Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog A Quote #12

Blog A Quote is weekly meme hosted by Michelle Chew Writes. Each week we will be sharing a quote from our favorite books. For more info and to sign up visit Michelle Chew Writes.

My quote for this week is from Of Poseidon By Anna Banks

Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon, #1)

“Emma, we don't have to kiss. She already knows I want to sleep with you." He cringes as soon as he says it. He doesn't have to look up to know the sizzling sound in the kitchen is from Rachel spitting her pineapple juice into the hot skillet. "what I mean is, I already told her I want to sleep with you. I mean, I told her i wanted to sleep with you because she already thinks I do. Want to, I mean-" If a Syrena could drown, this is what it would feel like.”

I loved reading Of Poseidon. I never wanted it to end I could not believe the ending. I mean it was a very good ending I just wanted to know more. I love this quote. Galen is a very strong, tough masculine kind of guy but Emma just makes him melt.

What is your favorite quote?


Michelle Chew said...

That's funny! Made me want to grab the book! :D

The Avid Reader said...

It is a very good book. I loved it. I'm glad you stopped by, thanks Michelle.

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