Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Captive (The Secret Circle #2) By: L.J. Smith

The Captive (The Secret Circle, #2)The Captive by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Faye is still blackmailing Cassie to get her to do things for her. Faye knows about Cassie's and Adam's feelings for each other so she is always threatening to tell Diana. Faye wants to be the leader of their coven and she is using Cassie’s secret to get her vote.

They find this crystal skull and form a circle releasing darkness. Every time the skull is used someone is killed. Diana hides the skull in the sand on the beach. Faye wants the skull very bad. So she tells Cassie to get it for her or she will tell Diana about her and Adam. Cassie doesn’t know what to do about Faye. Does she keep doing what Faye wants or does she tell Diana everything? If she tells Diana she will hurt her and this is something she does not want to do but if she keeps doing what Faye ask of her Diana is still getting hurt.

When they vote for the leadership of their coven between Faye and Diana they have a tie. To everyones dismay Cassie votes for Faye breaking the tie and Faye becomes the leader. Cassie runs off down the beach and Adam follows her and tells her he knows that Faye made her do it some how. She kisses him and tells him to go back to the others, she is going back to congratulate their new leader. Faye tells Cassie to get the skull, everyone is surprised that she knows where it is, Diana is the only one that is suppose to know where it is. Faye plans on using the skull to get its power. They go to the cemetery and make a circle to get the skulls power. They only succeed in releasing a dark energy, which is Black John.

They follow Black John to Cassie’s house. They find Cassie’s mom in a daze like a doll and her grandmother laying on the floor with Black John leaning over her. Cassie uses her powers to make Black John leave. Her grandmother tells Cassie that she is a very powerful witch and she is the only one that can get rid of Black John.

Cassie goes outside and sees her circle their, she looks for Faye and tells her it is over. She will not do her biding anymore and that she can tell Diana everything. I think Cassie did this to have everything out in the open and no secrets because this is probably the only way to stop evil. You fight evil with good, I think that is want Cassie was thinking, what she knows. I hope that now Cassie is tired of being The Captive and in the next book The Power that she has woke up and she will becomes the leader that she is. L. J. Smith has a very good imagination which is a good requirement for a writer and can write some great books. I recommend The Captive to any one who loves to read a great book.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Coven (Wicca #2) By: Cate Tiernan

The Coven (Wicca, #2)The Coven by Cate Tiernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Coven picks up where Book of Shadows left off. Morgan finding out that she is a blood witch. In order for a witch to be a blood witch both parents have to be a witch. She thinks that if she is a blood witch then that means so is her parents. Morgan confronts her parents about them being a witch too. They tell her that they are not witches and neither is her sister Mary k. So Morgan figures out that she was adopted and demands to know the whole story and why they never told her.

Morgan is very upset and sad and needs someone to talk to but the only person she ever told all her secrets to was her best friend Bree who is still mad at her over her relationship with Cal. Cal tells Morgan that he loves her and that they are destine to be together. Bree is so jealous of their relationship that she leaves their coven (Cirrus) and joins a new coven with Sky Eventide. Bree wants to get back at Morgan for taking Cal from her. Not that he was ever hers to take. She wants Sky to help her get revenge. Morgan follows Bree to the cemetery where she meets Sky and spies on them. That is how she comes to think that Bree really hates her and wants revenge.

Morgan later meets Sky and Hunter, Cal’s half-brother at Cal’s house. When meeting Sky she is strongly jealous of Sky and can’t stand to be in the same room with her. Morgan leaves the room and as she is making her way back to her friends she hears Sky and Hunter in the hall talking. She leans against the wall and it clicks revealing a hidden room. Morgan enters the room hiding from Sky and Hunter. The room is filled with lots of bookshelves with books on Wicca. She determines that the room must belong to Selene, Cal’s mother’s office. As she is exploring all the books she wonders if Selene will let her borrow any of the books. She finds her own mothers Book of Shadows among all the books. While she is reading her mother’s Book of Shadows Selene and Cal walk in.

I love reading books about witches and Wicca. I think most of them are great reads and The Coven did not disappoint me in the least. You learn about Wicca and how to cast spells. and about covens. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series. They are about 15 books in all. Check them out if you like reading about witches.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Book of Shadows (Wicca #1) By: Cate Tiernan

Book of Shadows (Wicca, #1)Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Morgan lives in Widow’s Vale and is a junior in high school. She has never had a boyfriend or kiss from a boy. Then this new guy a senior transfers to her school. Cal is very good looking in the since where all the girls would stare at him with there mouths hanging open. Everyone liked him except the boyfriends of the girls who would gawk at him. Cal makes friends with everyone not just a certain group of people. Cal would start conversations with Morgan, she couldn’t figure this out other good looking guys didn’t talk to her.

Morgan was falling in love with Cal but so was her best friend Bree. Bree would date guys for a couple of months and then drop them. When Bree told Morgan that she was in love with Cal, Morgan being the person she was did not tell Bree that she also loved him. She held her pain inside of herself to keep from hurting her best friend.

Cal invites a lot of their friends to a party and at this party tells them he is Wiccan. He ask them to join him in a circle to celebrate one of the Wiccan sabbats, Mabon. Some of the students feel uncomfortable so they leave. Morgan discovers that she is very good at performing spells and develops an interest in Wicca. She buys books on Wicca but when her parents find the books they prohibit her from reading them or keeping them in the house. She takes them to Bree’s house to keep and read there.

They hold another to circle and form a coven naming it Cirrus. Morgan finds out that she is a blood witch. Cal kisses Morgan and Bree sees them. Bree is not as nice as Morgan now all she wants to do is fight back because she is hurt. Bree takes Morgans books on Wicca back to her house and leaves them on the front porch for her mother to find. Morgans mother, Mary Grace goes berserk and Morgan finds out that she is adopted.

Book of Shadows is a very good story, that will teach you a lot about Wicca. It has a lot of grammatical errors that doesn’t take away from the story itself though. Cate Tiernan is a very good writer, yea she has need of an editor I do agree. Sorry Cate. But saying all that I still recommend reading Book of Shadows if you like reading about witches or just want to know a little more about Wicca.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

New Moon (Twilight #2) By: Stephenie Meyer

New Moon (Twilight, #2)New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bella is turning 18 , Edward is giving her a party. During the party Bella cuts her self and Edward races to save her from being attacked by the still very young vampire Jasper. Bella wants Edward to change her into a vampire, she is now one year older than Edward was when Carlisle turned him. She wants to stay the same age as Edward, not go through her eternal life being a lot older than he is. But Edward and the Cullen family decide to leave Forks after the incident with Jasper at Bella’s Birthday party to keep her safe. Bella goes into deep depression without Edward being around and learns that when she is danger she can hear Edward in her head.

Her relationship with Jacob becomes stronger, she comes to think of him like a brother but Jacob falls in love with Bella. Jacob helps Bella restore a couple of motorcycles and teaches her to ride. Riding the bike recklessly is when she learns that being in danger is when Edward comes into her head. She has an accident while riding the bike and is injured.

Edward knows that something has happened to Bella. He calls her house and is told that Charlie has gone to a funeral. Believing that it is Bella’s funeral he decides to go to Italy to see the Volturi, vampires that can and will kill him if he provokes them. Alice sees in a vision what Edward is planning on doing. She tells Bella and they take off to Italy to stop him. The Volturi tell Edward that Bella must be changed into a vampire or die. No human can know that vampires exist. They return to Forks and the Cullen clan vote to change Bella into a vampire, Edward does not like this. Jacob reminds Edward about the treaty between the werewolves and vampires.

I love how Stephanie Meyer’s brings out the feeling of love that Edward and Bella share. Most people probably never find that kind of love in a lifetime much less have that person walk out on them. They never experience the pain of loosing the one that they are in love with. Edward and Bella don’t just love one another they are in love. Bella is one of those people that has a very good heart that feels things to the very depth of her soul. I would definitely recommend that you read New Moon and all of the Twilight novels. It is not only about vampires and werewolves but a love that hardly anyone ever experiences.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Witchblood By: Emma Mills

WitchbloodWitchblood by Emma Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received Witchblood from the author Emma Mills for being the 50th person to “like” her Facebook page. Thank you Emma Mills. Witchblood is about a young girl Jess who is turned into a vampire one night when she goes to a bar with her friends. While at this bar she meets a very handsome man named Daniel. She thinks that she is being unfaithful to her boyfriend Luke who she thinks is out of town at a bachelor party. So she leaves Daniel sitting at the table and walks out. All of her friends have ran off and left her they were only trying to be polite to let her have alone time with Daniel. She goes hunting Alex in a dark alley which is never a good thing to do by yourself. Jess is attacked by a gang of girls and left for dead. Daniel and his friend Eva find her and Daniel changes her into a vampire to save her.

The way that this vampire clan works is that you do whatever you are told to do by the one who turns you. Normally new vampires have no choice it just happens. Well not Jess she is very independent and has a mind of her own. Which happens to get her in trouble on more than one occasion. Daniel and Eva are very understanding with Jess after all she is only half-vampire.

Jess is turned off by the fact that feeding for her now means biting a human and drinking their blood. She can handle drinking blood from a cup or from Daniel. When she only drinks blood from a cup she doesn’t get the nutrients that her body needs as a vampire. Although biting a human disgusts Jess her body still reacts to the smell of human blood. Daniel and Eva don’t trust her to be alone with humans yet. But Jess being only half-vampire and still having some of her human constraints controls her desire for human blood when she is allowed to go out with them.

When I started reading Witchblood I could not stop turning the pages it was that good. I kelp thinking I need to go to sleep. I think I finally put it down about 3 in the morning only because as humans it is hard to survive with out sleep. I could go on and on talking about Witchblood but then I would ruin it for anyone who has not read it and I definitely don’t want to do that. My suggestion is read Witchblood today. I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of Witchcraft.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume 1 By: L.A. Jones

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume 1Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume 1 by L.A. Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aradia is a witch but she does not know this, she was adopted by Ross and Liza when she was six months old. Aradia has special powers but she doesn’t have a clue of what she is or where she came. Aradia and her parents have moved several times during the time that she has been with her adopted parents because of her powers. Her parents has always warned her not to tell anybody about her powers.

So when they move to Salem and she meets two guys, Roy and Dax in her class that she is attracted too she finds out about the hidden race which are werewolves, vampires, faes and shapeshifters. She learns that Roy is a werewolf and Dax is a vampire. She has no problem with knowing this knowledge of the hidden race because of her powers.

Aradia uses plants to make healing creams. She likes to go out in the woods around midnight to find the plants she needs. While out on one of these expedition she notices that she is being followed. She decides to face who ever it is following her and turns around and low and behold what does she see a wolf, no wait wait not a wolf but a werewolf. The werewolf attacks her and bites her on the arm. As the werewolf is biting her she looks into his eyes and realizes that the werewolf is her friend Roy. She knocks him out and takes him to the police station with the help of an officer to lock him in a cell until he changes back. That is how she finds out about the hidden is from Roy when he wakes up.

Aradia is one tough chick she fights her own battles and those of her boyfriends. On more than one occasion she laid some good old fashion whoop ass on some bad ass dudes and won. Aradia could take on more than one person at a time and still come out on top. She is not some whiny ass girl who never stands up for herself and lets her boyfriends do her fighting for her. That is one of the reasons that I liked Tales of Aradia the Last Witch so well is because the heroin of the story can kick ass. If you like a good story with a strong female lead then you should definitely read Tales of Aradia the Last Witch.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Twilight (Twilight #1) By: Stephenie Meyer

Twilight (Twilight, #1)Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bella is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her mom, Renee in Phoenix, Arizona. When her mom marries a baseball player, Bella knows her mom wants to travel and spend time with her new husband so Bella decides to move in with her farther Charlie who lives in Forks, Washington.

On her first day at her new school she is told to sit by Edward in class. Bella thinks that Edward hates her especially when he doesn’t come to school for a few days. She doesn’t know that Edward is a vampire and that he is very attractive to her blood and that he went to feed. Edward saves her life and Bella has to know who or what he is. She bombards Edward with all kinds of questions.

Bella meets Jacob whom she has known since they were little kids. They become very good friends, Jacob falls in love with Bella. Jacob and Edward are enemies because of the vampire/werewolf legend and because they both love Bella. But they always put a side their differences and beliefs to save Bella and do what is right.

The Cullens like to play baseball when it is storming because the thunder will cover any noise they make. One day while they are playing a vampire tracker named James sees them and he smells Bella’s blood and knows that she is human. Edward and his family save Bella from James but James makes it his life mission to have Bella. James tracks Bella to Phoenix and bites her but Edward comes to her rescue again and saves her. The Cullens kill James and take Bella back to Forks.

When I first started reading books all I read was romance (Harlequin Romance). But then I discovered Stephen King and a whole world of different genre of books. I still like the romance part but I want more than just the romance. Stephanie Meyers has done just that with Twilight. Theres romance, vampires, werewolves and action.

Edward and Bella love each other in a way that they don’t have to speak to one another to know how the other feels. Edward’s family not only loves Bella for who she is but also because Edward loves her. They all have such a close bond with each other and a place in their hearts for others that they would give their own life to protect who ever is a part of their “family”. To be a part of their “family” you don’t have to be “blood” related. They believe that “you mess with one Cullen you’ve messed with the whole bunch”. The whole Cullen family especially Edward tolerates Jacob and Bella’s relationship. They understand that this is what Bella needs and that it has nothing to do with how she feels about Edward. They are more mature than most people that can’t see beyond their own feelings and never think about how other people feel. If you are looking for romance and a little something extra thrown in then you definitely need to read Twilight.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1) By: L.J. Smith

The Initiation (The Secret Circle, #1)The Initiation by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Initiation is about a sixteen year old Cassie Blake who has moved to a new town called New Salem, New England. Cassie and her mother Alexandra move to New Salem to take care of her grandmother who is ill. Cassie’s mother left New Salem a long time ago because of a fire in New Salem that killed a lot of her friends. The parents of Cassie’s new friends.

Cassie meets Diana who saves her from Faye and they become fast friends. Diana is a very good and forgiving person. Cassie also meets Adam and they have a very strong connection. Cassie finds out that Adam is Diana’s boyfriend. Adam and Cassie swear on a blood oath to each other that they will never tell Diana or anyone else how they feel because they do not want to hurt Diana. Faye finds out about their feelings for one another and she uses this knowledge against Cassie to get her to do her bidding. Cassie finds out that all of her new friends are witches and that she is a witch too. Cassie is the 13th witch. They are the descendants of the witches of Salem. Cassie and her new group of friends form The Secret Circle.

Faye doesn’t like that they joined their circle because now they can’t use their powers individually anymore. To use their powers now they have to have at least one other person from their circle to help them cast spells. The circle believes that this is the best way because of an accident where someone almost died. Faye being the one who caused the accident, she is not a very nice person.

The Initiation is one of the best books about witches that I have read to date. L.J. Smith is one of the best writers ever. She did a fantastic job with The Vampire Diaries but The Secret Circle is way better. Well of course I like to read about witches and vampires so I would like them. But that does not mean that I like all books about witches and vampires though. L.J. Smith knows how to tell a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more of her stories.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge

I have joined Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf reading challenge. This challenge will run from Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2012. Any full length book that includes a witch as a main character or major witchcraft elements counts. They may be fiction or non-fiction.

I think I am going to sign up for the Maiden level but may read more.

The Levels:

    Initiate: Read 1 - 5 Witchy Books
    Maiden: Read 6 - 10 Witchy Books
    Mother: Read 11 - 15 Witchy Books
    Crone: Read 16 - 20 Witchy Books

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

My Challenge

Maiden: Read 6 - 10

Books I have read for the challenge

  1. Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume 1 By L.A. Jones

  2. Witchblood (Witchblood Series #1) By Emma Mills

  3. Book of Shadows (Wicca #1) By Cate Tiernan

  4. The Coven (Wicca #2) By Cate Tiernan

  5. The Captive (The Secret Circle #2) By L. J. Smith

  6. Blood Witch (Wicca #3) By Cate Tiernan

  7. The Power (The Secret Circle #3) By L. J. Smith

  8. Dark Magick (Wicca #4) By Cate Tiernan

  9. The Forever Girl (Forever Girl Series #1) By Rebecca Hamilton

  10. Witchcraft (Witchblood Series #2) By Emma Mills

  11. The Near Witch (The Near Witch) By Victoria Schwab

  12. Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead By Christiana Miller

  13. The Witching Pen (Witching Pen Novellas #1) By Dianna Hardy

  14. The Sands Of Time (Witching Pen Novellas #2) By Dianna Hardy

  15. The Demon Bride (Book Three of The Witching Pen Novellas) By Dianna Hardy

  16. The Burning of Isobel Key By Jen McConnel


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Tempted (House Of Night Book #6) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Tempted (House of Night, #6)Tempted by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zoey Grandmother tells her that she is A-ya incarnate and that is why she can’t fight Kalona’s advances. A-ya was made to love Kalona. Zoey is so stressed out about this thing with Kalona that when she runs into Erik that she breaks up with him. She breaks it off with him because he so possessive. She is so stressed that when she and the other fledglings have a meeting that she snaps ever ones head off.

Zoey and Aphrodite share a room and while Zoey dreams of Kalona, Aphrodite has a vision that is linked to Zoey’s dream. Stark knows that Zoey is upset so he goes to her room to sleep with her. Kalona has a hard time entering Zoey’s dreams with another male in her bed. Darius comes in and Aphrodite takes him to Stark’s room. Stark pledges his warriors oath to Zoey. Aphrodite has another vision and it says that if Zoey is with Kalona the world will end but if she choose love and Nyx their goddess the world will be safe.

They all return to the House Of Night to find that one of their professors has been killed by a Raven Mocker. Most of the kids have taken off because they didn’t want to fight Kalona. Zoey finds some of the kids that stayed in the infirmary and she uses her powers to help heal them.

They find out that Kalona and Neferet want to get the old ways of the vampires back. Kalona and Neferet take off to Venice on the isle of San Clemente. Zoey and all of her friends except Stevie Rae go to Venice to speak to the vampire council. When they get their they find out that Neferet has declared herself to be Nyx incarnate and Kalona says he is Erebus. After the meeting is over Zoey and Heath argue because of Stark and he goes off alone. He sees Neferet and Kalona talking. They see him and know that he heard what they were talking about. Heath uses his imprint with Zoey to call her to him for help. When Zoey arrives she sees Kalona kill Heath. She uses her affinity spirit and throws it at Kalona. Her soul shatters and she goes to the Otherworld.

As Zoey's soul is shattering and going to the Otherworld Stevie Rae goes to the Benedictine Abbey to help clean up the mess after the big fight with Neferet and Kalona. She finds a Raven Mocker she hides him in a shed at the Benedictine Abbey and bandages up his injuries. She takes him to the tunnels to hide and the other red fledglings find him. They use the Raven Mocker as bait to get Stevie Rae to the top of the building. They trap her and the Raven Mocker in a wire cage so that when the sun comes up she will burn and die. The Raven Mocker helps her to escape but not before she is burned by the sun. They cross the roof and into a tree. Stevie Rae asks her affinity earth to open up and cover them to protect her from the sun.

Aphrodite feels all of what Stevie Rae feels because of their imprint. Aphrodite is so upset crying that Zoey and everyone else thinks for a minute that Stevie Rae is dead but Aphrodite informs them that she is not dead that their imprint had been broken. Zoey calls the House Of Night school to tell Lenobia and Erik to go and find Stevie Rae and help her. Stevie Rae is hurt pretty bad so the Raven Mocker lets her drink his immortal blood so that she will get better. They imprint because she drinks his blood. Stevie Rae uses her earth affinity to hide the Raven Mocker from Lenobia and Erik.

What I like about the House Of Night books is that Zoey and all her friends have affinities for the five elements, air, fire, earth, water, and spirit. All of the House Of Night books has a lot of religion in them. They are based on Pagan and Wicca. Wiccan believe that you can do what you want but harm none. They have a Goddess named Nyx and they cast circles. They call on their affinities to help them.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hunted (House Of Night #5) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Hunted (House of Night, #5)Hunted by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zoey and her friends help Stevie Rae to heal after Stark shoots her with an arrow at the end of book #4 Untamed. Most of her lifeblood was spread on the ground to resurrect Kalona from the earth. Stevie Rae drinks Aphrodite's blood to heal and they are imprinted. Their imprint bothers Aphrodite so she gets drunk.

Zoey and Erik talk and get back together, Zoey is not sure that this will be a good thing because Erik is too possessing. Zoey starts having dreams about Kalona. These dreams are more like visions. She finds out that if she does not sleep alone that Kalona has a hard time entering her dreams so she gets Stark to sleep with her. Zoey convinces Stark to become a good vampire again like she did Stevie Rae. Stark pledges his warriors oath to Zoey and becomes the second red fledgling, Stevie Rae is the first.

Heath arrives at the tunnels to talk to Zoey about them getting back together. They are attacked by Raven Mockers. Zoey protects Heath from the Raven Mockers and is badly wounded. To help her heal she drinks Heath’s blood and they imprint again. Darius convinces them that Zoey needs to return to the House Of Night school to be around adult vampires to help her heal. Back at the school they discuss Kramisha's poem with Lebonia about how to banish Kalona and Neferet from the school. They figure out who will represent the elements Night, Humanity, Blood, Spirit and Earth. She is Night, Blood is Stevie Rae, Humanity is Aphrodite, Sister Mary Angela is Spirit, and Grandma Redbird is Earth.

They all escape on horseback to the Benedictine Abbey. Where Zoey, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Sister Mary Angela and Grandma Redbird form a circle to banish Kalona and Neferet. Neferet tells Stark to shoot Zoey but he does not want to do this so he thinks about Zoey being his heart. He points his arrow at Zoey knowing that he will kill himself and not Zoey. Zoey realizes this and uses the elements to stop him from shooting himself and knocks him out.

As I have said before the House Of Night books are some of my favorite books about vampires that I have read. They are very different from other vampire books in that it takes four years for one to turn into a vampire. P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast books just keep getting better and better with each book that they write. I will be very sad when they come to an end if they ever do that is. I hope that they never end.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fate (My Blood Approves #2) By: Amanda Hocking

Fate (My Blood Approves, #2)Fate by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is summer, Milo and Alice are hanging out with Jack at his house. There is a lake with a dock in their backyard. Jack, Alice and Milo are out at night swimming in the lake. Alice decides to go inside and help Mae who is preparing some snacks for Milo and Alice since they are the only ones who eat and doesn’t drink blood. Mae tells Alice to go change out of her bathing suit because it is cold in the house (they keep it cold because they are vampires).

While she is changing she hears someone screaming. She runs downstairs and out into the backyard Mae stops her because she does not want Alice to see what has happened. Milo was running on the dock to jump in the lake and he fell and hit his head. Milo is covered in blood and dying. Alice has to make the decision to turn him into a vampire or let him die. So she tells Jack to change him. Alice loves her brother very much. Her brother is the only reason that she has not already changed herself.

Milo’s change is very rapid unlike any that Jack’s family has experienced or have heard of before. Jack’s family thinks this is because he so young. Milo can never go home again to live. So they decide the best thing to do is tell their mom that he has received a scholarship to go to school some where else and that he will be leaving the next day. The school wants him there a week early. When they take Milo for one last visit to see his mom, Ms. Bonham, to let her know about the scholarship she doesn’t have time to talk to them because she has an appointment probably gambling.

Alice is not allowed to hang out with Jack or Milo anymore because Milo may attack her. He is a new vampire and he is attracted to Jack. So Alice spends her time in bed reading and listening to music. Milo progress rapidly in his change of becoming a vampire. At first it is very hard for him being around Alice not to bite her. But she is his sister and he loves her very much and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. It had been just Milo and his sister basically all their lives.

While Jack and Ezra are away on a business trip Milo misses his sister so he decides that Alice needs to get out of the house. Jane calls and wants Alice to go out with her parting. So they all three go out together. They go to a gay club because that is what Milo wants. While at this club they meet up with two vampires, Lucian and Violet who they had met one night when Jack, Milo and Alice went out to a vampire club. Lucian and Violet both want to drink Alice’s blood. Jack fights with Lucian because he is taking Alice away. When they go to this gay club and meet them again Milo fights Lucian in the parking lot while Alice and Jane are trying to get in the car. Violet is attacking both of them putting scratches down both their backs and ankles.

Peter, Jack’s brother who Alice is supposed to be with because its in their blood returns. Alice and Jack are afraid because they think that Peter is going to kill Alice because Jack bit Alice. Alice calls Jack to warn him and tell him to come home. When Jack arrives he attacks Peter. Alice still wants Peter and Peter wants Alice because it is in their blood. But Jack is her boyfriend (I think) but that is not what they say.

So who will Alice end up being with? Will she be the one to choose? This is great love story with a twist of vampire in the mix. Alice always thinks that no one cares about her but I think she never bonded with her mom because her mom was never around if she wasn’t at work then she was out gambling. She had no idea where her father was. No wonder she was always thinking that they didn’t want her around or loved her anymore when they didn’t call her or tell her it would be better if she didn’t come over for a few days. I think My Blood Approves series is one series that you don’t want to miss out on if you like romance and vampires mixed together.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Untamed (House Of Night Book #4) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Untamed (House of Night, #4)Untamed by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Untamed is the fourth book in the House Of Night series. Zoey meets Aphrodite and Stevie Rae in her room and learns that Stevie Rae is almost back to her old self except that now she cannot go out into the sun or she will burn and die. Aphrodite has turned back into a human after she was attacked by Stevie Rae. Aphrodite still has her visions. They meet Damien, Jack and the twins on their way out. Aphrodite explains to them why Zoey confided in her and not them. Aphrodite ask Zoey to form a circle to see if she still has a affinity for earth. They find that Aphrodite does not actually have an affinity for earth that she was only holding it for Stevie Rae.

The Priestess of all vampires, Shekinah, has come for a visit to the House Of Night. She has come because Neferet declared war on all humans and to put a stop to it. Neferet tries to make Shekinah believe that everything that is going on at the House Of Night is all Zoey’s doing and not her own to get Zoey kicked out of the school and striped of her title the High Priestess in training.

Zoey meets a new student Stark who is very good at shooting a bow and arrow. While Zoey and Stark are talking Stark starts to reject the change and dies in Zoey’s arms. Before he dies she tells him that he may return as a red fledgling like her friend Stevie Rae did. Zoey kisses Stark before he dies and wonders if they are connected in some way because of it.

Zoey wants to find some way for the humans and the vampires to mingle together. Zoey and Aphrodite go to the Street Cats, a local cat shelter that is ran by the nuns from the Benedictine Abbey. Zoey is surprised to learn how Sister Mary Angela, the leader of the cat shelter feels about vampires. They tell Sister Mary Angela about their idea to help with the shelter and she agrees that it would be a great idea.

Back at the school Aphrodite has another vision about Kalona, a fallen angel that will rise again. Zoey’s grandmother warns her to watch out for the raven mockers. Zoey ask her grandmother to come to the House Of Night so that she will be safe. The next day she learns that her grandmother has been in an accident. She goes to the hospital and ask if she can bring a medicine man to sit with her grandmother to watch over her and keep her safe but they refuse. So she asks Sister Mary Angela to sit with her.

That night at the school they have a cleansing ritual, Stevie Rae and the red fledglings join them. They are interrupted by Neferet who brings Stark, who is a now a red fledgling. Stark shoots Stevie Rae whose blood spills out on the ground and Kalona is resurrected from the ground. They are attacked by the raven mockers. Zoey and her friends escape to the tunnels underneath the ground. Another great book by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. A must read if you are into vampires, rituals and circle casting.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Chosen (House Of Night Book #3) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Chosen (House of Night, #3)Chosen by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chosen is the third book in the House Of Night series. One of Zoey’s teachers Professor Nolan the drama teacher has been crucified. A quote from the bible was found by her body and Zoey thinks that her stepfather had something to do with her death. Zoey sneaks out of the House Of Night to go look for Heath and break up with him. On her way back she meets Stevie Rae. Aphrodite and Zoey take Stevie Rae to Aphrodite’s house to stay until they can help her regain her humanity.

Zoey decides to tell her friends about Stevie Rae so they can all form a circle to help her. To everyone displeasure she decides to let Aphrodite be a part of their circle. Ahprodite will be representing Earth which was Stevie Rae's element. As she is about to cast a circle to heal Stevie Rae. Stevie Rae attacks Aphrodite and drinks her blood and they imprint.

Before she can tell them she slept with her teacher Loren Blake the Poet Laureate. Erik arrives and tells everyone about Zoey and Loren Blake. Now they do not trust Zoey anymore and they are heartbroken. They do not know what Zoey is going through and the reasons behind why she has not told them everything. Sometimes you have to keep secrets from your Friends to protect them. Zoey decides to return to her room and later learns that Lauren Blake has been killed. Neferet declares war on all humans. Zoey does not think that she is strong enough to fight Neferet.

The House Of Night books are some of the best books that I have read. Aphrodite is not as bad as she wants people to think that she is. Zoey is just like all other teenagers with the same feelings and wants the same things out of life as they do. Stevie Rae is a country girl that likes her jeans and wants to fit in and deep down she just wants to be a good person. You have to read the House Of Night books if you like reading about vampires, the five elements and casting circles and the lives of vampire teens.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Betrayed (House Of Night Book #2) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Betrayed (House of Night, #2)Betrayed by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Betrayed is the second book in the House Of Night series. In book two Zoey’s mother, stepfather and grandmother come to visit on visitation day at the House Of Night school. Zoey was very happy to see her grandmother and mother but not her stepfather. Her stepfather is part of a religious group and does not approve of Zoey’s being at the House Of Night. Neferet comes in and has a confrontation with Zoey’s stepfather about religion. Her parents leave never to return to the school again.

Later that night Zoey takes a walk and she happens to see Aphrodite and her parents talking. They are talking to Aphrodite in a mean, hateful way. Aphrodite has visions and she tells Zoey about a vision she had about Zoey’s grandmother dying. Zoey calls her grandmother and tells her about Aphrodite’s vision to save her life along with a lot of other peoples lives as well. Neferet tells Zoey that Aphrodite’s visions are not real but after her vision about her grandmother Zoey knows Neferet is lying and not to be trusted.

Sometimes fledglings reject the change and Stevie Rae, Zoey’s bff does reject the change and dies. Later she relearns that her human boyfriend Heath has disappeared. She uses the imprint she has with Heath that she got from drinking his blood to find him. She finds him in some old tunnels. When she finds him he has been kidnapped and tied up. She also finds Stevie Rae and more fledglings that have died. She takes Heath and escapes back to the House Of Night. She tells Stevie Rae and the fledglings that have rejected the change that she will be back.

I just love Zoey, Stevie Rae and all of the characters in the House Of Night. When I read these books I get lost in their lives as if I am a part of it. The love and friendships of each and everyone of the characters are just amazing. You feel as if they are your friends too. Like say Zoey and Heath imprinting. The feelings that they share from the imprint would be great to share with someone.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Marked (House Of Night Book #1) By: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Marked (House of Night, #1)Marked by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marked is the first book in the House Of Night series. Zoey lives in a world where vampires exist and she is Marked by a tracker in front of nearly everyone at her school. When all of her friends hear the news that she has been Marked, they abandoned her. She has to move in to the House Of Night school.

She will be required to take a course in Vampyre Sociology 101. The course will teach her what she needs to know about being a vampire. Zoey is a new vampire called a fledgling. It takes four years to become an adult vampire. Fledglings are rarely allowed to leave the House Of Night school because they will die if they are not with an adult vampires most of the time.

Zoey meets some new friends at the House Of Night school. Zoey learns that she has an affinity for all five of the elements. Each of her new friends all have a affinity for one of each of the five elements. Zoey having an affinity for all five elements is a first in vampire history. Stevie Rae, Damien, Erin and Shaunee, her new friends, make up her circle.

Aphrodite the High Priestess in training invites Zoey to a meeting with the Dark Daughters and her human boyfriend Heath finds her there at the meeting. Zoey takes over the meeting with the help of her circle. Neferet sees everything and takes Aphrodite’s title from her and gives it to Zoey. Heath tries to get Zoey to go back home with him. He does not know that she cannot go with him because she will die if she does not spend most of her time with adult vampires.

I just loved reading Marked. It is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. The House Of Night books are the ones that have gotten me hooked on reading about vampires. P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast make all the characters Zoey, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Erin, Damien and Shaunee stand out and come alive. They make you wonder if maybe they are real vampires out there in the world somewhere.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Blood Approves (My Blood Approves #1) By: Amanda Hocking

My Blood ApprovesMy Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Blood Approves is the first book in a series called My Blood Approves by author Amanda Hocking. Alice is a teenage girl still in school with no boyfriend and only one bff, Jane. One night Alice goes out with Jane club hopping. They are trying to get into all these clubs but they are being kicked out because they are only 17 with fake ids. When they start home these guys follow them. Jane runs off and hides and leaves Alice behind to get attacked by these guys alone without trying to help her. This gorgeous hunk (Jack) shows up just in the nick of time to save Alice. He offers to give them a ride home. On the way they stop by this little restaurant and have cup of coffee. Jane is all over Jack at the restaurant making eyes at him you know flirting with him. Alice notices that every woman in the place is also starring at Jack. She can’t figure this out while she thinks Jack is nice looking she is not as attractive to him as they all seem to be. Jack takes them home and later Alice discovers that Jack has programed his phone number into her phone.

Alice’s life has always been go to school come home. Alice doesn’t like to clean or cook so her brother, Milo takes care of all these things at home. Their mom is hardly ever at home when she is not at work she is out gambling. Milo wakes her for school everyday and reminds her to do her homework. When Alice and Jack start hanging out together almost every night Milo starts to worry about her.

Alice meets Jack’s brother Peter she is very attractive to him or rather her blood is. Peter and Alice are meant to be together. So this kind of interferes with her and Jack’s relationship. Jack and Alice cannot be together because her and Peter are suppose to be with each other. If they are together then Peter will smell Jack on her or in her blood and he will kill Jack. Peter leaves because he does not want to be with Alice.

Alice finds out that her brother Milo is also attracted to Jack. Milo starts hanging out with them some. He is jealous of Jack and Alice. Alice finds out that Jack and Peter are vampires but Milo does not know this. Jacks family tells Alice that it would be best that she not tell Milo or anyone that they are vampires.

Most of the reviews that I have read about the book My Blood Approves is being compared to The Twilight Saga to me that is not right nor fair to the books and especially not to the authors. Yes I liked The Twilight Saga they were great books but I also like My Blood Approves. Each author has their own writing style and each one is great. Each and everyone has their own opinion and that is just the way I feel. I am not trying to be hateful or a bad citric of any ones review. If we all thought alike or felt the same then it would probably be a boring world to live in. In reading My Blood Approves I liked how the vampires being turned is very different than in any other vampire book that I have read. If you do like reading books about vampires then this is one book you will definitely not want to miss.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries #4) By: L.J. Smith

Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries, #4)Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bonnie is having dreams about Elena in the other world which are very scary. Bonnie's dreams are very scary and results in the death of one of their friends. Since Elena is dead Bonnie takes over writting in the diary. A very powerful force is haunting Fell's Church. Bonnie, Matt and Meredith Cast a summoning spell to call Stefan and Damon back for help because they can't handle it by theirself.

They find out that Klaus, the one who turned Kathrine into a vampire is the killer. Klaus agrees to meet Stefan. Stefan tells them to not follow him but they do anyway.
They learn from Meredith's grandfather that the only thing that will weaken Klaus is a stake made out of white ash wood. Klaus and Stefan fight and Stefan is hurt very badly. Damon finally decides to show up and he has a stake made out of white ash wood. Damon stakes Klaus but it hardly hurts him at all. Klaus attacks Damon. Bonnie starts crying and calls for Elena. Elena hears her and comes to help. She brings with her the guys that fought and died in the Civil War at Fell's Church. The soldiers take Klaus away.

Elena is going to leave but she is granted one more wish to stay with her friends in Fell's Church and live. Another great read by L.J. Smith. I loved all the suspense. The Vampire Diaries just keeps you wanting to come back for more. Good thing their are more books with Stefan. Reading these books almost makes you think that there maybe are vampires out there in the world. L.J. Smith makes you feel as if you are right there with Elena, Bonnie, Stefan and Damon helping them to fight all their fights.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury (The Vampire Diaries #3) By: L.J. Smith

The Fury (The Vampire Diaries, #3)The Fury by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Fury book #3 of The Vampire Diaries picks up right where The Struggle book #2 of The Vampire Diaries left off where Elena is forced off the bridge and dies, now she is a vampire. She wakes to the sound of Stefan and Damon fighting. Stefan thinks that Damon killed Elena. Elena wants to help the one she loves so she attacks Stefan, she is very confused she thinks that Damon is the one she loves.

Damon and Stefan knows that Elena needs to feed. Damon wants to take her to feed but Stefan knows Elena would not want to kill people in order to feed. Stefan knows that she needs to get permission from a human to feed and not kill them. So Stefan takes her to Matt and he allows Elena to drink his blood. Stefan is relieved to learn that Elena remembers that she loves him and not Damon but Damon is not.

They all meet at a memorial service and while there they see all of the town's dogs attacking people. Stefan, Damon, Matt, Elena and Bonnie all figure out that Kathrine, Stefan and Damon's girlfriend from the past, the one who turned them into vampires is haunting the town and attacking everyone. Kathrine kidnaps Stefan, Damon and Elena and ties them up. Elena kills Kathrine by pushing her into the sunlight there by killing herself also. And as Kathrine did a very long time ago she made Stefan promise to take care of Damon.

The third book in The Vampire Diaries series and they just keep getting better and better. I can not wait to read the fourth book. I love novels that are series. This is a very good read. If you don't read The Vampire Diaries Novels you will surely regret it. So don't let that happen, read this series today. I don't think I would ever get tired of reading books about vampires especially about Stefan, Elena and Damon. Or any book that L.J. Smith wrote.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries #2) By: L.J. Smith

The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries, #2)The Struggle by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stefan is still missing and Elena thinks that Damon is behind him being missing and all the murders happening in Fells Church. When they find Stefan trapped in an old dried up well, very near death. Elena lets Stefan drink her blood to help him recover. She learns that Damon had nothing to do with his disappearance. Damon wants to drink Elena's blood but she refuses until he threatens to drink her little sister Margaret's blood.

Caroline steals Elena's diary. The contents of her diary could show or make it look like Stefan was responsible for all the attacks in Fells Church. Elena, Bonnie and Meredith try to break into Caroline's house to get her diary back but fail. Elena tells Stefan about her diary and what it contains and that Caroline plans to read her diary in front of the whole town on Founder's Day. Stefan reassures Elena that he will not leave her even if Caroline does succeed. When Caroline goes to read Elena's diary on Founder's Day they all discover that Damon has swapped Caroline's diary for Elena's.

When Damon hears about Stefan and Elena's engagement it makes him mad. Elena is so upset by this that she borrows Matt's car and leaves. As she is speeding along she notices something very wrong with the wind. She thinks she will be safe if she can get across the bridge but as she is driving across the bridge it breaks and she runs off into the water.

L.J. Smith makes all the characters in The Vampire Diaries come alive as if you are there with them feeling ever emotion that they feel. Each and every word on the page just jumps out at you and you become lost in their world. Love the vampire diaries. Best vampire books ever. If you like books about vampires you just have to read The Vampire Diaries.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries #1) By: L.J. Smith

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1)The Awakening by L.J. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On the first day of school back from summer break Elena meets the new guy Stefan and she wants him and she will have him and she will let nothing or no one stand in her way. Elena is very upset and can't understand when Stefan ignores her and acts like she doesn't even exist. What Elena does not know is that Stefan wants her too that is his whole reason for being in Fells Church.

Then in walks Stefan's brother Damon who wants Elena also. Damon's main reason for going after Elena is because he wants to make Stefan's life miserable. He has being doing that for thousands of years. Damon and Stefan fought thousands and thousands of years ago because they were both in love with the same woman, Katherine who turned them into vampires. They fought and they both died.

I had not watched the tv shows of The Vampire Diaries when I read the books. Yes there is a lot of differences but aren't most books and the tv show or movies all aways different? To me the books are always better than the movie or tv show. You know what the characters are thinking and feeling in a book where on the tv show you can't really know. You also get more of their life and who they are, where they came from. I will always take a book over the movie any day. There is just so much more info in a book.

I like Elena and her sassy ways I don't think she is a bad person. She is just being who she is. I like Stefan more than Damon because he is the nice one. He only wants to do what is right not Damon though. Well I guess Damon is only being a vampire though. Stefan turns up missing. Elena searches for him but can not find him. I could not stop reading this I thought I just had to know what was going to happen next. Would Elena choose Stefan or would she choose Damon?

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