Monday, January 23, 2017

Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Living in the Shallows by Tani Hanes @tanihanes @yaboundtourspr

Living in the Shallows
by Tani Hanes
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: October 28th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Aileen Foster, a shy, 22 year old student from LA, thinks she has landed a dream job as an interpreter for some actors making a film in Japan. She gets a shock when she arrives in Tokyo and finds out that they are UK Crush, the hottest boyband around. She has been orphaned for most of her life, and it's a shock for her to enter their world of frank physicality. The boys come to love her, and Aileen is forced to look at her life and choices, and decide if she's ready to be brave and start living.   

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Check out sample chapters of the sequel, Diving Deep, on Wattpad!

Guest Post:

Ten places I’d like to visit:


Tahiti. I’ve always had a thing for blue blue water.

Cairo. I love the whole “old city with crumbling walls thing", like in Aladdin.

The Maldives. Again, the idea of all that indigo ocean just, sitting there, waiting for me to swim in it.

Ottawa. It looked so clean and cool, like temperature-wise. The buildings look gorgeous.

Copenhagen. Seems like it’s full of smart people! And I want to see the Northern Lights.

Rome. I haven’t been the same since I saw Roman Holiday.

Florence. Want to see with my own eyes if it’s as beautiful as it looked in A Room With A View.

Okinawa. See above! And I’m half Japanese; it’s part of Japan, but has it’s own identity.

Stourhead. I guess technically this is Wiltshire, but you know. Darcy and Elizabeth in the pouring rain. Are they going to hit each other, or kiss??

Lake Como. The image of those mountains coming right up to the water is stunning. Plus George Clooney.

About the Author

My name is Tani Hanes, and I am a 51 year old substitute teacher. I'm from central California and am a recent transplant to New York City. The most important things to know about me are that I'm punctual, I love grammar and sushi, and I'm very intolerant of intolerance. The least important things to know about me are that I like to knit and I couldn't spell "acoustic" for 40 years. I've wanted to write since I was ten, and I finally did it. If you want to write, don't wait as long as I did, it's pointless, and very frustrating!

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Hello, good morning, and thanks for having me today!! If you have questions about anything, pls hit me up :o)

Mary Preston said...

A great travel wish list. Cairo is on mine too.

Bea LaRocca said...

Awesome travel list! I've never been anywhere myself. Alaska and Ireland are at the top of my bucket list though. Congrats on the new book and the tour!