel to Conjuring Zephyr planned, it isn’t ready to pursue yet. However, I have two other fantasy romances completed and one I am actively working on. The next one readers are likely to see is called The Exiled Otherkin, more to follow in the coming months. It’s a modern steampunk adventure where apathetic half-fae Ember is exiled from Faerie and tries to outrun her past that won’t stay where is belongs. She makes new friends and has encounters with new (and past) lovers. Let’s hope she can survive pirates, fights on top of flying airships, or mysterious traveling players.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Conjuring Zephyr?

My characters are always the focal point of my stories. Kai is the protagonist in Conjuring Zephyr. She is a bright, determined young woman who quite frankly gets in over her head. Let’s just say her empathy makes it difficult for her to hide her femininity. Flynn is Kai’s roommate at Capital University, and like her is an air elemental student. He is sharp and never passes up an opportunity to pull a prank or have a laugh. While he is the comic relief, he is also caring and always puts those he cares about first. Reid is Flynn’s twin brother, and he is studying to be an earth elemental. Reid is quiet and cool. He is protective of Flynn and doesn’t allow others to get close to him easily. However, he is also kind and thoughtful. Leif is Reid’s roommate and fellow earth elemental student. Leif is all adorable kindness and consideration. He isn’t very strong, but his hard working attitude makes you want to root for him. Ryn is an upperclassmen studying to be a water elemental. He is a lonely exiled student who pretends not to care that he doesn’t have friends. In reality, he thinks he deserves his exile and pushes others away to protect them. Des is the primary antagonist. He is an upperclassmen studying to be a fire elemental. His primary pleasure in life is to bully Ryn. Unfortunately, Ryn’s interested in Kai draws Des’ unwanted attention.

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

That’s a really difficult question. I have so many authors I love to read! I’d have to say Alexandre Dumas is probably my all time favorite author. I love how he weaves history into his stories. Unlike other authors of his time, everything he puts in his stories is important to the plot. It isn’t all just allegory and metaphor. I get so lost in his stories, and my heart feels everything his character’s feel. As far as modern writers, Anne Bishop has probably influenced my writing the most, and I will never say no to a book by Rick Riordan.

If you could time-travel would you travel to the future or the past? Where would you like to go and why would you like to visit this particular time period?

I wouldn’t mind seeing into the future, but I would probably go to the past. I’d like to go visit people who didn’t keep a lot of written records, like the Celts, or people who were only described by their conquerors, like the Native Americans. I want to see what they were really like. I want to know the untainted truth. But if I could only pick one place, it would have to be the Library of Alexandria before it burned. Though if you really want me to get into your time machine, we need to have a long discussion about time paradoxes.

Do you have any little fuzzy friends? Like a dog or a cat? Or any pets?

Indeed, I do. But I feel more like they have me, as is so often the case with pets. Samwise is a black lab who believes I’m married to him rather than my husband, and Yin is our cat overlord. (or overlady rather).

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today.


D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John), retired guide dog (Samwise) and cat (Yin).

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