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Review: Distant Horizon by Stephanie & Isaac Flint @SBibbPhoto @yaboundtourspr

Distant Horizon
by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint
Published October 27, 2016
Publisher: Infinitas Publishing
Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult


The Community is safe.
Unless you have superpowers.

Sixty years ago, a hallucinogenic plague annihilated half the world’s population, leading to the formation of the Community—an international government that promises its citizens safety, security, and efficiency. Every day, Community citizens swallow a mandatory pill to ensure their immunity to the plague. A year after graduating high school, they take the Health Scan.

Most pass, and continue with their lives. Others disappear.

Eighteen-year-old Jenna Nickleson hasn’t taken the pill since her senior year in high school. She feels more alive without it, and she hasn’t shown any signs of infection—at least, not until two days after a surprise Health Scan is announced and Special Forces arrive at her university campus.

Spurred by the recent string of hallucinations, Jenna searches for any inkling of what happens to those who fail the scan. Rumor has it that they’re sent away for treatment and, once cured, receive a menial job. But when she uncovers the cruel truth behind the plague, her ideal world is shattered.

Underneath the illusion of safety, Special Forces agents harbor a dark secret.

The plague is a lie.

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My Review:

Eighteen-year-old Jenna Nickleson lives in a world that was destroyed years ago by a plague that caused people to hallucinate. A new government was created that has promised to keep the people safe in the new Community.

In this new world everyone has to take a pill that will keep them from getting sick. A while back Jenna stopped taking her pill and discovered that she could think better and that her world was clearer. Every so often everyone has to be scanned to ensure that they have not become infected. If someone does become infected they are taken away for treatment but are never heard from again.

Jenna is worried because the time has come for everyone in the community to be scanned and she knows she will probably scan positive since she has not been taking her pill. So she turns to her two best friends Lance and Tim for help.

But before she can be taken away her grandfather shows up right out of the blue and takes her away. Her best friends Lance and Tim decide to go with her and become a part of the rebel group as well.

The rebels are a group of people that want to expose the government and the Community for what they truly are and all their lies and what they are doing to the people that scan to be positive for the plague.

I love reading books in the dystopian genre and will read almost anything in this genre that I can get my hands on if I can. I have loved reading Distant Horizon and the world the author has created. The Community is a well-developed and organized world. I really liked Tim’s ability that he has with computers. I loved the telepathy and the flying cars were amazing. How fast could these flying cars travel? How long would it take to go from one continent to another?

I would like to recommend Distant Horizon to anyone who loves dystopian, science fiction genre or who just loves a good book and is looking for something outside of their norm. 

About the Authors

Stephanie and Isaac Flint met at the University of Central Missouri, where they soon discovered a common interest in world-building and tabletop role-play games. Distant Horizon is their first joint world, the result of a role-play game Isaac ran in the summer of 2010. After graduating with Bachelors of Science (Photography for Stephanie, Psychology for Isaac), Stephanie and Isaac married in 2012. Together, they plot stories, torment each other’s characters, and enjoy the occasional cosplay. Infinitas Publishing Website:

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