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#Spotlight: STEALING HIS HEART BY ELLA JADE @ellajade1 @Shades_of_Rose

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Genre: Romance

Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love?

Shy music teacher Sophia Ballis has sworn off men. After a bad experience with a college jock she decided it was better to be alone than to get burned again. She focused on her education and now her new job at a local private school.

Professional baseball pitcher Paxton Hughes is a player both on and off the field. He's signed to the Kingston Crushers to bring home the coveted championship title. Nothing can get in his way. Serious relationships don't mix with a life on the road and he never loses focus on the game. One-night stands are his specialty for a reason.

While out jogging one spring morning, the two collide, setting their course in motion. Pax is immediately drawn to the unassuming beauty. Sophia is aware of his reputation and decides one night of meaningless sex with the attractive Texas charmer is just what she needs to get over her self-imposed dry spell. Pax has more than a one-night stand on his mind, but will his bad-boy persona and demanding schedule ruin any chances of a happily ever after?

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content


"Can I walk you to your car?" Pax asked.

"Thank you." Sophia got up from the table and took his hand. "I'm parked right out front."

He led her across the dance floor, waving to the few people who were left, and then out to the parking lot.

"It's that one." She pointed to her beat-up car, the one she'd bought her freshman year of college. It was used then but it still managed to get her where she needed to go. "Probably not as nice as what you drive."

He leaned her against the car and wrapped his arms around her waist. Her heart pounded hard against her chest, strumming loud between her ears. She could smell the beer that lingered on his breath. His hazel eyes narrowed as he swiped the tip of his tongue along his top lip before tilting his head.

"I have a feeling I'm going be seeing you in my dreams tonight."He sighed as he brought his mouth to hers. "Give me something to remember these next few days."

She nodded as she placed her hands on his broad shoulders and guided him to her, closing any space between them. When his warm lips touched hers, she thought she would explode. A burn coursed through her and settled between her legs. The mild tingling she'd experienced when they danced was nothing compared to the intensity she felt now.

As he deepened the kiss, his tongue massaged hers. Increasing his hold on her hips, he pinned her between the car and his massive thighs. She tightened her grip on him when his erection grazed her center. Every nerve ending in her begged to be satiated. The ache inside her stomach moved lower until the dampness invaded her panties. Her nipples poked against the thin material of her silk bra.

When she moaned into his mouth, he placed one last kiss on her lips before pulling away. He looked at her for a moment, pressing his forehead to hers as he stuttered a few words.

"That was…well, I've never…" He ran his fingers through his hair. "You have me tongue-tied, sugar. That doesn't happen often."

Now she wanted to know what else he could do with that tongue. "You best get in that car and drive away before I…"

She'd never wanted to have a one-night stand more than she did at that very moment. Maggie had said if there was ever a guy to have one with, Pax would be the one. He was a no-strings-attached player. Why hadn't he asked her to go home with him?

"Be safe driving home." He reached for the handle and opened her door. "You have some sweet dreams. I know I sure will."

Sleep? That was the last thing on her mind.

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About the Author:

Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can't be stopped.

Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two young boys. When she's not chasing after her kids, she's busy writing, attending PTO meetings, kickboxing, and scrapbooking. She hopes you'll get lost in her words.

Author Links: Site Facebook Author Page Twitter


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Blog Tour: Lie by Night By Cathy Marlowe @Cathy_Marlowe @entangledpub @pumpupyourbook #Giveaway

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Lie by Night
By Cathy Marlowe
Release Date: 3/24/14
Genre: Romantic Suspense


When Emma Bailey's brother disappears, leaving her in possession of dangerous information, there's no one she can turn to for help. Her desperate search for her brother leads her to a remote island where she discovers the one man who can help her is a man she can't trust.

Cole Stevens is on a mission to bring down the drug mastermind who threatens to destroy the lives of his family. His plans take an unexpected turn when Emma runs head first into his investigation. Not only is she a danger to his heart, but her brother is one of his key suspects.

Cole and Emma reluctantly join forces to unravel a web of deceit that reaches deeper into their lives than either had imagined. As the lies unravel they will be forced to choose between fear of betrayal and their willingness to put their emotions on the line in order to save the people they love.

Goodreads Amazon Barnes & Noble EP

Author Bio:

Cathy lives in Missouri with a huge chocolate lab whose crazy antics occasionally appear in her books. She's blessed with a supportive husband and three wonderful children. When not writing, she coaches soccer and works to create a safe world for children. She loves dark chocolate mint M&Ms accompanied by a steaming mug of coffee, and smart stories that touch the heart while making you laugh, cry and stay up all night turning pages.

When her children were young, she wrote stories for them. Her daughter encouraged her to pursue publication, presenting her with a card that read "God is cheering for you and so am I." This sign of support has been a source of inspiration for her throughout her writing career.

She believes in the power of each of us to change the world, by word and by deed, in big ways and small.

Her first published novel, Lie by Night, was a winner in the Entangled Smackdown Competition held during National Novel Writer's Month. A romantic thriller, Lie by Night will be available in March 2014.

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Cover Reveal: Aqua By M.A. George @ProximityAuth @GHBTours

By M.A. George
Genre- YA Paranormal 
Expected Publication Date- April 16th, 2014 

Meet Layla McKelland: 
Novelist (unpublished, but cut her some slack…seventeen is a bit early to despair), 
Slightly neurotic introvert (Alright, let's be honest…there's no "slightly" about it), 
International Woman of Mystery, and…
Okay, just scratch the bio.

The only real "mystery" in Layla's life is why her father has never been on the scene. Or why her mother drags Layla to a new coastal home every year. 

Nothing about the latest hometown seems too newsworthy…until a routine day at the beach leaves Layla questioning whether she's read one too many paranormal fantasy novels. The plot thickens when a random guy claims to know things about her father-a bizarre claim he backs up with an equally impossible stunt. And Layla soon finds herself on the wrong side of a mysterious attempted drowning…on her own kitchen floor.

When all is done, Layla will attest that fact is far stranger than fiction. And nothing in real life is ever as transparent as it seems…Not even water.

Especially not water.

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Week Blitz: Summoned By Rainy Kaye @rainyofthedark @RABTBookTours

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Summoned - Week Blitz
By Rainy Kaye
Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 3/28/2014

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Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told-literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.

Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd-assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd-he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can't tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn't the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl's ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming-the wish that will destroy him.

Summoned is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.


I dislike having to murder someone. Kidnapping is worse. At least when I setup a kill, I know what's coming. No connections, no honesty, no surprises. Everything I say and do are just steps to luring in my victim. Once the victim falls right into the trap, the next move is swift: crushed windpipe, fatal concussion, or a good ol' fashioned headshot.

            Kidnapping, on the other hand, is a little trickier. First, the victim has an opportunity to respond. I don't like this. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they manage to alert the authorities. And sometimes they escape, usually by inflicting bodily harm on me.

            Dead people don't retaliate. Kidnapped ones, well, they're a little more . . . lively.

            The second major difference between killing and kidnapping is my conscience. I get in and out with a kill. We have no chance to bond.

            Abductees require a little more one-on-one. As much as I try to keep the switch turned off, I can't help but listen to their pleas and demands. And I usually realize I'm a jerk.

            That's exactly where I find myself one late afternoon in June. I prefer doing this at night, but moreover, I would prefer not doing this at all.

            Instead, I have a belligerent nine year old girl sitting in the passenger seat of my Honda Accord, shackles on her wrists and ankles and a small stuffed bunny on her lap. She's eying me in a way that makes me self-conscious. Like I'm the bad guy.

            Probably because I am the bad guy.

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Spotlight: Rewound By D.T. Dyllin @DTDyllin @GHBTours

By- D.T. Dyllin
Genre- New Adult Romance  

Dezdamona Kabinosh is on a mission-a mission of love. And she traveled back in her own timeline to complete it. After being betrayed by her husband she's seeking a second chance at love, and Dez has come up with the perfect plan. 

One problem though… Jaxson Kabinosh, her future husband, has also traveled back in time and he's determined to keep Dez for himself. Who will win the ultimate battle for Dez's heart? Jaxson, or her possible rebound guy?


Rewound is ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!! 
March 24th- 26th ONLY 99 CENTS
March 27th- 29th ONLY $1.99
Back to normal price of $2.99 on March 30th

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Book Tour: Milk Fever By Lissa M. Cowan @lissacowan @VBTCafe #Giveaway

Title: Milk Fever
Author Name: Lissa M. Cowan

Author Bio: 

Lissa M. Cowan is the author of Milk Fever and founder of Writing the Body. She speaks and writes about storytelling, creativity, work-life balance and creative spirituality. She is a Huffington Post blogger and writes regularly for Canadian and U.S. magazines and newspapers. 
She is co-translator of Words that Walk in the Night by Pierre Morency, one of Québec's most honoured poets. She has been writing and telling stories in one form or another since she was six years old and has received awards for her writing from the University of Victoria's Writing Department and from The Banff Centre. She is an alumna of The Banff Centre and The Victoria School of Writing. She has had some wonderfully talented teachers along the way such as Nino Ricci, Jane Rule and Daphne Marlatt who have helped her hone her writing craft.
Lissa believes that inspiration for writing can come from anywhere and that lifelong creativity begins by cultivating a deep awareness of ourselves, and the world around us. She coaches her students to develop the skills to tune in-rather than wait for the muse-and to trust their intuition. She believes that true creative work begins with a loving relationship to self and spreads outwards to encompass all living beings.
When she's not writing or teaching, you can most likely find her in a cafe working on one of her stories or book ideas. She just started work on a creative non-fiction book, though it's too early right now to spill the beans on that one!
She holds a Master of Arts degree in English Studies from l'Université de Montréal and lives in Toronto, Canada.

Author Links - 



Book Genre: Historical fiction, literary suspense
Publisher: Demeter Press
Release Date: October 18, 2013

Book Description:

What if the only person you ever loved suddenly disappeared without a trace?
In 1789, Armande, a wet nurse who is known for the mystical qualities of her breast milk, goes missing from her mountain village.
Céleste, a cunning servant girl who Armande once saved from shame and starvation, sets out to find her. A snuffbox found in the snow, the unexpected arrival of a gentleman and the discovery of the wet nurse's diary, deepen the mystery. Using Armande's diary as a map to her secret past, Céleste fights to save her from those plotting to steal the wisdom of her milk.
Milk Fever is a rich and inspired tale set on the eve of the French Revolution-a delicious peek into this age's history. The story explores the fight for women's rights and the rise in clandestine literature laying bare sexuality, the nature of love and the magic of books to transform lives.


Armande handed me a book that felt clumsy and stiff in my hands.
I pressed it with all the strength I could bring to bear. She said the
pages of books were made from cotton and linen rags stamped into
pulp, then pressed into paper and hung to dry. I laughed at her for
telling such a lie because I thought maybe she was just like my father
who told tall tales to make me behave. Rows and rows of lines she
called words looked odd to me. Many times I searched hard within
every letter, every sound to find meaning. The letters cut my tongue
as thorns on a rose bush, each one sticking to me. I could not speak
the next letter until the one before it came unstuck. Soon after the
word was finally spoken, my lazy tongue quit my mouth.
Months later, the wet nurse asked me to read a passage aloud.
The first line was, Bodies gliding on morning's cloak of dew, lit up
as iridescent insect wings they flew. When I came to the word iridescent,
Armande said to say it slowly, one letter at a time. She told
me it was from the word iris for the flower, and escent for colours
of the rainbow that change as a dragonfly in the sun. Finally, when
my tongue began working with me and worrying less, she asked me
to say other words like deliquescent, effervescence, and florescence.
These newfound words were as rare gems dug up by the wet nurse
solely for me. She wrote them out with big stokes that filled a whole
page. I rubbed my eyes to make the words go away, yet they only
stayed there waiting for me to say them.
In the days and months that followed, I learned to read and write
well, and I learned first-hand about the miraculous effects of Armande's
milk on babies. Before, I was a mere servant watching from afar as the
wet nurse suckled. Then I was part of her life, holding and changing
babies, burping them, and rocking them to sleep. Armande cared for
three babies during this period yet not all at once. She would also tend
to others from time to time, reassuring worried mothers in soothing
tones as gentle and sweet as the milk itself. First there was Jacques
who she still cared for. His mother died in childbirth and Armande
stepped up to nurse him without a thought about payment. Caroline
came after, then Héloïse. The first time I watched from up close as
Jacques drank her milk was in the drawing room.
Armande was on her favourite oak chair with the sagging blue leather
seat and worn arms while I sat on the sofa. Suddenly Jacques stopped sucking,
then gazed at me knowingly, his eyes full of light. In that instant, a slim ray
of sun gleamed through a crack, lighting up the darkness inside me.
My hands shook. Sweat ran down my cheeks and the back of my neck.
Just as she said her father sometimes described it, we were entering a new
age driven by light. And I, a peasant girl whose father and mother never
held a book, would be there to witness the change.

Author Interview
What inspired you to write Milk Fever?

I became inspired when reading about the importance of wet nursing in 18th century France, that it was an industry at that time just like porcelain or textiles. I became fascinated by the idea that a woman would hand over her child for up to two years to be nursed by a stranger, and I was also enchanted by the belief at the time that the thoughts of the nurse or mother became impressed upon the child. I thought, what if this were true and the wet nurse read poetry and philosophy. Would the children become smart and wise beyond their years?

When or at what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I was about seven years old when I figured it out. I'd won a writing contest and had received lots of praise so I pretty much continued from then on.

What is the earliest age you remember reading your first book?

I don't exactly remember reading my first book, although I do remember my mother buying me lots of books and for the longest time, I couldn't read them. One day I was feeding lunch to my dolls and I ripped out pages from my books, tearing them up into pieces. Then I put them in bowls so my dolls could eat. Needless to say my mother was furious. I never did that again.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading suspense, historical, contemporary and literary fiction. I like a good plot twist and really enjoy being taken on a journey. I want to learn things I didn't know before and be transported to another time and place.

What is your favorite book?

I have lots of favorite books yet perhaps my all-time favorite is Italo Calvino's Baron in the Trees. This Italian author lived in the 20th century, is considered a fabulist or neo-realist writer. Funnily enough his book takes place in the 18th century and involves a boy from a noble family who decides to live in the trees for the rest of his life and read books. Well, I thought this would be ideal of course! The other funny coincidence (or not) is that my novel talks a lot about books and reading, and celebrates, really, the joy of cracking open a book and becoming part of a story.

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

My favorite author is Italo Calvino. I love how sparing he is with his prose, yet he's also poetic. I like his sense of humor and how his stories get me imagining all on my own. He plants the seed and the reader does the rest. It's a true gift to be able to do that.

If you could travel back in time here on earth to any place or time. Where would you go and why?

I would probably go to the 1920s. I love the fashions, the music and spirit of the time. I would love to dance the Charleston and the Foxtrot, and drink champagne from tall glasses.

When writing a book do you find that writing comes easy for you or is it a difficult task?

Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes it doesn't. If I start writing early in the morning then it usually doesn't take long before I'm in the flow. In the afternoon I usually have to force more.

Do you have any little fuzzy friends? Like a dog or a cat? Or any pets?

No, not now. I've had cats most of my adult life and think they're the best pet to have for a writer. I'm taking a cat break right now.

What is your "to die for", favorite food/foods to eat?

I love fresh french-fries; there's nothing like fried food really. I also love Indian food and Japanese. I could probably eat sushi every day.

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

Keep at it. Don't stop. Even when you feel you're not getting anywhere. It's important to just show up at your writing desk and see what comes. Don't wait for the muse; if you start writing she'll eventually arrive. And don't take no for an answer.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Summoned By Rainy Kaye @rainyofthedark @GHBTours

By- Rainy Kaye
Publication Date- March 28th, 2014
Genre-New Adult Paranormal

Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told-literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.
Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd-assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd-he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can't tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn't the type to tolerate secrets.
Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl's ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming-the wish that will destroy him.
Summoned is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.


Review + Interview: Dark Side of Sunset By Michael Allan Scott @MAllanScott @VBTCafe #Giveaway

Title: Dark Side of Sunset Pointe - a Lance Underphal Mystery
Author Name: Michael Allan Scott

Author Bio:

Born and raised at the edge of the high desert in Kingman, Arizona, Michael Allan Scott resides in Scottsdale with his wife, Cynthia and their hundred-pound Doberman, Otto. In addition to writing mysteries and speculative fiction, his interests include music, photography, art, scuba diving and auto racing. For the latest, please visit Website

Author Links -

Book Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Release Date: 11/19/12
Buy Link(s):

Book Description:
A contemporary mystery/thriller-a paranormal mystery, to be more precise. For mystery fans, it twists and turns like a dragon kite in a high wind. Mystery connoisseurs, beware. The Lance Underphal Mystery series will keep you guessing . . .
Lance Underphal was devastated by his wife's death, and now, the down-and-out crime-scene photographer can't let her go. He wakes up plagued by premonitions. The double shooting of an Arizona real estate developer and his mistress/bookkeeper immerse Underphal in a world of incomprehensible phenomena.

Frank Salmon, the homicide detective on the case, does his best to blow off Underphal's "visions." But the murders keep piling up and the visions are all too real.

Salmon pursues Underphal's clues from a popular strip club to a failing community bank, adding a blackmailing stripper to the body count.

Underphal struggles mightily with his psychic curse, teetering on the brink of insanity. His only hope for redemption is the voice in his head, the voice of his dead wife. Stumbling through dark vortexes of murderous intrigue, he comes to realize his visions will either kill him or lead to the capture of a killer-maybe more than one.


A blazing sun still high above Phoenix's western horizon. One hundred nine degrees in the shade. Those with the wherewithal and accumulated vacation time have fled north to the cool pines or west to the balmy California coast weeks ago. Only the dregs of humanity, conscripted company workers and hardcore entrepreneurs are left to bake in the Valley of the Sun's August heat. Yet beneath the surface layer of superheated atmosphere and social veneers there is another, more subliminal furnace raging-its fumes stoking the fires of Hell.
Just off the intersection of Greenway and Tatum a white stucco box of an office building squats under a clay tile roof, heat rising off the reddish tiles in shimmering sheets. Mounted on the wrought-iron entry gate, the building directory announces the tenants: Suite 101 - Whiting Realty & Development. The office is closed for the day yet the overburdened air conditioning units grind away, sheltering the last remaining occupant from the sweltering heat.
Bloodshot eyes stare at a spreadsheet, the monitor's image glares with the harsh reality. Too many negative numbers expose an ugly truth. Anxiously perched on the edge of his high-backed leather executive chair, Gary Whiting waits with the phone to his ear. Dreading the final ring, Whiting lets it go to voicemail, again. He needs to talk to his partner, Rodriguez. He loosens the knot in his power tie and hangs up. This time, without leaving a message.
The four Excedrin have knocked his headache down to a dull throbbing at the base of his skull, but his eyes still ache. He's been crunching numbers for their Sunset Pointe development project, staring at the monitor all damn day. He rubs at the knots in his stomach through his rumpled white dress shirt, thinking maybe he should eat or maybe he should just shoot himself. He taps the return key with a jittery thumb, hitting it too many times, trying to put the numbers out of his mind. His pulse pounds in his temples. Shit! Got to get ahold of that asshole, Rodriguez.
Whiting runs a trembling hand through thinning hair, his scalp hot and moist. They've got to do something about these numbers. Short stubble on raw cheeks twitches as he anxiously works his jaws. They could lose the whole damn project. Thirty million! He can't believe it, he's bet everything on this project. And with the hard-money loan, they've got a bigger nut than ever. Shit! Those hard-money bastards, they're Rodriguez's contacts. Of course they had to have the money to finish-all the construction cost overruns. Fucking Rodriguez. His fingers manically drum on the hardwood desktop, their nails ragged, bitten to the quick. They're in way too deep to quit now.
Chewing his bottom lip, Whiting redials Rodriguez's cell.
"Damn Gary, whaddaya want?" Rodriguez sounds out of breath, frustrated.
"Mike, we need to go over some numbers. Ya got a minute?"
Rodriguez gives a short chuckle then lowers his voice. "I'm kinda in the middle of somethin'."
"Yeah, but . . ." Gary hears a thump, then a woman's muffled words. "Hey, are you at the office? Who's with you?"
"Yeah, like I said, we're kinda in the middle of somethin' here."
Whiting hears giggling in the background.
"Stop that," Rodriguez says to Diane. To Gary, he says, "Diane's never done it on the desk before."
Whiting can almost hear Rodriguez's leering grin.
In the background Diane laughs. "Do I get overtime for this?"
Now they're both laughing.
"Damn . . . Mike, you guys . . . in the office?"
"Hey, don't sweat it. It's almost seven, no one's around, yard gates are locked, lights are off. No one's gonna know."
Whiting hears Diane coo . . . more giggling.
Rodriguez speaks closer into the phone. "That is, as long as you keep your mouth shut."
"Hey, no problem. I don't care what you do with Diane. She's your bookkeeper."
Diane lets out a short yelp. "What was that?"
"Shit," whispers Rodriguez. "Shit."
"Mike, what's going on?"
"Hold on, I think someone's here."
Whiting hears grunting, rustling, probably scrambling for clothes, the metallic snap of window blinds.
"Who's that?" says Rodriguez under his breath. "Get your panties on."
Whiting hears Diane whine. "I'm trying."
He hears Rodriguez whispering to himself. "Who is that? Is that . . ? I'll get that bastard."
"Gary, hold on, I gotta take a picture with this thing, hold on."
"Okay." Whiting hears the blinds clacking.
He hears Rodriguez talking to himself. "Damn, it's dark . . . but I think I got 'em."
"Mike . . . Mike?"
"Yeah, I'm back, hold on. Gotta check this out."
Whiting clutches the phone in a sweaty hand, pressed hard against his ear. He hears a loud bang. A door slamming the wall? Too weird. He needs a Valium.
Diane screams.
"You, you asshole!" yells Rodriguez. "What the fuck do you want!?!"
Whiting hears POP, POP! Screeching, a low grunt, loud thumps . . . POP, POP, POP! "Uh, uh, uh . . ." Guttural gasps. A long wail. High-pitched keening, its otherworldly echo raising every hair on goose flesh. Whiting drops the receiver, horrified. The plastic handset bounces off the desktop as it sinks in. They've been shot!

Author Interview:

What inspired you to write Dark Side of Sunset Pointe?

It's loosely based on personal and professional experiences. For me, writing was and is cathartic. Dark Side of Sunset Pointe fueled a burning desire to change.

When or at what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When my mother read to me as a three-year-old child.

What is the earliest age you remember reading your first book?

I was reading Dr. Seuss at around three.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading?

Most genres, though I'm partial to speculative fiction as well as mysteries. I thoroughly enjoy a good story well told.

What is your favorite book?

There are so many favorite books, no one book is THE favorite. Baum's original OZ books, as a kid; Frank Herbert's Dune series, Tolkien's hobbits and Poe, as an early teen. In my later teen years, Huxley's Brave New World, Doors of Perception and Island. And the list goes on, ad infinitum.

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

Like the favorite book question, there are a ton of great authors I enjoy and admire. When it comes to mystery, James Lee Burke and Michael Connolly come to mind. And of course, Edgar Allan Poe.

If you could travel back in time here on earth to any place or time. Where would you go and why?

Ah, the Way Back machine ... I'd prefer to fast forward to the future. However, if I could go back, I'd want to take another crack at the 1960s-do a better job as a musician.

When writing a book do you find that writing comes easy for you or is it a difficult task?

Writing is the easiest part of this dream job. I can hardly type fast enough to keep up.

Do you have any little fuzzy friends? Like a dog or a cat? Or any pets?

My best friend and collaborator, Otto, died nearly a year ago now. He was a stunningly handsome, intensely loyal Doberman, and sweet as punch-heck of a guy.

What is your "to die for", favorite food/foods to eat?

CHOCOLATE!!! Especially, DARK chocolate!

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

If you can do anything else, go do that. If you can't, learn the craft of writing, then learn the business of publishing and marketing, then write and keep writing, no matter what.

My Review:

I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Michael "Big Mike" Rodriquez and his partner Gary Whiting are in the process of building Sunset Pointe and it is draining them of a lot of money. Big Mike lives this life style which also takes a lot of money. When Big Mike starts running out of money he then starts borrowing money from the bank and from other sources as well. Big Mike is entertaining his bookkeeper in his office after everyone else has gone home for the day.

His bookkeeper is not the only woman that Big Mike is having an affair with. His wife Connie knows that Big Mike has been cheating on her for a while but she is not too upset by it because she is also cheating on Big Mike too. While Big Mike and his bookkeeper are having a little fun in his office there someone shows up while they are in the middle of taking care of business and starts to shoot them. Needless to say ole' Big Mike is killed and his bookkeeper is injured and will spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair.

When Detective Frank Salmon starts investigating the case he has no trouble finding a suspect. They are a lot of suspects so many that he doesn't know who to question first. Not only are there a lot of suspects but the bodies start to pile up as well. Luckily Detective Salmon has some help with the case. Lance Underphal is a freelance photographer who takes crime scene photos. Detective Salmon's girlfriend Lacey is the one who hires Lance to take the photos. She says he is the best photographer for the job and can take better pictures than anyone else. Lance has some problems of his own. He is still dealing with the death of his wife Sonja; Lance has conversations with his dead wife. Lance is having these visions of the murders and Sonja is helping him with the visions and with his life. Lance wonders if he is going crazy. But after a few of these visions he realizes that he is not crazy and what he is seeing is real. The crime scenes that he is taking pictures of are a part of his visions. Lance calls up Detective Salmon and tells him of the things that he is seeing. He is afraid that the Detective will think he is crazy too but his dead wife encourages him to call. At first the Detective does think that he is out of his mind but when he sees the truth for himself he then starts to contact Lance first.

When I first started reading Dark Side of Sunset Pointe it was kind of slow for me. I had a hard time getting into it although it had a lot of action right from the beginning. I kept thinking what is wrong with me? If this was a movie I would be loving it. I love watching movies with a lot of action. You know like shooting and killing. But after I got about half way through with the book it picked up for me and I started reading it faster. I loved the way he described the murder scenes with all the blood and gore. I know you are probably thinking a girl likes this kind of stuff well yes this girl does and always have. I have wondered myself why do I love movies and books with a lot of killing in it? While I know that the things that I read or watch on tv can happen I know at the same time that it is only fiction, I know the difference. I have always just put it down to being born in the horror month. When it comes to reading a book or watching a show or moving on tv the bloodier and gorier it is the better I like it.

If you are looking for a book with a whole lot of descriptive bloody and gory murder scenes the Dark Side of Sunset Pointe is the book for you. There is a whole lot of mystery in it as well. Talk about a book with a bunch of twist and turns in it whoa, hey man this is the book. One minute you think that you have it figured out and you know who the killer is and the next minute you are like what? But then you are like wait just a minute I thought he did it and then you are like oh well I don't know. The author will lead you in one direction and then have you going around in circles chasing your own tail trying to figure out who the killer is.

Promo Blitz: The Net By Missy Leigh @LiteraryNook


Title: The Net

Author: Missy Leigh

Genre: Erotic Romance

Hosted By: Book Promotions by Literary Nook

TheNetKDPEbook smaller



Polite conversation and gracious manners wouldn't benefit her in a world of raunchy innuendoes and vulgar requests. Country club attitudes didn't belong in private chat rooms and back room parlors.

Rated M for Mature

Due to strong language and sexual content, this material is not suitable for readers under 18+

M/F, F/F, M/F/F, Bondage

Divorced, unemployed and on the verge of bankruptcy, Megan Matthews is desperate for quick cash.

When a friend suggests the world of video sex chat, Megan is forced to decide. Can she trade gracious, country club conversations for raunchy innuendos and vulgar requests?

When you've spent your entire life playing by the rules, breaking them can be sinfully delicious.


"I didn't want to be responsible for stealing your innocence."

"You can't steal something I willingly give."

"I know that now, but more than anything, I wanted to shield you from me, from the industry, from worldly corruption. You're everything I'll never be, Megan."

"But you're everything I want to be," she whispered. Scooting closer, she wrapped her fingers in his hair. "You're generous, kind hearted, loving, and honest. You're gentle yet aggressive, bold yet secretive. I didn't tell you how I felt about you because I didn't think I was your type."

"You're too good for me."

"And you for me."

His heart cartwheeled. If this wasn't love, then it didn't exist.

Author Info

It's just crazy weird to talk about myself in third person so I'll keep it real with fun facts.

Things you may or may not want to know:

1.) I live in small town Texas but wish the town was smaller.

2.) If you can make me laugh I'm a friend for life.

3.) I also write under another pen name.

4.) I'm in love with the idea of love but think sex is easier.

5.) I'm a Scorpio.

That's me in a nutshell. No fanfare, no upsell, just me.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spotlight: War's End by Imogene Nix @ImogeneNix @Shades_of_Rose @beachwalkpress #Giveaway

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War's End by Imogene Nix

 photo WarsEnd_Medium.jpg

Genre: Sci-fiction Romance

Forced apart by war five years ago, Renjiro and Selina have another chance at love. Can they make it work or does fate have other plans?

Without the citizenship of the Federation, Indy pilot Selina Codecko is treated like a second-class citizen. When she gets caught up in a bar brawl she's arrested and finds herself in the hands of the Justice Officers.

Renjiro Ito has dreamed of Selina for five long years. As the Commander of the Justice Officers, the plight of this one woman will turn his life upside down.

But there's more going on than just the fate of one woman-there's a seething underbelly that wants to destroy their newly expanded Federation. The chances of a future together are slim, but they'll take any chances that come their way. Will it be enough?


"Sit down." Renjiro's terse words filled Selina with pain and sadness.

She acceded to his request in silence, holding her throbbing hand against her breast. He squatted before her, his face close to hers, his dark eyes shadowed. His touch was gentle as his fingers traced the line of her jaw. They shook a little and she felt the glancing caress. It warmed her.

He touched a raw spot on her chin and she hissed involuntarily.

"Where else are you injured?"

Selina shook her head.

"Captain Codecko? Selina?"

His gentle words nearly undid her. Tears burned in her eyes and she blinked, hoping to banish them. It didn't work though. They dripped down her face, scalding her frozen cheeks.

Now his hands dropped to her shoulders. "Where else are you hurt, Selina?" His gaze was hypnotic. It drew her words without thought.

"My hand, ribs, and the top of my head."

He frowned and started tugging at her shirt, pulling it free of the loose-fitting pants.

"What… What are you doing?"

He glanced at her, his face taut and strained. "I'm checking your injuries."

Selina blushed, the heat creeping over her face as she pushed at his hands. "No! You can't do that!"

"Just bloody watch me." His rough words surprised her and her hands dropped away. He continued his almost feverish work at her buttons and very quickly he had the shirt open. Selina thanked whatever had made her fasten a bra over her very tiny breasts. With gentle movements, he brushed the old material of her shirt to one side. He hissed through clenched teeth at what he saw. "You need a medic."

"I'm fine. I've lived through this before. Of greater concern to me is whether I'm going to be charged for causing the riot. I was just-"

"I know. Having a quiet drink. We checked the spy eyes. You will be free to go, so long as we can put together a suitable argument. But I have a proposition. One that would help you, I think."

In her experience, propositions never ended well, but she was desperate enough to listen to what he had to say. So she watched in mute silence as he rose. He backed away as she quickly refastened her shirt. Then he paced to the end of the room and back.

"I've just received a communiqué that there's some Indies about to plan an attack on this moon base. I need people I can trust to get information for me."

She waited. But as he started pacing again, it seemed she would need to ask the question. "What's in it for me?"

He stilled.

Selina held her breath. Waiting.

"I might be able to swing an official citizenship for you."

Just like that, he could brush away all the difficulties she had faced since the end of the war. But trusting people didn't come easily. Not for her. "You can just click your fingers and make that happen?"

He faced her again. His eyes shone almost feverishly bright under the lighting of the room. "No. But I know someone who might be able to make it happen, if you agree."

"Why? Why would you help me?"

He smiled. "Because I owe you."

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About The Author:

Imogene is a mother of two, compulsive reader, and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, two daughters, dog, cats, guinea pigs, and chooks. She has a particular fondness for vampires, star ship captains, and things that go bump in the night (especially vampire types).

Imogene has tried many varied roles in her working life including kindergarten assistant, teacher, principal, and kindergarten and child care director, but rates owning a bookstore and writing her own novels as the absolute highlight.

In her mother and wife alter ego, she has travelled widely and lived in some very unique places including Far Western Queensland, Cape York, and even Tasmania. She loves to travel and rates China and Hong Kong among her favorite destinations.

She blames Star Trek Voyager, Firefly, and the works of Alexander Kent for her interest in naval activities and later space fleet interest.

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