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Promo: Wolf's Endowment Trilogy By Destiny Blaine

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The Wild Side Cover photo 3780THEWILDSIDE510-220x330.jpg

The Wild Side
Tagline: The wild side is an interesting stretch of territory where only the courageous survive.


Joe Kramer is a simple-minded young man tending farm with his father. When a neighbor needs a lift, his dad sends him out to give the woman a ride. Soon, a Moonlight Clan Council member has her claws in Joe, leaving him a changed man.

Accepting his fate, Joe joins a wolf pack steeped in history and tradition, but someone among them is threatening to tear their pack apart. To make matters worse, as the pack master, Joe rebukes the traditions of the past while ignoring the mandated placement of two mates.

As he leads his pack to a position of strength, Joe will stand out as the clear Alpha destined to protect the East Tennessee Moonlight Clan Council, but will his lack of experience and immaturity cost the clan what they cherish most? And who, if anyone, will stand beside him when he fights to protect those closest to home?

eXtasy Books

The Primitive State Book 2 Cover photo 3836THEPRIMITIVESTATE510-220x330.jpg

The Primitive State
Tagline: Captivity temporarily restrains, but love forever binds


Shuke and Tommy are forced into captivity by a twisted hunter with knowledge of the Moonlight Clan Council. Desperate to separate the growing East Tennessee wolf pack, the shifter-hunter ships Shuke and Tommy to Arizona where a beautiful woman soon releases them.

Once freed, Shuke and Tommy decide to return to Tennessee, but there's a slight problem with their plan. They can't keep their hands off each other. Worse still, Shuke finds he can't leave the Phoenix area due to an unexpected mate calling.

Following the scent of a woman, Shuke insists on returning to Salt River, the last place he saw the female who freed them. And with the lust growing between Shuke and Tommy not at all overshadowing his desire for a woman, Shuke sees his fate sealed as the trilogy of endowment calls to him in a way he never expected.

eXtasy Books

The Salvage Release Book 3 Cover photo 3842THESAVAGERELEASE510-220x330.jpg

The Savage Release
Tagline: One beast may die, but another one will rise. And his savage ways will live on forever.


Two members of the Moonlight Clan Council are abducted. After they're pulled away from their East Tennessee pack and shipped to Canada, they awaken only to find themselves surrounded by the snow-covered peaks of the Northern Rocky Mountains. To make matters worse, a formidable enemy stands before them and challenges them in a battle for their lives.

Fighting their way to freedom, Len and Ray come face to face with Sable, another wolf-shifter defending their pack's enemy, Corey Marshall. Once Sable learns she supported the wrong wolf, she realizes how much she stands to lose.

Drawn to their attacker in a way that doesn't make sense, Len and Ray see vivid images as the trilogy of endowment unfolds before them. They embrace their mating call, but the young woman is quite a handful. And Sable isn't prepared for Len's idea of a first mating. After Len and Ray unleash their building passion, Sable is left with only one choice-complete surrender.

eXasty Books

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Visit Destiny Blaine on Amazon or at eXtasy Books

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Author Wolf's Endowment Trilogy photo AuthorDestinyBlaine.jpg

Destiny Blaine is an award-winning, bestselling e-book and paperback author. She writes under several pseudonyms in various genres.

When Destiny isn't writing, she enjoys spending time in Mississippi and South Carolina. She loves NFL and college football, college basketball, volleyball, poker, casino craps, and attending outdoor concerts. Her favorite pastime is sitting on the beach reading about intelligent ALPHA males who know how to take the lead in all situations.

Destiny lives in East Tennessee with her daughter and husband. Her son is serving in the United States Navy.


E-copy of all three books of the Wolf's Endowment Trilogy (PDF)

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Book Tour: Kiss Me In Paris By Kimberly Kinrade & Dmytry Karpov

Travel to the most romantic city in the world and fall in love with Winter and Cade!

The New Adult contemporary romance, Kiss Me in Paris, is finally launching on May 17!

Kiss Me In Paris cover photo Kiss_Me_In_Paris_Cover_Lips_1.jpg

Kiss Me In Paris (Kiss Me Series #1)

Winter Deveaux tried love once. It didn't end well. Unable to open herself up to another heartbreak, she hides in her romance novels as she struggles to write her own book. When she's given a chance to live her dream to study in Paris, only one thing stands in her way: her inability to write about a love she's never experienced.

Cade Savage is heir to the largest ranching family in Texas. Part cowboy, part architect, Cade has his feet forever in two different worlds. When he receives an acceptance letter from the school of his dreams, he must decide between family and destiny.

Will the magic of Paris pull these two lost souls together and toward their dreams? Or will the reality of their painful pasts destroy what could be a happily ever after?

Kiss Me in Paris is the first book in the Kiss Me Series. Travel with the Deveaux sisters as they find love, and trouble, in all the right places. Watch for Kiss Me in Cairo coming soon.


"One star breaks off from the others, shooting across the sky, a bright light training behind it, and I finally understand why people wish on dying stars. Because something always has to die for life to give birth to a new dream."

~Cade Savage, Kiss Me in Paris


"Paris is pregnant with layers of history, colored with the ink of artists who dared to dream of a world only they could see."

~Winter Deveaux, Kiss Me in Paris


"Buildings are the body of a culture. They house the spirit of a people, holding their dreams, their laughter, their tears, their hope and despair. The architecture of a structure speaks to its purpose, its role in the world, and the walls inside carry the secrets of generations."

~Cade Savage, Kiss Me in Paris

Pick up your copy of Kiss Me in Paris on Amazon, Smashwords and soon, wherever ebooks are sold. Look for the paperback and hardback coming later this month.

About Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov

Dmytry and Kimberly are the husband and wife writing team behind the KISS ME Series, Eye of Newt, Sunrise and Nightfall, Wanderlust, and The Fallen Series.

Kimberly is the award-winning, bestselling author of the New Adult paranormal romance series The Seduced Saga, the YA paranormal thriller/romance The Forbidden Trilogy, and Children's fantasy series The Three Lost Kids.

Dmytry writes fantasy-be it urban, dark or epic-is a musical composer, pianist, and designs books covers (exclusively for his wife's and their co-authored books). His short stories, reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's top work, are self-published in a collection titled Dark Edge.

They live with three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.

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Book Tour: Blood in the Valley By J K Hogan

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Blood in the Valley Cover photo BloodintheValley_1400w.jpg

Blood in the Valley
J K Hogan
Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Date Published: 5/2/13

Synopsis of Blood in the Valley:

The daughter of a Las Vegas hustler, Raven Sabatier grew up trusting nothing and no one-she doesn't even trust herself to stay in one place for longer than a minute. When her quest to find out the secrets of her past leads her to the mountains of North Carolina, she's set on a collision course with the one man she thought she'd never see again.

In Appalachia consulting on an archeological dig, Anthropologist Dr. Drew Deveraux comes face to face with the indomitable beauty who broke into his apartment a year ago, tilting his carefully cultivated world on its axis.

Engaged in a fight with their demons, both imagined and real, the last thing either of them expected to find was love. Together, they must unravel the mystery of Raven's past and her connection with an ancient race of witches, in order to save their future-and all of the souls hanging in the balance.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Paperback

Excerpt from Blood in the Valley:

It had been just after midnight when she'd collapsed facedown on the surprisingly comfortable bed, dead to the world. It was close to three a. m. when she heard the first noise outside her door.

At first, it was a light thump followed by a muffled curse. Her eyes flew open, but she wrote it off as some drunk from the bar trying to find his room. She'd almost gone back to sleep when she heard a faint scraping sound, followed by the distinct turning of the handle.

Raven was instantly on alert but not overly worried, as no one else but Micah had a key to her room. Her whole body tensed as she heard the door pop open.

Her back was to it, so she couldn't see. Not her typical sleeping position-she never put her back to the door-but she'd crashed so quickly. She kept still, not wanting to let on that she was awake and lose the element of surprise.

She sent a low frequency energy wave rippling through the air. It would send back visual information as it bounced off the intruder, a lot like sonar. Not enough detail to discern identity, but enough to let her know what she was up against.

Extremely tall. Six-five, maybe six-six. Long, rangy build. Not a body builder type, but plenty of muscle to work with.

She watched the shimmering outline the energy wave sent to her neocortex. He didn't seem in too big of a hurry, and her internal warning system was not yet sensing a threat-other than the fact the guy had just broken into her room.

Raven perceived no immediate mortal danger so she decided to play dumb, let the guy think he'd caught her. Who the hell was it, anyway? Had The Watcher finally decided to show himself? Maybe he'd finally tell her what the fuck he wanted.

Footsteps echoed on the hardwood floor as the stranger walked over to the small writing desk. He grabbed hold of the spindly ladder-back chair that went with it, dragged it back to the door, and, presumably, sat down in it.

Hell, she hoped this guy didn't think he was being stealth. He did surprise her by suddenly flicking on the overhead lights. Her eyes had always adjusted quickly to changes in light, and tonight was no exception.

She sprang upright in the bed, clutched a hand to her chest, and blinked as if she'd been jolted awake. Playing the startled damsel in distress should buy her a little time to figure out what was up.

When she glanced toward the door, Raven saw that the tall guy had wedged the back of the chair up under the door knob and was sitting back with legs stretched out and arms crossed over his chest. The dirty leather cowboy hat was pulled down over his eyes and obscured most of his face.

She barely suppressed a snort when she realized he actually thought he had her trapped in there. Guy had no idea who he was dealing with. Putting just the right amount of shake in her voice, she spoke to him.

"Wh-who are you? What do you want?"

The man leaned forward to rest his elbows on his thighs, lowered his head, and pulled the hat off. After he raked a hand through messy ash-blonde hair, he looked at her and sneered. "Gotcha."

Raven gave him a hard stare. He was dressed differently, in a khaki work shirt and camo cargo pants, stuffed into steel-toe boots. All of it, including his skin, was covered in a fine layer of dirt.

The face was different. Harder, more world-weary than a year ago. But she recognized him. The good Dr. Deveraux had finally found her, and she never even knew he'd been looking. Touché. Well played, Doctor.

Raven dropped the act, seeing no point in it since he clearly knew who she was. With a toss of the covers, she threw her legs over the side of the bed and spun around to face him. She knew the jersey barely covered her lady bits, and she got a small sense of satisfaction watching his eyes zero in on the hem for just a moment before flicking back to her face.

So blue, she thought. Those eyes. A rich, sky blue. And that was enough of that. She could moon over hot guys when they weren't holding her hostage, however ineffectively.

She tilted her head and let a small smile play over her full lips, giving him what Ray had always called her curious bird look. "You got me. Now what are you going to do with me?"

As she watched his eyes dart around the room, it occurred to her that he hadn't thought this through any further than getting in the room. She decided to play along. For now. If she could get him talking, she might be able to get more information about what was in that book.

"Contrary to how it may look, Cliffdweller's isn't that kind of inn." That surprised a laugh out of him that had her fighting the urge to smile back.

Leaning back in the chair again, he crossed his legs, like he was settling in. "Why don't we start with your name."

With no reason to lie, she shrugged a deceptively delicate looking shoulder. "Raven."

"Raven...," he prompted, and urged her to continue with a wave of his hand.

"Just Raven. For now."

"Okay, Just Raven, why don't we start with why you're not the least bit scared of me, even though I broke into your room."

She flashed him a smile designed to distract, to seduce. "Come on, Doc, you're you're about as stealth as a bull in a china shop. I think the whole inn knew what you were up to."

One corner of his mouth tipped up in a half smile. "That bad, huh?" he said.

Raven noticed his voice slurred a little when he spoke. She narrowed her eyes at him. Bloody hell, was he drunk?

My Review of Blood in the Valley:

The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a free copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Ray Sabatier is a man that has had a rough life. He grew up with an abusive father and a psychotic step-mother. His father was never around when he was growing up. He was always out drinking and whoring, leaving Ray with his step-mother. Ray knew he couldn't stay there or he would end up dead. His dad would he up killing him from one of his beatings or Ray would kill himself. Ray left home and being on the road was harder than he thought it would be. He never had enough money but there was always drugs and booze. Ray started stealing, picking pickets, running scams to get the money he need for his next fix. Ray never wanted to have a family and especially not any kids that would grow up to be like him or have the life he had growing up. He was speechless when some lady showed up on his door step one day with his four year old daughter who had no name. Her mother died before she could give her a name. Ray named her Raven. Ray taught her what he knew about breaking and entering, stealing and not trust anyone not even him.

Drew is an anthropologist and professor at Tulane University. He is in Blowing Rock, North Carolina on an archaeological dig when he runs into Raven. He knows right away that she is the one who broke into his apartment last year. He remembers her so well because of her eyes and she has a good right hook. She almost knocked him out, he saw stars. Drew knows that she is a witch like Isla but he doesn't think she knows this. He knows he can't tell her a lot or he will scare her off. Drew calls his best friend Jere and tells him about Raven. Jere and his new wife Isla are now hunting people like Raven and trying to help them. Isla found out last year that she was a witch and a very powerful one at that. She knows what is like not knowing what you are and then finding out at the wrong time is like. Isla is a very sweet person and only wants to help people and do what is right.

Raven is having feelings for Drew that she has never had for anyone else in her life. Being taught by her father Ray to never trust anyone or let them in she is having problems with her feelings. She is very jealous of Drew. If a woman including Isla whom she knows is a very good friend of hers hugs Drew Raven gets very upset. She gets upset when Drew is upset. She doesn't know what or how to deal with these feelings she has never felt them before. In the past when she thought a guy was getting to close she would get on her bike and take off leaving the guy behind forever. Raven knows that Drew is not the type of guy that just plays around or would play with her feelings. But for some reason she can't run away this time.

Drew is having the same problems only somewhat in a different way or for different reasons. Drew can't stand to be away from Raven for any amount of time. And when he is with her he is always aware of her. She can arouse him just by looking at her or her looking at him. All she has to do is walk in the room and Drew goes off in lala land. Both of them are in love with each other and I think everyone knows it but them.

Jere and Isla from book #1 have arrived in the States to help Raven figure out whom or what she is and to teach her how to use her powers. Raven not ever trusting anyone is not sure about them but they are friends with Drew so that helps. But she can also feel Isla's energy and feels comfortable with her although she still doesn't trust her own feelings yet. Raven is afraid of getting hurt. Her father taught her this all her life. He taught her that everyone including himself will eventually end up hurting her and leaving. The only person she can ever count on is herself.

I love reading anything paranormal especially if witches are involved. I love reading about their magic and what they can do with their magic powers. Blood in the Valley's witches are kind of different than other witches that I have read about. But hey I loved that they were different. If you like a good book about witches, demons and hot dudes then Blood in the Valley would be just the book you need to read.

 photo FireontheIsland-JKHogan.jpg

Fire on the Island
J K Hogan
Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Date Published: 8/2/12

Synopsis of Fire on the Island:

"She who wields the mark is the barrier between man and monster. She is the daughter of gods, the mother of man, protector of all. Vigilati Usque Ad Mortem"

All Isla Macallen wanted was a simple existence on her little Scottish island, free from her mother's insanity and the prying eyes of neighbors. What she got was embroiled in a war for the souls of mankind. A war of good versus evil, of witches versus demons, and Isla learns that she alone can end it.

Dr. Jeremiah Rousseau was a self-proclaimed nomad, traveling the world researching paranormal phenomena. He doesn't expect his research to lead him to Scotland, and to the woman who will turn his world upside down.

Together with a facetious shapeshifting animal spirit guide, Jeremiah and Isla discover that she is part of an ancient bloodline bred to protect the gateways between the human world and the spirit world, to keep evil demons from destroying them. They must find the key to defeating Alastore, the demon king, and closing the gate before Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is lifted. Alastore does everything in his power to eliminate them but, unbeknownst to all of them, Isla is the only one with the ability to stop him for good.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Paperback | Smashwords

My Review of Fire on the Island:

The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a free copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Isla MacAllan loves her little island, the Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK. Isla's has her own little cabin that is surrounded by dense forest of trees. The tourist or anyone else couldn't see her place she lived in isolation she the way she preferred it. She moved to Arran about ten years ago from the city of Glasgow where she was born. She arrived on the island with nothing but twenty pounds and the clothes on her back. She got a job at the local pub in Brodick, she rented the one room flat on the floor above the pub. She also did odd jobs around the little village where she lived like taking care of people's lawns or walking their dogs.

One day Isla was working at one of her odd jobs, weeding in Mrs. Calahn's rose garden. It was a hot day in June she put her hair up in a loose knot when one of the islanders saw the mark on the back of her neck. It never crossed her mind to hide the mark. She had always had it and never gave it any thought; it was a part of her. One of the islanders saw it and he went and told someone and then that person went and told someone else. That is the way rumors get started, you tell one person something and they go and tell someone else only they tell it a little bit different than you did or maybe they add one little thing to it and then they go tell someone else and there you go by the time it gets around to everyone on the island they speculated and added to the story about what the mark means. That one little mark on the back of Isla's neck ended up causing people to talk about her behind her back and to shun her at the same time. In the beginning everybody loved and cared about her but one little mark cost her, her friends. Isla was the same person then as she was the day she moved to the island. The people on the island are the ones who changed not Isla and over a little mark. What does this show about these people? Isla didn't know how she got the mark. Isla was a small child when her father left her and her mother she was too young to understand besides her mother was an alcoholic who couldn't believe anything she said.

Dr. Jeremiah Rousseau earned his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, the focus of Jeremiah's studies and now his work was parapsychology—the study of paranormal phenomena. Currently he was a world renowned paranormal researcher and author.

The project that Jere is working on now is a particular sect of witches called the Bruixi. Most people when they thought about witches the Salem witch trials is what came to their minds. Jere found out in his research that this group of witches pre-dates the Roman Empire. As far as Jere could tell the Bruixi was the oldest sect of witches known in history. Jere is trying to prove that the Bruixi witches do indeed exists.

Jere's friend and editor, Ian Scott calls him and tells him he needs a vacation. Jere tells him no he don't he is almost through with the job he is on and will be home soon. This is not true he is already through with the job he is just taking some quite time to do some research on the Bruixi witches which his editor doesn't approve of.

But then Jere has a light bulb moment and thinks maybe he is right I do need a vacation and he knows just the place, the Isle of Arran. He has come across a woman living there by the name of Isla MacAllan and needs to pay her a visit to find more info on his research.

Isla owns a company that does tours, kayaking and hiking. She doesn't like everyone knowing that she is the owner.

Here is a quote from Fire on the Island that I just loved. Isla was talking to some of her customers that she was taking on a hiking tour. You could use this for a lot of different things which is cool but Isla was telling them not litter or steal and trying to save their lives. You would think that adults would already know this. I know Isla and the other tour guides had ran into this problem before or she would probably not have thought to tell them this.

"Lastly, remember the hiker's code: 'Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.' And don't touch anything that looks poisonous!"

I just love Isla's best friend and partner, Callum he seems like the happiest person alive. He has such a great attitude I mean it's like when he walks in the room the whole atmosphere just changes. He is like a breath of fresh air. I love how he tries to take care of Isla and not wanting her to be alone. He is very happy himself with his boyfriend Jack and wants Isla to be happy too. I like how he just kind of threw Jere on her by throwing in a free hiking trip for Jere with Isla leading the tour when he rented his cabin to Jere.

Isla decides to do a little investigatingon her own. She goes on the internet and types in Jere's name and what you know that is old Jere right there on Wikipedia. She learns not only is he a psychologist but he is a parapsychologist. She believes that he lied to her about being on vacation that he is really there because he heard the rumors that there may be a witch living on the island. This little bit of info has Isla upset she thought she had finally found someone she might could come to trust. I think she is hurt probably more that she is admitting. I believe that Isla has already fallen in love with Jere and he with her.

Isla is finding out that she is a witch from the Bruixi and that she has powers inside of her. She has to learn how to use these powers real quick like or she and everyone else will die. People are starting go missing and chief of police wants Isla in on the search for them even if no one else does. He doesn't care about what they say about her all he cares about is finding the ones who are missing. With Isla's life in danger Jere will not let her out of his sight. Where Isla goes Jere goes. Isla has rocked his world like no other has ever been able to do. I think he has rocked her world too only she is not ready for it just yet.

I loved Fire on the Island!! It is one the best books ever! I loved Isla, Jere, Marduk and all of the characters especially Callum he is one cool dude. It would be so cool to find out that Callum was a witch like Isla well men are not called witches they are called wizard. But it would be cool if a man could be a praeda, like Isla and Jack is/was his soulmate.

J.K. Hogan

Author Bio:

Author photo JKHogan.jpg

J.K. Hogan has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, beginning with writing cast lists and storylines for her toys growing up. When she finally decided to put pen to paper, magic happened. She is greatly inspired by all kinds of music and often creates a "soundtrack" for her stories as she writes them.

J.K. resides in North Carolina, where she was born and raised. A true southern girl at heart, she lives on a farm with her husband and young son, a cat, and two champion agility dogs. If she isn't on the agility field, J.K. can often be found chasing waterfalls in the mountains with her husband, or down in front at a blues concert. In addition to writing, she enjoys training and competing in dog sports, spending time with her large southern family, camping, boating and, of course, reading!

J.K. Hogan is a member of The Romance Writers of America.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Promotional Tour: The Equation By James Tarrantin

The Equation

by James Tarrantin

Genre: Action/Adventure, Spirituality, Personal Growth & Inspiration
Publisher: Tarantin Ent.
Release Date: November 22, 2012

Book Description:

The Legendary Larry King writes "The Equation is a Cross-Cultural Odyssey, an asset that will inspire in people the science of accomplishment."

The Equation Book tells a true, cross-cultural saga that spans over 58 Years and explores exciting adventures on 4 continents.

The Story of a young lad named Omer, born to a wealthy family and shackled on an island of battling hierarchies.

The youth leaves his home, and meets great dangers and tragedies as he seeks to discover Time's Silent Secret.

At the turn of the Millennium, the mission was to track historic clues and discover an Equation that was lost through the times … hidden in the margins. An Equation that whoever finds it will be Transformed. And with its 4 Rings of Power … design destiny.

A Revolution is inspired! Time Stops!

Will the lad transform or bite from the forbidden power and be carried to the brink of Death?

Excerpt One:

Over 13 billion years ago ...when the universe sparked to life ... the spiritual Big Bang accelerated fluctuations of light that swept the void of space with galaxies and dark energy.
Within this creation, a promise was made. In its heart lies the greatest light. The watchmaker watched the creation, as the universe was endowed with the freedom to move on its own.

One infinite garden, yet many trees of life. One humanity, yet many stories. This book is a small story from the inner light: a story that shall explore the Physical World and the Spiritual World. The body of the story shall embark upon exotic adventures across the lands of Planet Earth: from the continent of Asia to the continent of Europe, and from the ancient civilizations of the Middle East to the continent of America.

The mind of the story will travel from a little roof to the vastness of the stars, from the fires of the valleys to spiritual summits, from War to Peace, and from the sorrows of a heart to the pursuit of a dream.

There is a treasure. Yes! There is a treasure. A treasure that had been lost for millennia, hidden in the margins of History. A force beyond Time and Space - the source of all innovations. The myth tells that whoever discovers this treasure shall be bestowed 4 Rings of PowerThe Fountain of Youth - Water, Designing Destinies - Wind, The Moment - Earth, and Cosmic Energy - Fire. So let us light the torch of the future and sail towards the unseen!

An exchange of energy always occurs among all living things. Within this circle, within this network of energy ... a small family once lived. But in order for the family to be here today, past generations decided to design the sands of time.
With no fuel or oil, every day, 7 days a week, Planet Earth orbits the sun. Every dawn, when the morning star shines high above, a new hope is born. A long time ago, in a far away holy land, on one of these mornings, an old man named Mati decided to transform.

About The Author:

"I believe that success is indivisible; the success of anyone anywhere is the success of all of us everywhere."

James Tarantin is a Philosopher, Game Architect, Author, the Executive Chairman of Tarantin Ent LLC and the Creator of 4=T²D².

An American Citizen who immigrated to the United States alone with no family, money or any formal education … as a Philosopher, James studied  5 Chief avenues; The Mind, Pragmatism & Enterprises, Morality, Metaphysics and Aesthetics.  These avenues are explored in his written works, such as The Equation.

After several months of deep research and traveling to Rome, James saw the Equation in a dream at age 16. From 9/22/10 - 12/25/10 he handwrote the entire book.

James believes that each person is just around the corner at accomplishing their mountain top. And though he was a poor young man at the time, James was the first immigrant to America, and one of the youngest spiritual thinkers in history, to write a memoir at the age of 25, in a language that isn't his mother tongue and with no training in writing whatsoever. The first memoir to present a new philosophical theory and explores a rich array of issues: Family Life, History, Mystical Science, Philosophy, Human Evolution, Personal Success, Enterprises, Spirituality, Beauty, The Universe and Cultures on 4 Continents.

At the age of 22, the legendary broadcaster Larry King took James under his wing, and he founded Tarantin Ent LLC … A company to be structured after a 50 page model that includes international business classes, classified strategy science, culture and values, and long-term Life-Cycle vision.

As the company's Executive Chairman, James has 5 responsibilities: Content Creation, Global Strategy, Legislation, Balancing the Budget, and Transparency.

Before the age of 26, with fierce belief, James created, almost single-handedly: complete screen manuscripts, a library of stories, animated superheroes, a trading card game, the mobile game design script, a technical design document, goods and services, distribution channels, and the platform for a new social network.

"You go anywhere in the world, from The Big Apple to Paris and from Brazil to Berlin … the borderline between success and failure is blurred. In this new century, people want something fundamentally different."

"The Equation is the answer spoken by the hearts of young and old, rich and poor."

Release Event Blast: Reclaim My Heart By Donna Fasano

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Title: Reclaim My Heart

Author: Donna Fasano

Format: Paperback and eBook

Publisher: Hard Knocks Books

ISBN: 978-1939000200

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Purchase Now: Amazon /Amazon Paperback / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

About the Book:

Sixteen years ago, Tyne Whitlock cut all ties to her past and left town under the shameful shadow of a teenage pregnancy. Now her fifteen-year-old son is in trouble with the law and she is desperate for help. But reaching out to high-powered attorney Lucas Silver Hawk will tear open the heart-wrenching past in ways Tyne never imagined.

Forced to return to the Delaware Indian community where Lucas was raised, Tyne and Lucas are tempted by the heated passion that consumed them as teens. Tyne rediscovers all the reasons she found this man irresistible, but there are scandalous secrets waiting to be revealed, disgraceful choices made in the past that cannot be denied. Love is a powerful force that could heal them both-if the truth doesn't rip them apart.

Excerpt 3 of Reclaim My Heart

From Chapter Ten

Tyne looked out the car window at the lush, green trees flanking the narrow country road.

"You know," she said, "I've been so focused today that I haven't thought about Zach. I wonder what he's doing."

Lucas glanced at the clock on the dashboard. "He's probably cleaning the fish they caught. Or stacking the firewood he collected." He grinned. "Or sitting in a hole trying to figure out how to get out."

"What?" She couldn't tell if he was serious or if he was teasing her. "What are you talking about?"

"Uncle Jasper put me in a hole once."

Tyne couldn't believe her ears. "Lucas. Come on. Don't tease me."

"I'm serious." He lifted one hand off the steering wheel. "First, he made me dig the hole. I spent a whole day with a shovel in my hands. 'Deeper,' he kept saying. 'Deeper.' And he made me go to sleep next to it that night not knowing what the danged thing was for. 'That is for tomorrow,' was all he'd tell me before sliding into his sleeping bag."

Lucas's smile never faltered. "The next morning he told me to jump down into the hole. Which I did, no questions asked. He told me I could have breakfast as soon as I'd climbed out, and then he walked away."

She was quiet, her mind taken up with the idea of Zach out in the woods with Jasper… maybe standing in a hole he'd been forced to dig.

"Nearly three hours later and I was still standing there. Filthy from trying to scale the walls, frustrated as hell that I couldn't."

"Your tone is telling me this is a good memory," she said, "but for the life of me, I don't understand."

He laughed. "Neither did I. And that was precisely the point of why I was in the hole for hours."

She frowned.

"Little did I know, but my uncle was busy in the night. While I slept, he'd angled the sides of the hole so the opening was smaller than the base. It would have been impossible for me to climb out. It'll be impossible for Zach to climb out too."

"Lucas! You are not making me feel any better. Get to the good part, please."

"I just hope he figures it out quicker than I did," Lucas continued easily. "You see, many of those camping tasks will emphasize independence. They're about learning self-reliance. But the hole? The hole is designed to make a man realize there are times when he can't go it alone. He needs others."

Tyne nestled into the seat, crossing her arms tightly over her chest. "My son's out in the woods somewhere, digging a hole," she muttered. Her tone lowered. "Trapped in a hole." She heaved a sigh and shook her head. "Wonderful."

Author Q&A:

What attracted you to writing in the first place?

I came to writing from my love of reading. While growing up, I lost myself in books in order to escape an unhappy childhood.

What genre are you most comfortable writing?

Romance. I wrote for Harlequin for 20 years, writing sweet romance (as Donna Clayton) and women's fiction/contemporary romance (under my own name). I have self-published some of my back-list Harlequin books. The Merry-Go-Round was never published by a traditional publisher, so I guess that would be my first indie-published book. Reclaim My Heart is the second of my front-list indie-published titles.

How has your upbringing influenced your writing?

I think authors who face a lot of pain and anguish seem to write stories with great depth, with honesty and compassion. It could be that dealing with trauma brings out the best (or worst) in people. I believe that losing my mother at such a young age had a huge impact on me not just as a writer but as a human being. I became, I don't know, more maternal towards my family, my friends, heck, towards everyone I meet... more giving of myself. I'm not sure. But I know that the loss could have made me bitter and angry. I'm just so grateful that the exact opposite seems to describe me.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

My mind is always on the alert. I take ideas from everything I see, hear, read, experience. I have been known to take a snippet of conversation overheard in an elevator and turn it into a book (Return of the Runaway Bride), or from a location (His Wife for a While), or from a person I met (Taking Love in Stride). So be careful! If you interact with me, you might end up in one of my novels.

What's your favorite place in the entire world?

I have visited so many beautiful places. The South of France, the rolling mountains of Italy, the Mediterranean Sea, the cobbled streets of Brussels, the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, beautiful Morro Bay, California, and I spend lots of time in Ocean City, Maryland. I obviously can't pick a favorite. Besides, there are so many places waiting to be seen!

What was your favorite part of this book to write? Which part was the hardest?

I really enjoyed writing the love scenes. In my sweet romances, all the 'spice' takes place behind closed doors. So this was very fun. And which part was hardest? The "kitchen love scene" (naughty pun intended!).

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?

I wanted to be a teacher. My aunt attended college and earned her teaching degree. I always idolized her.

If you couldn't be an author, what would your ideal career be?

Teacher. I love kids, and I often include them in my stories. I always say that children are very honest and outspoken. Kids inject a great deal of fun into a book.

If you could live inside the world of a book, which book would you choose?

Pride and Prejudice. Love that Mr. Darcy!

Give your fans three fun facts that they may not already know about you.

I love to cook! (I often post recipes on my blog.)

My reading tastes are crazy-eclectic. I read anything and everything.

I'm a little on the chubby side.

Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

Depends. If we're talking ice cream, then vanilla… and I love mine topped with sliced banana and warm caramel sauce. If we're talking cake, then chocolate, and don't forget the fudge frosting. If we're talking milkshakes, then strawberry. Wow, now I'm hungry.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

I put my heart and soul into this Reclaim My Heart, and I think it shows… in the characters and in the story.

So what's next for you as an author? Any last words?

I'm thinking of writing a book that revolves around three friends in different stages of marriage, but I'm not sure yet. I've worked very hard on Reclaim My Heart and I'm going to take a few days off. Then I'll get back to work!

I want to thank you for hosting me, and I want to thank your followers for taking the time to read about Reclaim My Heart.

About the Author:

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Donna Fasano is a three time winner of the HOLT Medallion, a CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award winner for Best Single Title, a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award finalist, and a Golden Heart finalist. Her books have sold over 3.6 million copies worldwide and have been published in nearly two dozen languages. Her books have made the Kindle Top 100 Paid List numerous times, climbing as high as #17.

What others are saying about Donna's books:

"...complex, funny, and realistic..." ~Wilmington News Journal


"Could not help myself from reading excerpts to my husband and friends. This book is well written, the characters are real, everyday folks. It is very easy to identify with them. Donna Fasano is a talented author." ~Elizabeth M. Caldwell on Amazon

"...a fast paced riotous look at family life today. Donna Fasano is right on target!" ~Donna Zapf,

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