Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: Red Star Rising by Tyler Roberts

Red Star Rising  
Truths Blood Series #2
by Tyler Roberts

Published: November 7, 2017
Publisher: BookBaby
Genre: War


In Red Star Rising, the riveting sequel to Truths Blood, America has fallen. The Chinese military occupies the former United States and two men struggle to survive rogue gangs, the army, and even the occasional cannibal. Dustin Lang is on his way home after attempting to free his brother from a Chinese prison. Meanwhile, Eli West searches for his sister in a ravaged Willamette Valley. In this brutal and unpredictable world, who will survive?

Red Star Rising takes the lessons of history and applies them to modern times in this provocative, timely tale.

My Review:

Chen wants to build an army and he is in the recruiting business. He will recruit his men any way he can by force or volunteer. Chen has his own little group of minions whom he gets to do most of his dirty work although he has been known to take care of it himself on occasion. Chen likes to play little mind game with his little minion’s; ahh men that is. When Chen is doing his recruiting he likes to plant little seeds into the minds of the people he his recruiting so that hopefully they will think the idea is theirs and will join of their own will. A man is more trustworthy that way.

Zach and Dustin are brothers who believe things differently and when they talk about politics they usually end up in a very heated argument. Dustin wants to take his wife Kate and make their way to a safe house but their old friend and their father’s friend Monk tries to tell Dustin that that may not be the best thing to do. But Monk is like you millennials were all easy targets for the government when it came to believing the things that you were told and not caring enough to take the time to sit down and listen to your parents and learn from them. Monk is like it is just too easy for you millennials to just believe what you are told than to think for yourselves.

Red Star Rising picks up right where Truth’s Blood left off after Dustin’s attempt to freeing his brother Zach from a Chinese prison. America is now being ruled by China. The Russians are invading Alaska.

A lot of what is going on in Red Star Rising has already happened or is happening in the world today and right in our own backdoor so to speak. If we don’t stop and take a look at what is going on around us and take part to do something to stop it then we just may end up like the people in Red Star Rising with China or some other country taking over.

Red Star Rising is filled with lots of page-turning action that is guaranteed to keep you up at night. If you like lots of action in your books filled with war and politics then you are going to love Red Star Rising but I would suggest that you read the first book Truth’s Blood in the Truth’s Blood Series so that you won’t miss out on another great story.

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