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Review & Cover Reveal of HOUSE OF RAVENS (Book 2, The Nightfall Chronicles) by Karpov Kinrade @KarpovKinrade @badassmktg #HouseOfRavens

The Nightfall Chronicles

USA TODAY bestselling author Karpov Kinrade defied genre convention with Court of Nightfall. Now, they continue the epic saga of Scarlett Night, a rebel torn between two identities, in House of Ravens.

If you're a fan of fantasy, urban fantasy, superheroes or just love a great story filled with action, adventure, love, betrayal, friendship, secrets and lies, then you'll enjoy The Nightfall Chronicles.

HOUSE OF RAVENS (Book 2, The Nightfall Chronicles)

You think you know the path to victory? Then tell me how you'll win.

Will you buy triumph with gold and favors? Will you marshal armies and trade in blood? Or will you be the hand in the dark, your fingers on the strings? Whatever you decide, know this. If you put the innocent at risk...

You will answer to me.

I am the keeper of secrets and the teller of lies. I am the shadow of death and the bringer of light. I will become a Knight of the First.

And the Orders will crumble.

My Review: HOUSE OF RAVENS (Book 2, The Nightfall Chronicles)

I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Scarlett Night is a Nephilim who lives a double life. As Scarlett Night she is just a human teenage girl just going to college during the day, training to be a Knights Templar. And at night she is Nightfall and like a super hero; a Nephilim with special abilities that no human has. Scarlett wants to make the world a better place for Zeniths, Nephilim, humans and anyone else out there they may be different. She wants everyone to treat each other the same and to open up their hearts and minds and grow to be a better soul. She wants to stop all the hate and killing someone just because they are different than they are. She wants the world to wake up and see that we are all one. Scarlett tries her best to see the good in every person that she comes in contact with. But it is almost impossible to find any good in someone who has an evil heart.

Scarlett meets a lot of new friends in her new life in and out of her new school. She meets some pretty amazing people at this new school that she has chosen to attend. She has their back while she has their backs all at the same time. Scarlett does run into some pretty difficult situations and decisions that she has to make. In a way I don't see how she could make the choice that she did. But at the same time I do think she made the right choice for everyone involved considering what the outcome could have been if she had went down another road. Scarlett has some amazing friends, have I already said that? Oh well it is true either way and sure doesn't hurt to say it over and over. Scarlett had a couple of great admires who cared for her more than their own lives. They would do or give up whatever they had to so they could keep her safe and alive.

HOUSE OF RAVENS is so full of twists and turns that I was getting very dizzy every time I turned a page. I felt as if there were so many hidden messages that were being dropped all over the place that I didn't know which way to turn myself. I was spinning and spinning so fast that I thought I was going to go right off the edge and step right into insanity trying to figure out what everyone was up to and what they were hiding.

I kept thinking who is Jax? What is his secret? Is he for or against Scarlett? Is he trying to protect her? Does he know who she really is? Why did he leave and where did he go? I hated that he told her he loved her and then just walked away. What was he thinking? What was he feeling?

What about Kai? What is his story? Is she for real? Does he really care or love Scarlett? Is he a pawn for his father, the king? What about Wytt and Corrine? Are they truly her friends? Whose side will they all be on in the end?

I highly recommend HOUSE OF RAVENS to anyone who loves reading about Nephilim's with a heroine that is learning who and what she is and what she can do. Scarlett is a very tough girl who has been through a lot and has had to grow up way before her time but she is strong and can handle herself and others well. Not only do I recommend HOUSE OF RAVENS and COURT OF NIGHTFALL the first book in The Nightfall Chronicles I would recommend you read any book that is written by this amazing duo; Karpov Kinrade..

Read my review of COURT OF NIGHTFALL (Book 1, The Nightfall Chronicles)

If you haven't read the first book in the series, Court of Nightfall, start the epic saga here. It's on sale for just 99cents for a limited time, so grab it now!

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Cover Reveal: Skin Deep (Fractured Fairy Tales # 1) (Standalone Series) By Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons @MELANDLANAWRITE @GHBTours

Skin Deep
Fractured Fairy Tales # 1 (Standalone Series)
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Genre- YA/ Fairy Tale/ Fantasy
Expected Publication Date- ?

Beautiful, selfish and spoiled are the three words most commonly used to describe Princess Eliza. Common people are expendable in her world, there only to serve her needs. Betrothed to the most handsome prince in her land and adored by her father, Eliza had little thought for others or their feelings. An unkind word directed at the wrong person brings down a curse on Eliza, marring the perfection of her physical beauty making it so her outside now reflects what is within her. Horrified by her own reflection and tired of the whispers of everyone around her, Eliza flees the safety of her father's castle, seeking out the solitude of the outlying forests.

Greysen James spends his days hunting and gathering in the forests that fall between the kingdoms. In his small no-man's land, he owes no one fealty and he likes it that way. His life is all about keeping himself and his younger sister, Cornelia alive and fed. When Eliza comes stumbling into his path, he has two choices: let her flounder on and drag every royal guard searching for her through his forest or take her in and teach her to survive on her own. Neither option is appealing to him but once his sister meets the prickly princess, Cornelia won't let him leave Eliza out in the cold.

Greysen finds himself at odds with the princess almost immediately; he can't stomach her entitled attitude. As far as he can tell, Eliza has no grasp on the true realities of life outside the castle and she isn't overly fond of Greyson's seeming indifference to her. With Cornelia urging them to coexist they're finally forced into a grudging respect for one another.

Can Greysen help Eliza change her ways before it's too late? Or will she learn that her beauty really was always just skin deep?

Book Blitz: The Easter Bunny Caper By Cassandra Rose @GHBTours

The Easter Bunny Caper
By- Cassandra Rose
Genre- Children's Book (Pre-K - 3rd Grade)  

Will Zoey Flower along with her puppy, Munchichi The Great, be able to stay awake long enough to catch the Easter Bunny and prove that he is real once and for all? (Perfect for children Pre K - 3rd grade.)

Virtual Tour: THE SOUL RETRIEVAL by Ann W. Jarvie @annwjarvie @GoddessFish #Giveaway

by Ann W. Jarvie
Published March 22nd 2015
by JazzComm Publishing


Inspired by a true story, The Soul Retrieval is a suspenseful tale of love, loss and healing which follows traumatized southern beauty Henrietta Clayborn as she moves between her home in a small South Carolina town and the New Mexico Native American reservation whose spontaneous healings keep drawing her physician husband back. Tortured by her awful secrets, Henrietta struggles to thrive in either locale, but it is her unlikely friendship with Joe Loco––an eccentric Native American mystic with an Elvis fetish and a gift for healing––that shows her the way to be whole again.

Set in the late 1950s, The Soul Retrieval is richly woven with spiritual insights but also deadly secrets, forbidden healings, a murder mystery, stunning scenery and an unforgettable cast of characters.

A story of transcendent and inspiring power that is both entertaining and enlightening, readers will be cheering for the uptight woman from South Carolina to push through her fears of the forbidden as she searches for truth and healing, faces great obstacles on the frontier of self and ultimately becomes more than she ever thought possible.


“It’s just as Bear foretold,” the Apache said. He closed his eyes and moved his hands in small circles with palms out. “The fire’s burning, but no one’s home in your teepee.”

“Excuse me?”

“You don’t feel like yourself, you’re feeling vacant and disconnected, like something’s missing.” Joe spoke as he opened his eyes.

She gaped at him in stunned silence before whispering: “How … why would you say something like that?” Henrietta’s heart thumped in her chest as she nervously glanced toward the living room. Her husband was still talking on the phone.

“Your soul speaks volumes through your eyes.”

“You see something in my eyes?” And she rubbed them again with her handkerchief.

“I see what was there, what should be there, but is not now.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m fine. My eyes were just watering, that’s all.” She winced, knowing that it wasn’t true, hating that she’d become such a liar.

“It’s okay, I’m here to help,” Joe said. He placed his folded hands on the table after sitting down.

His smile and disarming empathy surprised Henrietta, but she wasn’t going to be moved by what seemed like a sweet and insightful gesture. Joe Loco was absolutely the last person in the world she’d choose to confide in.

“Don’t worry. It’s obvious your soul has fragmented and is in need of repair,” Joe said with a calm certainty, as if it was an everyday matter to be dealt with.

“What?” Henrietta put her hands down and stared into space, bewildered by his words. In the quietude, the sizzle of the frying eggs and bacon filled the room like a choir of rattlers. My soul has what? When she looked again at Joe, planning to demand exactly what he meant, his eyes were closed, and he was whispering and holding his palms up as though in prayer.

So she placed the cooked food on a plate, poured a glass of milk and put both down in front of him. He opened his eyes and smiled up at her.

“That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard—a soul fragmenting,” she said. “How would something like that even be possible?”

“It can happen when we believe or experience something bad we don’t want to face.” He took a bite of eggs and grits, closing his eyes again to savor the combination. “Oh, this is yum-yum,” he said.

When he looked up, it was Henrietta who was staring.

“The good news is that lost soul fragments can be recovered and healed. It’s not hard, if you know how, if you know the secret,” Joe said.

“Are you saying you know how to do that? That you know the secret?”

“The Great Spirit works hitherto and I work.”

She crossed her arms. “So what are you, some kind of soul repairman?”


Ann W. Jarvie has a B.A. in journalism and more than twenty-five years’ experience as an award-winning writer in advertising and public relations agencies, both in South Carolina and Chicago. She now lives near Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends part of her time as a freelance copywriter and the rest writing fiction.

The Soul Retrieval was inspired by Jarvie’s maternal grandmother’s fascinating life on Indian reservations, where she lived with her physician husband until his mysterious and untimely death.

Author Links:


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Book Blitz: DEEP BLUE ETERNITY by Natasha Boyd @lovefrmlowcntry @DarkWorldBooks #Giveaway

by Natasha Boyd
NA Contemporary Romance
Published by Eternal Romance on March 26th, 2015


Livvy is on the run. And she’s escaped to the one place nobody will ever find her.

But the isolated cottage isn’t empty. Her refuge is home to a troubled stranger, Tom, there for reasons of his own.

In the intimacy of the abandoned cottage, and the remote wilderness of the island, the electrifying connection between them is impossible to ignore. Both running from their histories and shielding dark secrets, their pasts catch up with them and collide in an unimaginable way.

Deep emotions and powerful chemistry face a painful battle with the tangle of lies, and scars of the past. When the truth emerges, hearts will be shattered.

Praise for Deep Blue Eternity:

“A captivating, heart-wrenching, beautifully written story about those who scar us and those who help us heal. I could not put it down and am still thinking about it!” —Mia Sheridan, New York Times Bestselling author of Archer’s Voice

“Boyd skillfully navigates the scorching physical desire and personal insecurities of her protagonists, crafting a relationship that is tense, torrid and sure to keep the pages turning.” —RT Book Reviews

“Fans of the Sea of Tranquility or Mia Sheridan will absolutely love this story.” —MissIngrid’s Reviews

“I can’t recall ever reading a novel that made me laugh, smile, cry… just, feel as much as this one did.” —Books over Bros Reviews


“Please,” I added, realizing I needed him on my side, and unable to avoid the hint of desperation in my tone. I mentally cringed. “Please don’t tell anyone I’m here.”

He assessed me, leaning back, one arm slung along the empty chair back next to him and his eyes narrowed. There was a gemstone that exact color. What was it called?

I frantically thought of a way to explain what I was doing here. And I wished I could see something else in his expression through the facial hair.

“Fine,” he said finally, with a stiff nod.


“Yes, fine.”

“What are you hiding from?” I asked suddenly, not sure where the question came from.

I almost missed the flicker of shock in his gaze, before he shrugged nonchalantly. “And we won’t ask each other questions.”

“Okay,” I agreed, with abundant relief, despite the weirdness of our situation.
Well, well, well. Wasn’t that an interesting puzzle? Why would a guy who was obviously well-spoken and educated, from what I could tell, take on the lonely job of looking after an isolated cottage in the middle of nowhere?

The silence was extremely uncomfortable as we both regrouped.

Eventually he sighed. “You look better without all the black shit all over your face.”

Obviously, he was referring to the black eyeliner and lipstick I’d taken to wearing. It matched my nails, my usual clothes and my mood. And it hid me. People’s eyes glided away from me when I started dressing like that, so I kept it up. It made things easier for me out in the world. All I had to do was also block out the whispers in the hallways of my preppy school. It had the added benefit that my parents hated it.

“Well, you’d probably look better without that hairy shit all over your face.” I bit my lip as soon as the words were uttered.

Seriously, sometimes I had no filter.

There was movement in his beard.

Was he actually going to smile? His caramel eyes crinkled up and suddenly his beard split open in a wide smile filled with perfect white teeth, and a snort of laughter came out. He was almost beautiful, not that I was into older guys. I didn’t know where to look, but his wheeze of laughter was infectious and I found myself fighting my own smile.

Then he took a deep breath. “I … I was in love with your sister. That’s how you know me,” he said.

The words were out there so suddenly, and he looked so shocked that he’d uttered them, that neither of us spoke for interminable minutes.

No questions.

Abruptly, he got up, scraping the chair across the old wooden floor, and walked to the front door. He paused a moment, his shoulders rigid, then yanked the door and smacked the screen open. In a moment, he was gone, both doors slamming shut behind him, leaving a vast emptiness in his wake. 


Natasha Boyd is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author with a background in marketing and public relations.  Her debut novel Eversea was a finalist in the 2013 Winter Rose Contest for Contemporary Romance and won the 2014 Digital Book Award for Adult Fiction. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers and Island Writer’s Network in coastal South Carolina where she has been a featured speaker on book marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and lives with her husband, two sons and the cast of characters in her head.


$150 Amazon Gift Card
3 Signed Paperbacks of Deep Blue Eternity
5 Infinity/Anchor Karma Bracelets

Book Tour & Blitz: Grit of Berth and Stone by Lisa Dunn @scouterwife @anaiahpress @NereydaG1003 #YABOUNDBOOKTOURS #Giveaway

Grit of Berth and Stone
by Lisa Dunn 
Release Date: 03/17/15
Anaiah Press
256 pages

Summary from Goodreads:

Banished for a foolish mistake, sixteen-year-old Grit of Berth and Stone scorns the loss of her home, her honor, and her only ally. Only the weak worry about such things.

But war is brewing all across Chasmaria, and as a group of rebels pull Grit into their ranks, she begins to question what strength, courage, and honor really look like. When faced with a horrible truth about herself, Grit must either fight her way back to Thresh or live with the blood of the innocent on her hands.

Buy Links:
Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo Books


One bright, moonlit night, dreams of a golden-haired sireling disturbed Grits slumber. He was chasing her to the sea. She dove into the water, but it was warm, not cold.

She woke in a sweat. Throwing aside her blanket, she walked into the clear air outside the cave. She sat on a log before the fire, stoking the flames till they rose and crackled in the quiet night. As she watched the dancing flames, Grit forced her mind to empty of all her past experiences. She willed her memories into the middle of the fire and imagined the flames consuming them, one by one, until every last memory of Thresh wafted away in the fires smoke. There went Turf and his taunting sneer, Dame Dara with her unjustified disdain, Sage Brakken, Sires Pierce and Swot. Sire Stone struggled to remain in her memory, circling her with an approving eye during her last training session. Slate, Seal, Oath, Talon... All of them into the fire and gone. Grit clenched her teeth and drew her dagger.

There was Dame Berth, easing her dagger from its sheath and placing it in Grits hands after her Twelfth Branding. “Use it honorably. This weapon wasnt meant for spineless babes.”

Grit twirled the dagger between her fingers and aimed for the fire. Her arm swung to rid herself of Dame Berth, but at the last moment, her hand wrapped tightly around the dagger. Its my dagger, not hers. I wont throw away whats rightfully mine. She sheathed her dagger and willed Dame Berth into the fire.

Yet there were some memories that refused her attempts to cast them into the flames, and no amount of screaming, “To Grit!” would compel them into the fire. Coil would not abdicate his place in her memory, and all Grits efforts to dethrone him served only to reinforce his position.

Coil waited in the meetinghouse, among the throng gathered for her Sixth Branding. He scowled over Dame Berths fence, telling Grit shed planted the potatoes all wrong. He laughed on the training field, raising a sword too large for his thirteen-year-old frame and daring her to nick him with the dagger shed just inherited. He lingered in every corner of Thresh, challenging her to race him to the Western Sea. And he was in the Western Sea, his jubilant face turned toward the sun, his arms stretched out, his body unguarded.

“To Grit! To Grit! To Grit!” Her throat burned from the refrain, but still Coil was in her tree, his hands inches from her feet.

In a rage, Grit threw her stick against a tree, dumped the contents of her pack, and ran to the creek that passed near her cave. Her knuckles scraped against the rocky creek bed as she pulled the pack through the water.

“To Grit, to Grit, to Grit...” she muttered as she doused her fire.

Her fingers bleeding, she crammed her blanket into the still dripping bag and stomped into the moonlit night.

About the Author
As a child, Lisa Dunn fell asleep to her father's fanciful bedtime tales and played with her own story ideas during the daylight hours. She now resides in a small southern town with her husband, four children, and an ever-changing assortment of pets. Local librarians habitually thank her for their job security.

Author Links:
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Book Tour & Blitz Organized by:

Cover Reveal: Claddagh & Chaos by Cayce Poponea @StarAnge13

Claddagh & Chaos
Shamrocks & Secrets Series #2
by Cayce Poponea
Publication Date: April 11, 2015
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations


Shamrocks left us with Patrick posing an intriguing question. What exactly happened during those twenty five years? We know that they got their happily ever after, but how did Patrick and Christi get there? Could love have a shelf life?  

Meet the Author

Cayce Poponea currently resides in Southern Georgia, with her three dogs and wonderful husband. A true romantic at heart, she writes the type of fiction that she loves to read. When she isn't setting behind her computer screen, creating yet another heart stopping, page turning novel. You can find her enjoying down time with her family.

Book Blast: KAYLEN'S RISING by Yves Robichaud @yvesr72 @GoddessFish #Giveaway

by Yves Robichaud
Published: January 9th 2015
by Water's Edge Publishing


Kaylen has been in the dark for fourteen years – in every sense. His people are hunted, so they must struggle to survive within underground caves. His community despises his family, taunting him constantly. His parents keep him housebound, forbidding him from wielding sword or wand.

When he is finally allowed to attend school, the harsh truth reveals he has much to learn – including a unique magical ability. Kaylen can summon and control skeletons!

With surface-dwellers threatening war, he will need every friend he can make, and to stay true to himself if he is to survive what is to come.


Chapter 21: A magician and a snowball

The magician continued to laugh—louder now—as he turned again towards the large chunk of ice hurtling towards him. "What?" He snarled defiantly at the party. "Already run out of your best tricks, and reduced to throwing snowballs at me? And here I thought you were getting interesting..."

He started waving his wand in a small circle, slowly at first and then increasing in speed and size. As he did this, a green fire emanated from his wand and grew until it matched the shape and form of the incoming ice ball perfectly. "Oh, no!" he cried mockingly. "Here I am with nothing but a little match to fight your big, bad snowball! However shall I defend myself?"

As the ice ball began its downwards arc toward the human, he started to twirl his staff, which began to glow with an electric purple shimmer. Oraweth grimaced when she saw the purple glow, because she knew it meant he was going to cast one of his more powerful attack spells: a magical bolt that could slice through individual shields and had required all three elves to focus on a combined shield with the help of the skeletons to block it. But this combined shield took a lot of energy to create, and they were not certain they had the strength left at this point to make one that was strong enough to protect them.


Yves Robichaud is originally from the small Acadian community of Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick, Canada. He has studied Business Administration and Information Technology, currently works for the federal government, and is the proud father of one son: Jeremy. Inspired by a love of fantastical, magical tales, Kaylen's Rising is Yves' first attempt to share this literary passion with his son and the rest of the world.


Author Website ~ Book Facebook Page ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads


$25 Amazon/BN GC

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Blog Tour: Vampires Suck Edited by Giovanni Valentino @thegiovanniv @MkgConnections #Giveaway

Vampires Suck
Edited by Giovanni Valentino


Each story has a different take on the legend of the Vampire. Some hide from the darkness and others can walk in the daylight. Some are cold, calculated killers and others are full of teenaged angst. Some are held at bay by garlic but others love Italian food.

Here is a collection of stories designed to poke fun at the whole vampire genre. We have funny stories about the troubles of immortality, about the crazy life of the vampire slayer, and about just how the different vampires get along.

But in all the stories, one element is always there.

                         Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ Createspace

Original Stories by:

Giovanni Valentino - Will Adams - Nicholas Knight - 
Arthur Carey - Gregg Chamberlain - Tim Jeffreys - 
T.R. Clark - Evan Dicken - Dan Doerflein
Tracy S. Morris - John H. Dromey - Tim J. Finn - 
Kerrie Strong -C.J. Andrew - Aaron Gudmunson - 
James E. Guin - Sierra July - Alexis Larkin - 
Daniel McPherson - M. Kelly Peach - Paul Popiel - 
Robert Morrisey- Barry Rosenber - Joe Mogel
J. Adrian Cook - Simon Kewin -Victor Gischler

Here is a list of some of the stories in Alternate Hilarities: Vampires Suck.

Not All That Glitter Is Gold By Giovanni Valentino

It takes all kinds. The Eternal club takes all kinds of vampires into its elite club. Old, Feral, day-walkers. But is the newest type of vampire too far for them to take?

The Other Interview With A Vampire By C.J. Andrew

A vampire’s life isn't always what it seems in the movies, you might be able to live forever but you can't predict the future.

Give Me a V!...Give Me an A!…Give Me… by Arthur Carey

Wanted: Committed, energetic spokesperson to publicize and promote unpopular, sanguinary lifestyle. Personal experience preferred

Got Cookies? by Gregg Chamberlain

Knock knock. Who's there? Special delivery for the Baron!

Nuts by T.R. Clark

Growing up in a trailer park may make one ask themselves, "If you play your life backwards, do you get your junk back?" Especially if you happen to be a dog.

Paleo Diet by J. Adrian Cook

The modern vampire has little idea of the origin of the food he buys in supermarkets. If you found a live human in your home, would you know what to do with it?

Monster Mashup by John H. Dromey

A late-night tour guide goes to bat for his customers. He tells them what to watch out for, upfront, when dealing with vampires. One in particular.

Blood Bank by Aaron Gudmunson

In our modern era of elevated convenience, even vampires partake of processed food. Hunting and gathering is for the bats.

The Vampire Who Wouldn’t Give Up by James E. Guin

Remember that boyfriend who you couldn’t get rid of? Try breaking up with a vampire?

The Hunter and the Hunted by Simon Kewin

A chase across the city. A hungering for blood. But who is the real monster?

Shouldn’t Have Asked By Nicholas Knight

Nigel thinks vampires suck. He also thinks dating sucks. And he thinks dating a vampire would really suck.

The Curse Of Van Helsing By Tracy S. Morris

All Van Helsing wants is to sell used cars in New Jersey. But there's no way she can let that happen. The price is too high. 

Bloodsuckers By M. Kelly Peach 

Death and taxes, it is said, are the only sure things in this life. When you're a vampire, taxes are the only sure thing.

The Diner By Robert Morrisey

Becoming undead can be quite confusing for a new vampire; there is a lot to learn and no manual to download. Zeno wants to impress his new boss in the worst way. Question is, can he figure it out in time to save his own neck?

To Not-Be Or To Not Not-Be By Barry Rosenberg

Life can sometimes be such a pain. Especially if you're an undead and just dying to die.

A Secret To Die For By Giovanni Valentino

The worst kind of secret is one accidentally shared. There is no taking it back and no living with it out in the world.

Giovanni Valentino

About the Editor:

Giovanni Francesco Valentino has struggled at the art of writing for four decades against many demons like self-doubt, chronic depression, OCD and severe dyslexia. He has written a few memoir pieces about his life struggles going undiagnosed for more the half his life. He hopes one day to be a famous published science fiction and fantasy author. 

He is a member of the CNY Writers Haven, a critique and writer support group. He is the editor of the upcoming humorous anthology, Alternate Hilarities.


1st prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card

2nd prize: 1 Print copy of Alternate Hilarities (vol 1)

3rd prize: 1 Print copy of Romantic Ruckus

4th prize: 3 eCopies of Alternate Hilarities (vol1)

5th prize: 3 eCopies of Romantic Ruckus