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Blog Tour: (Review + Giveaway) The Vampire's Hope By Danica Winters

I would like to welcome Danica Winters to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by Danica. Please be sure and check out Danica's novel The Vampire's Hope. Check out my review of The Vampire's Hope. Oh and be sure to enter the giveaway before you leave.

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The Vampires Hope book cover

Book Title: The Vampire's Hope

Series: The Vampire's Hope Book One

Author: Danica Winters

Publisher: BTGN

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense


Words: 11k

Pages: 40


The Vampire's Hope


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The Vampire's Hope

Ellie Smith, an emotionally stunted dancer, finds more than she bargains for after her human life is taken by the vampire, Master Liam. Once inside the Vampire's underground lair, the Keres Den, she meets Ian, an immortal Viking warrior, who is infiltrating the soulless prison. (New Paragraph) As Ellie begins her training, she learns that the dark tunnels around her are filled with even darker secrets. As the truth of her existence come to light, she is faced with a choice-does she let her past dictate her future, or can she begin to feel again?


The Vampire's Hope

The couple in front of her stood under the bar's lopsided mistletoe, their lips pressed against each other in a gesture of Christmas spirit. On the man's lapel was a white rose, smashed against the woman's full breast.

The sight made Ellie Smith laugh. Ellie was the same age as the two lip-locked party goers, yet they were so much younger. They wore the white rose of hope-probably hope for love that would undoubtedly turn bad, or hope that the holidays would bring them the gifts of eternal bliss… those naïve fools.

The couple parted and their cheeks glowed with the pink twinges of arousal. The sight was more than she could handle and she looked away. They were luckier than they knew. They probably did not have any idea what it was like to be without a bed for the night, without a home, without purpose, and without hope.

To her left a thick-set, redheaded man approached. His shoulders were erect and he walked with a stride that conveyed power. Catching Ellie's eye, he smiled the grim smile of subtle manipulation.

Whatever he wanted, he wouldn't get it from her.

A blonde man with an arched smile stepped out from behind the threatening redhead and sat down at the table. "Hello, Elpis. Welcome to The Ravena."

The way he said her name made her skin crawl.

The blonde waved his hand at the rows of booze and the surly bartender. "I hope you like the bar."

The bar was like any number of others, just another stop in her constant travel through the dark world of the forgotten.

"Thanks. I have no idea how you know my given name, but I'd rather you called me Ellie."

"Sorry, Ellie."

"Are you the owner of this place?"

The blonde motioned to the dangerous-looking redhead behind him.

She knew she should fear them, but there was nothing inside of her heart. "I need a job. Are you hiring? I can dance."

The blonde laughed. He looked over his shoulder at the red-headed man. "She doesn't have a clue."

He turned back to her as if he had said nothing to the man who was clearly his boss. "My name is Ian. And this is Master Liam…" He pointed at the rigid redheaded man.

"What are you after?"

The club's music filled the silence between them.

Ian smirked. "Master Liam would like a dance."

Ellie gazed over Ian's blonde hair and his features-his eyes were the same blue as the sea, and his face was wide and rugged. He looked like a portrait of a Viking.

Master Liam extended his hand in a silent command to dance. She looked back at the handsome Viking. Liam was a threat, but so was Ian. Was it better to go after a powerful man who she wasn't attracted to in hopes of getting a job, or was it better to forget her chance of getting hired and stay with the handsome Viking?

For once Ellie wondered what it was like to feel something-anything. If she was normal, would she blush? Would her lust move her nearer to him? Instead, she only felt the dull emptiness inside of her breast. Was there truly life without emotion?

Ellie slipped her hand into Master Liam's. He led her to the dance floor, but she could sense Ian's eyes upon her.

Master Liam moved in a stiff, archaic way and his hands never strayed from her waist. Not that she minded. It was nice not to be groped. What kind of dancer would Ian be?

She looked back at her table. Ian stared at her with a hunger in his eyes. She dropped her gaze. If he wanted her, he didn't act the part.

Master Liam said nothing to her as she looked up into his face. His eyes were filled with lust and they slowly danced their way to the farthest recess of the dance floor. His cold hands forced her head back and she stared up at the ceiling.

He pushed her against the wall.

He slowly bent down, taking each movement in his own unhurried time. He inhaled and blew his chilled breath against the skin of her neck.

He wasn't the man she wanted, but a job was a job-however she had to get it. Liam leaned in, and instead of kissing her lips, he pressed his face into her neck and caressed her skin with his icy lips.

She drew in a breath and her pulse quickened.

His teeth pierced her skin, and she started to shriek, but his hand clamped down over her opening lips. She struggled but as he drained her, weakness won. A fire burned where his teeth dug into her flesh. Acid filled her veins.

With her last thought, she envisioned the white rose on the stranger's lapel. No emotion, no hope…


The Vampire's Hope

The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of The Vampire's Hope from the author for a review via Full Moon Bites Book Tours.

Ellie is a dancer who was turned into a vampire by the famous vampire, Master Liam. He takes Ellie to his lair, underground where she is trained on how to use the power that she possess. Powers that she is not aware of that she has. As a human Ellie had no feelings, no one in her life that she cared about or anyone that cared about her. Until she meets Ian an immortal Viking warrior, after she was turned into a vampire. She meets Ian in Master Liams' Liar.

Ian has entered into the vampire's liar to gain information that will help him to save the humans from the vampires. Ian can see the good in Ellie and knows that she has good in her heart. He wants to help her to feel and keep her human emotions. Ian tries to help her not to forget who she was and not to become one of Master Liam's slaves.

Ian and Ellie fall in love with each other. Ellie is not sure if she can trust him or if she is capable of loving anyone. But Ian is so good and sweet to her that she has no choice but to love him. If she wants to escape from the prison that the master has brought her to she will have to trust him.

As I have said more than once I love reading about vampires and the paranormal. If you love reading about vampires and the paranormal then you should read The Vampire's Hope. You would never know that it is a short story. I know that some people don't particularly like reading short stories but with the detail that has gone into the writing of The Vampires's Hope you would be turning the pages so fast that by the time you get to the end you will not have realized how short it was.

    About the Author

The Vampires Hope author

Danica Winters is an Amazon best-selling romance author based in Montana. She is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Montana Romance Writers, and Greater Seattle Romance Writers. She is a contributor to magazines, websites, and news organizations. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, the outdoors, and the bliss brought by the printed word.








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The giveaway is tour wide for 15 Ebook copies of The Vampire's Hope by Danica Winters and ends Feb. 8th.

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Blog Tour: (Interview + Giveaway) Fledge By J.A. Huss

I would like to welcome J.A. Huss to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by J.A. Please be sure and check out J.A.'s novel Fledge the second book in the I Am Just Junco series. Check out my interview with J.A. I also have an excerpt for you to read. Oh and be sure to enter the giveaway before you leave.

Fledge banner

Fledge book cover

Book Title: Fledge

Author: J.A. Huss

Series: I Am Just Junco

Published: September 18th 2012

Publisher: Science Future Press

Kindle Edition:

Pages: 387



Amazon Kindle copy



Junco Coot can't even remember her trip off Earth; she was too busy being morphed into her new avian body. But reality hits her hard when she wakes up to find her new life is not what she expected. Not even close. Tier is on trial for disobeying his commander's kill order and only Junco seems to care.

In most places the avian coming-of-age Fledge ritual would be nothing more than mass murder, but here in the capital city of Amelia, it's called growing up. Junco has no choice; either fight to the death to prove her worth or get sent back to Earth in the hands of her enemies.

Her new military team is hostile, her body is being taken over by an illicit artificial intelligence, the avian president wants her dead, and her only friend is a ten-year old throwaway boy.

On a foreign habitat, in a foreign culture, and surrounded by people she can't trust or count on, Junco must find a way to save herself and Tier without losing her immortal soul in the process.



"You will come with us, Junco. We will have that conversation now."

I don't even open my eyes. "No, I don't think so, Lucan." I take another puff and blow rings, eyes still closed.

"Junco," Ashur growls at me. "You will come."

"Fuck off. You can try and make me come with you, if you think it's worth it. But I'm not going unless you plan on shooting and drugging me again. I'm not going anywhere with either of you as long as I have a choice." I open my eyes, shade them with my hand, and then sit up. "You both fucked up. I'm not your friend." I point my cigar at Ashur. "And I'm not your…" I stop and look at Lucan because I'm not at all sure what I am to him. "… whatever it is you thought I was."

Ashur's fingers grab me and yank me to my feet, my cigar goes flying, and I overcompensate and stumble backwards a few paces. I want to get angry, but I force it down and then bend over to pick up my cigar to wait it out.

Lucan breaks our standoff. "Ashur, please leave us now."

Ash shakes his head at Lucan. "No way. I'm not leaving."

Lucan smiles like Ash is a toddler. "You are, Ashur. Immediately. Or I will have you forcibly removed. You are evoking far more anger in her than I am, so let me handle this."

I look back and forth between the two of them and my head throbs a little as I clench my teeth in frustration.

Ashur walks back into the building and I watch until he's no longer visible through the transparent doors. I look back at Lucan, but he just stands there, staring at me. I realize after a few seconds that he's scrolling in his own data display, reading something. It's the same look he got when he was telling me about the Vegas planet pad takeover. Distant and searching.

Is that how I looked in the testimony room? I sure fucking hope not, otherwise he knows.

"I know you lied in testimony, Junco."


"I just can't figure out how exactly. The drugs were fully accepted into your profile, your vitals screamed the textbook readout of someone under the influence, and you never acted out of character. Nonetheless, I know you lied."

I smile. "Well, good fucking luck with that one, Lucan. Maybe you avians are allowed to make shit up like that and get away with it. I wouldn't know, not my world after all. But I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I know you lied, Junco," he continues, "because not twenty minutes before your testimony Tier admitted to breaking the treaty."

"Maybe his memory isn't so good, Lucan. I, on the other hand, have perfect recall."

"What did he say to you in the testimony room, Junco?"

"He said, Don't trust them."

I watch his face when he realizes I'm telling the truth.

"Pretty good advice, if you ask me. I'm gonna take it now."

I turn to walk towards the doors but he reaches out, not unkindly, and touches my shoulder. And then we are in the darkness of space and I fall forward as my mind adjusts to the nothingness below me. His hand reaches out again and steadies me. I'm steady, but he doesn't let go.

"Junco," he starts, then stops to breathe. "You've asked a few questions since we first met, but I am more surprised at the ones you don't ask."

I wait it out, not to try and gain momentum or anything, I'm just too tired to give a shit.

"Still nothing?"

I look up at him then. "No, Lucan. Nothing. I just don't care."

"What do you care about, then?"

"Well, I could tell you - but then you'd just take it away from me like I'm a child that needs to be punished."

"Do you not want honesty, Junco? Isn't that what you've always been after?"

"It's really not all that important right now, so no thanks. My interest in you, like I said, is gone."

"You'll turn down the answers? Take ignorance instead? Just to be stubborn."

"No, that's not it at all, Lucan. Sure, I'd like the truth, but getting it from you is like burning wood infested with wheat beetles. It heats your house for a while, but the poisonous fumes kill you before you're warm anyway, so what's the point."

"Who will you accept it from, then? If not me? Ashur? Isten? Braun?"


He laughs, a genuine hearty laugh, and it makes me flash with heat. "Ah, yes. You mean the one who instructed Ashur to plant spying devices in your bedroom? He's perfect."

I smile up at him. "You don't get it do you?" I wait for his complete attention. "It doesn't matter what Tier did before. I granted him absolution back on Earth for all of it. It doesn't matter if he spied on me himself, or if he killed Charlie, or even if he was the one who turned me into this monster. None of it matters, because he was forgiven. It's a done deal."

He stares down at me, his features hardening as the seconds tick off.

Patience and inertia are not the same thing.

He taps my shoulder and we are back in the grass at Fledge. The sky is dark around us. "Well, I guess your secret is out then, right?"

I shake out another cigar and touch it to the striker, inhaling and exhaling before answering. "It's never been a secret, Lucan. You had me pegged right at the start. From the 039 with their plasmas at my head after morph, to the little speech about how sweet talk doesn't work on you. You got it in one. But you know what I don't understand?"

He turns away, so I don't wait.

"Why you let yourself be drawn into my little act. The stars, Lucan? Please, that is so predictable."

He turns back and I expect anger at the very least, but he hands me indifference. "If you interfere with what I am doing, Junco, I will be forced to punish you."

"Like I said that first day in the hallway, Lucan - death means nothing to me. I can kill myself tonight and be one hundred percent satisfied with how things end. Or you can kill me right now and be done with all of it. Because that's the only way you'll know for sure that Tier will die at the end."

I'm slammed onto the ground before I can blink, a sharp pain throbbing up the side of my face. I spread out my arms, crucifix style, and close my eyes to block him out. "Do it," I whisper.

But the fractions pass and I know he's gone.


J.A. Huss

The Avid Reader: When or at what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

J.A. Huss: Ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to write a novel, but it wasn't until 2012 that I decided to make it happen.

The Avid Reader: What is the earliest age you remember reading your first book?

J.A. Huss: I don't remember not being able to read - I was reading around four, I think.

The Avid Reader: What genre of books do you enjoy reading?

J.A. Huss: Hands down it is science fiction, but I have a soft spot for paranormal romance. I have a PNR series in the works, although it won't be pretty and sweet. All my characters have to earn their keep, they might get their happily ever after in the end (because it's a romance, after all) but they gotta earn it! No freeloaders!

The Avid Reader: What is your favorite book?

J.A. Huss: My favorite book is Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan. This book is the last in a trilogy about a ruthless killer who comes back to his home planet after hundreds of years of crime and soldiering and gets sucked back into local politics as he carries out a revenge agenda.

I love this book because it's a deep character-driven novel disguised in an awesome twisty plot and filled with just about every science fiction element you can think of. This is a story about people more than anything, and lots of readers never got that about the book. I try to make my stories the same way in that they are always about the characters, not the action going on in the plot - even though there is a lot of action and a lot of twistiness in my books as well.

The Avid Reader: You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

J.A. Huss: Richard K. Morgan. He's my current favorite author and actually his Takeshi Kovacs series was a major influence on the creation of Junco Coot, the main character in my new science fiction series, I Am Just Junco. I wanted to explore what it would be like to be a soldier who was as hard and ruthless as Kovacs, except from a young female perspective. I think we could fill up an afternoon chatting about that and stay away from the other junk.

The Avid Reader: If you could travel back in time here on earth to any place or time. Where would you go and why?

J.A. Huss: I'd travel forward about a thousand years. I'd like to see how all this stuff shakes out and what kind of scientific secrets we've uncovered in that time.

The Avid Reader: When writing a book do you find that writing comes easy for you or is it a difficult task?

J.A. Huss: I never write unless I know exactly where I'm going, so the writing part is easy. Sometimes I do struggle to come up with original ideas, but I think that is a problem for all writers.

The Avid Reader: Do you have any little fuzzy friends? Like a dog or a cat? Or any pets?

J.A. Huss: I have five dogs, two cats, two donkeys, a parrot, and more ducks and chickens than I can count!

The Avid Reader: What is your "to die for", favorite food/foods to eat?

J.A. Huss: Thanksgiving dinner. Yum!

The Avid Reader: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

J.A. Huss: Learn now to plot a story correctly and I promise, it will all fall into place.


Clutch author

J. A. Huss never took a creative writing class in her life. Some would say it shows. Others might cut her some slack. She did however, get educated and graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Equine Science. She had grand dreams of getting a Ph.D. but while she loves science, she hated academia and settled for a M.S. in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida.

She went on to write science curriculum for homeschoolers and now runs a successful home business that creates and offers online science unit studies. When she's not writing science curriculum or fiction, she works as a farm inspector, traveling the Eastern Plains of Colorado in variety of environmentally friendly vehicles that never have four-wheel drive, so when she gets stuck in the mud in said vehicles, she has to beg for assistance from anyone who will help her. She is not bitter about that at all.

She's always packing heat and she is owned by two donkeys, five dogs, more chickens and ducks than she can count, and of course, the real filthy animals, her kids. The I Am Just Junco series was born after falling in love with the ugliest part of Colorado and the Rural Republic is based on the area of the state she currently resides in, minus the mutants, of course.










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Blog Tour: (Guest Post + Giveaway) Veiled Mist By Eleanor T. Beaty

I would like to welcome Eleanor T. Beaty to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by Eleanor. Please be sure and check out Eleanor's novel Veiled Mist. Please be sure to check out my guest post with Eleanor on "My obstacle to be conquered as a writer" . Oh and be sure to enter the giveaway before you leave.

Veiled Mist banner

Veiled Mist cover

Book Title: Veiled Mist

Author: Eleanor T. Beaty

Published: July 9th 2012


Pages: 276


Veiled Mist

Amazon Paper Book

Amazon Kindle copy


Veiled Mist

On the Caribbean island of Maurray, spoiled-rotten, fifteen-year-old Hanna wakes up to a nightmare. She is not the daughter of an aristocrat but the orphan of a Gypsy. She is the descendant to a mystical Gypsy tribe. Their magic is strong and has lasted six hundred years. Ornella, the tribe's guardian, arrives at the island with her mutt, Count Dracula, to guide Hanna. Hanna is told she must embrace her heritage or die at the ripe age of seventeen. But Hanna does the unthinkable, she chooses death. She hates Gypsies and would rather die. What she doesn't know is that her death will destroy the entire tribe. What she also doesn't know is how persuasive Ornella can be. The nightmare begins.


Veiled Mist

Caribbean Island of Maurray

The wind blasted against her face, blowing her hair back and filling her mouth with a bitter taste.

Hanna covered her head with her hands. Oh, my God. Her hair was stiff and knotted, like a freaking bird's nest. No way. Her hair did not knot. No knots. Ever. Hanna pulled on a strand, intending to untangle it and screamed. Besides knotting her hair, the wind was changing its color? Brown…deadpan brown? The color…of dog poop. Never would she be caught with that vile color. She would rather be dead than have that hair color. What had happened to her beautiful bright-gold, shiny hair?

She screamed at her brother John to close the window and fought her way to her hairbrush which hovered in the air, taunting her, daring her to grab it. Hanna's hand shot out. She stretched her arm. She was but inches from the brush's black handle…she almost had it…John hadn't moved. Hanna was about to call out to him again when a dark shadow covered the window. She froze and dropped her hand as she saw a face with sagging, dry skin and hollowed cheeks. His bald head, more of a skull with a thin layer of skin stretched over it, had black sores the size of squashed grapes, oozing pus. He looked mummified.

Mummy-Man's meatless lips parted exposing rotten teeth. The anger in his sunken eyes as he jumped onto the windowsill held the only telltale sign of life. His bony fingers grabbed the window frame and he sprang towards Hanna. Hanna faltered back until she hit the wall. Mummy-Man let out an angry roar, blasting Hanna with the smell of rotten, decayed flesh. Hanna gagged. She had a sensitive stomach, any strong smell made her gag, if not throw up. Even in her dreams? Hanna held her breath so as not to barf.

John stepped back and looked up at the ceiling, unaware of the danger. Hanna yelled at John as Mummy-Man's hand shot to grab him. John continued to look up, as if he weren't there. Didn't he see the disgusting creature inches away?

Hanna screamed at John again, telling him to duck. Bang, the shutter crashed against the outside wall. Mummy-Man and John were sucked violently out. The hairbrush followed. Hanna tried to call after John, but instead released a snort. She opened her eyes. Had she really snorted? Like a pig? She gasped and covered her mouth.

How disgusting.

A pig.

Hanna swallowed. Her mouth tasted foul. Even more disgusting than the snort. Gross. Hanna's right hand shot out from under the sheets and grabbed the glass of water by her bed. She took a large gulp, swished it around her mouth and swallowed. She did not want to throw up. A second swish took the bad taste away. She lay back down.

Why was her room so bright? Why were the shutters wide open? She sat up in bed and saw the large portrait of Princess Diana hanging lopsided on the wall opposite the window. Oh, no, had her dream come true? She ran her hands through her hair. A sigh of relief left her plump lips as she found no knots. She inspected several strands. She was still blond. Hanna eyed the Princess, her idol, whose shy smile and bright blue eyes had captured the world. There wasn't even a breeze, so why was Lady Di lopsided?

The sweet perfume of daylilies drifted in from the garden patch below Hanna's window as Hanna climbed out of bed and stretched. Their fragrance and the sunlight eased her feverish mind, pushing the nightmare aside. She turned to the fireplace and her eyes went wide. Her heart pounded inside her head and the scream that came out of her mouth resounded through the Williams' English-style mansion. The ten-bedroom brick house, with its impeccable flowerbeds and design hedges, was located in Maurray City's most elite neighborhood, the King James. The neighbors were far enough not to have heard Hanna, but that would not be the case for the other residents of the prestigious mansion: John Williams III, his estranged, but strangely still attached wife Camilla, and John, their offspring, were all jolted awake. However, it wasn't any of them who came to find out why Hanna was screaming.

It was Vani, the five-foot Guatemalan housekeeper. She hurried into the room and came to a halt a few feet from Hanna, who stood near her bed facing the fireplace.

Vani looked around the room. She stretched her neck to check the red couch facing the terrace doors in the small living room, then gave Hanna a quick inspection. "What, Miss Hanna? Why you scream?" Vani looked around again. "Someone here?"

Hanna stood frozen, her eyes were all that moved, from the fireplace to the maid and back. Her lips seemed to be glued shut, or her jaw muscles were frozen, whichever it was, she just couldn't speak. Vani clapped her hands a few inches from Hanna's face, missing Hanna's nose by inches. Hanna jolted back to life and turned to glare at Vani. Rage, she felt rage.

Vani gasped as Hanna leaned into her with a deranged look on her face.

"Oh, devil's look," Vani hissed under her breath. She raised her arms to block any possible blows. "Miss Hanna, stop acting like that. You possessed by bad spirit."

"What happened to my doll?" Hanna finally yelled. Her words came out in a burst, forcing Vani to look away as spittle sprayed her face.

Vani took two steps back. "What doll?"

Hanna jabbed a finger at the mantle where her antique French doll stood inside its thick glass case, with both arms lying on the bottom. "I only have one doll. How did her arms fall off?"

Vani turned her black eyes to the doll and shuddered. "Doll is old. Maybe arms get tired…"

Hanna continued to glare at Vani. The shudder, Hanna didn't like the shudder. Why did Vani always shudder when Hanna mentioned the doll? "You moved it, didn't you?"

Vani took another step back. "No…no…I don't come in while you sleeping."

"Liar." Hanna picked up her shoe and threw it at Vani. "Liar."

Vani ducked. "I never touch…that…evil doll." Vani made the sign of the cross as she retreated to the door.

"I'm going to tell my grandfather you broke my doll."

"Go, tell what you want, chica loca," Vani hissed, ducking out as Hanna threw the second shoe.

The shoe hit the door and chipped off a flake of white paint. Only when the shoe fell to the floor did Hanna realize what she had just done. She looked at her shaking hands as if they belonged to someone else. Then she slumped onto the bed crying.

There was a hole inside her chest. A huge dark hole…a loss, she had lost something. Hanna turned to the doll. She wished she could hug it and make the pain go away. The eighteenth-century doll, with its delicate features, diamond tiara and yellow-laced gown, was all she had left of her mother. That doll gave Hanna great comfort every day. It was her mother Marie watching over her. Marie, a descendant of the French aristocracy, had died in childbirth. On Hanna's fifth birthday, her grandfather John II had brought the doll and placed it on the mantelpiece. For ten years it hadn't been moved, so she thought. How could this happen? Now her doll looked like a cheap prop from a B-horror film. Hanna shuddered. Oh, my God, she'd shuddered? Was shuddering contagious?

Maybe Vani was right, but not about the doll. There was something evil going on. Something evil had broken her doll. The shutters banged again, making Hanna jump. She stared at the window and wiped her face. She had locked those shutters before going to bed. She was sure of it. Hanna stood and walked over to the window. She pulled the shutters closed, then changed her mind and threw them open, fastening them to the slip-hooks on the outside wall.

No, the doll wasn't evil. Hanna twisted around and made her way back to the fireplace. She placed a gentle kiss on the glass case and headed to the bathroom to get ready for school. Her mind stayed with the doll while her green eyes watched her hand comb her blond strands; a robot doing its routine chore. She would get it fixed. Hanna applied black mascara and some gloss to her lips, wondering if the doll's arms falling off could be an omen.

Omens were an obsession with her grandmother Elizabeth; she saw omens in everything and everywhere. While some on the island called Elizabeth a witch, Hanna thought of her as spiritual, albeit eerie. Vani called her Chupacabra, the mythical goat-bloodsucking demon creature. Last week, when Hanna had told Elizabeth she'd dreamt of a hand stabbing her doll in the back, her grandmother explained it forewarned betrayal. Elizabeth told Hanna to be vigilant. Her grandmother didn't like the doll. Hanna wondered what she would say about the doll's fallen arms. As she headed across the bedroom, the shutters banged again. Hanna twirled around wide-eyed. That was not possible. Shutters didn't get loose from those hooks. Did they? Perhaps the hooks were weak.

She went back to her bed and slipped her hand under her pillow and removed an old, faded black-and-white picture of a young woman sitting sideways smiling at the camera. Marie wore her dark-blond hair up in a loose bun known as the French twist. Her mother had a kind face. Her almond-brown eyes and small full lips held a childish innocence. Her beaded evening gown spilled to the floor around her legs. She wore a delicate diamond necklace and matching diamond earrings.

The photo was quite creased from all the nights Hanna held it under her pillow while falling asleep. She wished she had more pictures, but her grandmamma told her Marie was extremely shy, a recluse almost, and didn't allow her picture to be taken. This had been an exception, taken two days before her entire family had been wiped out during an earthquake in France. Poor Marie's life had been a sequence of tragedies. Hanna kissed the picture and put it away in the bedside table drawer as she did every morning so no one would touch it. She would give anything to have known her.

In the kitchen she found John eating a large bowl of honey-puff cereal. The thirteen-year-old geek couldn't be more different from Hanna. In looks, he took after his mother Camilla, dark-blond hair and brown eyes. As to his high IQ, that was a mystery. Hanna sat down next to John and looked at the bowl with a yellow mush. "Vani, is this diet banana?"

"Yes, yes. Diet banana," Vani called from within the pantry.

John had told Hanna that the "diet banana" was a lie, invented by Vani to get around Hanna's demand for a fruit larger than a grape, with only fifty calories. Hanna didn't believe him.

"So, what happened? Did your Prada shoes run off with your Versace bag?" John asked.

Hanna paused to consider if John might have messed with her doll. She watched him stuff a large spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

John felt her stare. "What?"

"Did you happen to sneak into my room this morning?"

"Ha, ha. I don't have a death wish. Why? What's missing?"

"Someone broke my doll's arms."

John shuddered and Hanna caught him doing it. "What's with all the shuddering? That doll is not evil."

John took another spoonful of cereal and turned back to watch Hanna.

"I have to get it fixed," Hanna said. She ate the mush and drank her lemon juice.

"Get what fixed?"

"The doll, John, the doll. Is there anything stuck in my teeth?"

"Mush doesn't stick to teeth. Grandmamma might know of someone."

She might, but Hanna wouldn't ask her. Grandmamma would use the excuse to disappear with it. But her grandfather would help. "Maybe Grandpapa." Hanna took out her phone and hit speed dial. John II didn't pick up. He always picked up for her. Why wasn't he picking up? Had something happened to him?

John's face lit up. "Did you talk to him about the car?"

"Not yet. I think there's still time for that."

John wanted their grandfather's 1960 Mustang for his sixteenth birthday. He knew their paternal grandfather had a soft spot for Hanna.

The doorbell rang. That would be Thomas, their driver, letting them know it was time to go. John grabbed his backpack while Hanna grabbed her Chanel handbag and one notebook. The two headed for the limousine. Hanna pressed redial as she walked out the front door, but hung up before the phone began to ring. It had been no nightmare. In the daylily patch beneath her window was a blackened area the shape of a body. Mummy-man.


My obstacle to be conquered as a writer.

I was born speaking two languages at the same time. Literally, at the same time. English and Portuguese. Both at home and at school we spoke a word of one, two of the other, at most three of one in a row. Never one entire sentence in one language. It wasn't even something we realized. We just changed from one to the other without a thought. When I left high school, the American school in Sao Paulo, I thought I was proficient in both languages. When I began college in the US, I found my English was pitiful.

My first few tests came back with low grades, not because I didn't study, but because I misunderstood the question. Wow, how embarrassing. I had to turn to the excuse that my English was a second language and then convince the teachers to allow me to retake the tests. I realized I had two second languages!

Once I realized that I would read the test questions several times before answering. I found it was easier for me to get an A in French than in English. I had spent a year in boarding school in Switzerland. French is a Latin based language and many of the words are similar. Besides the similarity, I had to become fluent in French fast because the Swiss refused to give you a break. You either spoke to them in their language or you got ignored. In many ways I agree with their attitude. It's their country.

One of the biggest differences between the two languages is the sentence structure. They are practically opposite. When writing, I get the two confused and have to go back several times, read it out loud and still I'm not sure I have it right. I actually don't write in Portuguese because I think in English. That is the language my thoughts and stories flow in.

Writing is my passion. Stories just keep popping in my head. So many, I wish I were a faster writer. And the reason I'm not is because I'm still unsure of my English. Rewrites are a constant. Typos and distraction don't help. What to do when you have all the imagination in the world but your style might be off because your brain keeps scrambling the languages. For me it was chose one and do everything in that one language. I watch films and TV shows, news, I read and write in English. The only thing I read in Portuguese is the newspaper. But still that isn't enough.

For many years I searched for someone who would work with me, not only finding my typos, but making sure my structures were correct, my words were the right ones, and my sentences were clear and made sense. And I for years I didn't find anyone interested in giving me more than a superficial editing. I wanted and still want to learn. I want to get better with each book. I needed someone who would coach me. Push me; be willing to tell me when a scene wasn't good enough, even if it cut me to pieces. That was my dream in life!

After spending money and time on many who didn't seem to get what I wanted, I actually gave up for a while. I joined sites where writers critiqued each other. I did learn quite a bit, but that only goes so far. Then I decided to take another chance and it paid off. I finally found someone and I thank God every day for that.

The first book we worked on together I spent many moments in tears. I began to wonder if I was good enough. I thought I was unworthy of calling myself a writer. I was creative but that wasn't enough. My husband would come home to either a furious wife or a waterfall. He couldn't understand why I kept putting myself through that. One day I made a comment, which my coach took the wrong way, and the next thing I know, he's telling me he will never work with me again after we finished that first book.

Wow! I felt like I was getting a divorce from a husband of thirty years! Abandoned and lost and desperate, those were my feelings. I begged him for forgiveness and at the end he accepted my apology. From then on I was vigilant with every comment I made.

He pushed and I came through feeling great with myself. I still work with him and hope to do so for many years. I am truly honored that he took the time to help me grow. He taught me to accept criticism with out taking it personally. That is one big step, as writers see their writings as their children. But children we share with the world, and so we should do the same with our writing.

Will I ever be independent? I don't think so because all writers will always need an outsider to help us make sure that what we see in our heads is what we show on paper. And then there are my two second languages!


Veiled Mist author

I am Brazilian born and raised, of American parents. I live in Sao Paulo with my third husband and children. I studied at the American school in Brazil, in boarding schools in Switzerland and the US. I have a BA in English Literature from FIU. I published a YA trilogy in Brazil and another YA novel in Turkey in 2001, now in its fifth edition. My passion is history and spiritualism. Besides Veiled Mist, I have another YA novel, Fallen Ruler, being released soon.







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Wishlist Wednesday #34

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it's entirely up to you), that we can't wait to get off the wishlist and onto our wonderful shelves.

  • Follow Pen to Paper as host of the meme.
  • Please consider adding the blog hop button to your blog somewhere, so others can find it easily and join in too! Help spread the word! The code will be at the bottom of the post under the linky.
  • Pick a book from your wishlist that you are dying to get to put on your shelves.
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  • Add your blog to the linky at the bottom of the post on Pen to Paper.
  • Put a link back to pen to paper somewhere in your post.
  • Visit the other blogs and enjoy!

On My Wishlist

Reckoning (Dark Prophecy, #1) Title: Reckoning
Series: Dark Prophecy #1
Author: Molly M. Hall
Pages: 276
Published: October 2nd 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis

"They say the truth can set you free. I found out it can kill you."

Seventeen-year-old Kat Matheson has never revealed the dark secret that sets her apart from everyone else: She can see and hear the dead. Until now, she has been able to ignore the strange apparitions and whispering voices. But it may not be that simple anymore. Haunted by eerie visions and increasingly frightening nightmares, Kat begins to fear she may be the target of a dark and ominous force from beyond the grave. Complicating matters is the arrival of her new neighbor, a young man she instinctively distrusts but is inexplicably drawn to. Gorgeous and mysterious, he seems to hold a disturbing knowledge of her long-held secrets.

As she desperately tries to maintain control, events take an unexpected and violent turn. Discovering that nothing is what it seems and that her psychic abilities may involve far more than just communing with the dead, Kat may be forced to confront her worst fears and the powerful curse that controls her destiny.

Why did I choose Reckoning for this weeks Wishlist Wednesday?

Seventeen-year-old Kat Matheson has a secret she can hear and see the dead.

Find Molly M. Hall Online

Web Site



Goodreads - Reckoning

Goodreads - Molly M. Hall

What is on your Wishlist Wednesday?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Tour: (Guest Post) Angel Maker By Natasha Deen

I would like to welcome Natasha Deen to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by Natasha. Please be sure and check out Natasha's novel Angel Maker. Today on The Avid Reader Natasha will be giving us signs that will let us know if we are a writer.

Angel Maker banner

Angel Maker book cover

Book Title: Angel Maker

Series: True Grime, #2

Author: Natasha Deen

Genre: Urban-Fantasy, YA,

Publisher: Blueberry Hill Press


Pages: 302


Angel Maker



Amazon (Print)

Amazon (Kindle)



Angel Maker

For the last two years, human Aponi Runningbear has been training to be part of Grime, the magical police division tasked with protecting humanity from SOAP terrorists. But things aren't going well. She's barely keeping up with her studies, failing the physical component, and her Generalized Anxiety Disorder is making her bad days even worse. When her team is given the chance to find a missing coworker and stop SOAP from producing a DNA-altering drug that's killing humans, Aponi grabs hold of the chance to show she's meant for Grime. But as the investigation heats up, she's forced to deal with the tormentor from her past, dead bodies, and the certainty that SOAP's going to win this battle. Humanity's dying, Grime's in trouble, and she's failing...does a foster kid really have what it takes to save the world and herself?


Angel Maker

Echo’s technology deflected the damage of the shot but it didn’t compensate for the power. The laser’s momentum rocketed me off my feet. I exploded into the air, my arms and legs pedaled helplessly. Spinning, twisting, the world whirled around me in a blur of colors and texture.

Gravity yanked me down.

Too late, I saw my destination: the cylindrical tank attached to a rig. I smashed into the hard metal. The force made my head snap back hard enough to break my spine, if not for the shield. My teeth chomped into my cheek. A disembodied chunk of the tissue rolled on to my tongue, bathed in my blood. I spit it out and fell twelve feet to the ground.

The fall left me stunned, seeing double. Two TJ’s, smiling with evil intent, came my way. I pulled out my gun, aimed, and fired. The shot went between them.

TJ laughed.

I closed one eye, and pulled the trigger.

He did the same and his laser beam devoured my shot with ease. “You’re too slow, Grime.” He twirled his gun. “Kill you or use you for information?” His lips pulled back from his teeth. “You have no usable intel, but it would be fun to torture you, all the same.”

I spit out the blood pooling in my mouth. God. Nothing pisses me off like an adversary who doesn’t think I have what it takes to beat them. First the aswang. Now him. I pulled the trigger, aiming for one of his hearts.


Signs You Might be a Writer - Natasha Deen

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's hilarious "You Might Be a Redneck If…" I present my version, "You might be a writer if:"

1. If you've ever gotten into an argument with the grocery about their everyday prices versus their every day prices, you might be a writer.

2. If correcting the grammar errors in the newspaper takes more time than reading the articles, you might be a writer.

3. If you've ever started writing a complaint letter and found it morphing into a spy thriller, you might be a writer.

4. If you find yourself yelling "Plot hole!" at the television screen, you might be a writer.

5. If you've ever given anyone life advice and prefaced it with, "Your decisions aren't following the proper story arc," you might be a writer.

6. If the idea of rewriting a manuscript seven times fills you with glee, you might be a writer.

7. If you need to enter therapy because of the trauma of seeing "alot" instead of "a lot," you might be a writer.

8. If you've ever corrected a policeman's use of "its" while he's writing up a speeding ticket, you might be a writer.

9. If the smell of paper melts your brain with glee, you might be a writer.

10. If it takes you three hours to buy the perfect disposable pen in the stationary shop, you might be a writer.

There was only one thing Natasha wanted to be when she grew up: a superhero. Sadly, this goal was made moot when she realized that being a klutz was not, in fact, a super power, and her super-weakness for anything bright and shiny meant that a magpie with self-control could easily defeat her in a battle of wills. So, she turned to writing as a way to unleash her inner superhero. She doesn't get to live on a secret space station orbiting the earth (and thank goodness because she gets motion sick on a merry-go-round), but she still get to wear leotards, a cape and say things like, "STAND ASIDE! THIS IS A JOB FOR WRITING-GIRL!" Visit her at Natasha Deen and find her on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter


Angel Maker author

When I was little, there was only one thing I wanted to be: a superhero. Then I realized that being a klutz was not, in fact, a super power, and my super weakness for anything bright and shiny meant a magpie with self-control could easily defeat me in a battle of wills.

What was a superhero in training to do?

I turned to writing young adult, urban fantasy, and romance as a way to sharpen my mental super-hero skills, and as a way to bide my time until I can hone my klutzy nature into a superpower. I don't get to orbit the earth in a space station (and thank God, because I get sick on merry go round), but I do get to say things like: "Stand aside! This is a job for Writing Girl!!"





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Top Ten Tuesday #33

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

For future Top Ten Tuesday topics, check them out here!

This weeks Top Ten List

Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For 2013


Title: WitchLove

Author: Emma Mills

I have read both Witchblood and Witchcraft in the Witchblood series and can't wait to read the third book in the series. Jess is coming to the US. Will Jess find a new love in the US? Love, love this series.

Unravel Me (Shatter Me, #2)

Title: Unravel Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

No one can touch Juliette or they will die. But for some reason Adam can touch her. I read the first book Shatter Me and loved it. If Unravel Me is half as good as Shatter Me it will be out of this world.

The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test, #3)

Title: The Goddess Inheritance

Author: Aimée Carter

I read books 1 and 2 of The Goddess Test series. They were my first time reading about the Gods. I love how the author changes the names for each of the Gods and Goddess. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Goddess Inheritance.

Of Triton (Of Poseidon, #2)

Title: Of Triton

Author: Anna Banks

Ok so I know that is not a real picture of the book but oh well. I can't wait for Of Triton. The first book in this series Of Poseidon was a fantastic book. When I finished it I was like "no, no you can't do this." I just couldn't believe the ending. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Darkness Fades (Darkness Falls, #3)

Title: Darkness Fades

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Yeah, I picked another one without a cover. But I just had to mention this one too. I love the Darkness Falls series and can't wait for book 3.

Enders (Starters and Enders, #2)

Title: Enders

Author: Lissa Price

This is the second book in the Starters and Enders. I can't image what is in store for Callie in Enders. In Starters young people rented their bodies out to the elderly.

Untitled (Shatter Me, #3)

Title: Untitled (Shatter Me #3)

Author: Tahereh Mafi

No cover and no title but I know that the third book in the Shatter Me series will be just as good as the first one.

Insomnia (The Night Walkers, #1)

Title: Insomnia

Author: J.R. Johansson

Parker Chipp hasn't slept in four yrears. Instead of sleeping he enters the dreams of the last person he has contact with. Then he meets Mia and she has calm and blissful dreams. Parker will do almost anything to make sure that he catches Mia's eye at the end of the day.


Title: Panic

Author: Sharon M. Draper

Diamond has been kidnapped and forced to endure horrors beyond what she ever could have dreamed, while her family and friends experience their own torments and wait desperately for any bit of news.

Inhuman (Fetch, #1)

Title: Inhuman

Author: Kat Falls

America has been ravaged by a war, Sixteen-year-old Lane lives in a world ravaged by mutation, even the plantlife has gone feral. The people there exhibit varying degrees of animal traits

What is on your Top Ten?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog Tour: (Virtual Book Trailer + Giveaway) Wicked Allure By Leslie C. Ferdinand

I would like to welcome Leslie C. Ferdinand to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by Leslie. Please be sure and check out Leslie's novel Wicked Allure. Today I have for your enjoyment the book trailer for Wicked Allure. Oh and be sure you enter the giveaway before you leave.

Wicked allure banner

Wicked Allure cover

Book Title: Wicked Allure

Series: Wicked Allure, #1

Author: Leslie C. Ferdinand

Release Date: March 20th 2012

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Publisher: Self-Published


Pages: 287


Wicked Allure


Amazon (eBook)

Amazon (Paperback)

LuLu (Hardcover)


KoBo Books


Wicked Allure

Three years ago, Madigan DeLeon walked away from Zachary Steele. Now, she's back in his life to help run her mother's sex club. Unable to resist, she is soon back in his bed. Her heart and body is fully engaged but her head is urging caution. Zach wants another chance and he'll let know one stand in his way, not even Madigan herself.


Wicked Allure


Wicked Allure


Enter to win a print copy, a hardcover copy or eBook copy of Wicked Allure (Wicked Allure, #1) by Leslie C. Ferdinand. The giveaway ends Dec. 3rd.

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