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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: Havana Blues by David Pereda @DavidPeredaAVL @GoddessFish

Havana Blues
by David Pereda
GENRE: Historical Coming-of-Age novel


The year is 1952 and Ramon Rodriguez’s life as a teenager in fun-loving Havana is filled with typical activities and concerns: girls, education, religion, baseball, parties, and hanging out with friends. The country is enjoying a period of prosperity and happiness--until General Batista stages a coup that topples the government and Ramon’s life is flung into chaos.

In a few short years, the carefree fifties morph into a vicious and repressive dictatorship highlighted by corruption, organized gambling, school closures, student demonstrations, police brutality, and assassinations.

As Ramon experiences the thrills of his first romantic relationship, graduates from school, and struggles to plan for an uncertain future, he is forced to make important decisions that may be dangerous to him, his family, his friends, and his girlfriend – the beautiful Sonia -- and could turn deadly.


Black Face chomped on his cigar, eyeing Pepe with deliberation.
He was big and muscular and mean-looking. Pepe looked frail next to
him. ‘Go home, muchacho.’ He finally said. ‘Now. Before you get in

‘Is the president really dead?’ I asked. ‘Is it true?’

The fat policeman laughed in my face. He had rotten teeth and
bad breath too. He winked at Black Face. ‘Hey, Valdez, did you hear
that? This boy wants to know if the president’s dead. How do you
like that?’

The black policeman laughed too, as if what Puffy Face had said
was the funniest thing in the world, his burly body shaking all over.
He coughed, and tears came to his eyes.

‘Is he dead?’ Pepe asked.

The two policemen laughed some more, but not so hard.

Their laughter was running out of steam. Maybe they were
getting tired. I realized, suddenly, how scared I really was of them –
my heart was pounding hard and my breath was coming in shallow
little gasps. It was time to leave. Who cared if the president was dead
or not, anyway? We could find that out later.

‘Is he dead?’ Pepe asked again.

‘You sure ask a lot of questions,’ Puffy Face replied with
annoyance. ‘No, he ain’t, cabron. Bastard ran away. Scared.’

‘Cabron yourself,’ Pepe said under his breath. ‘Fat ass!’

‘What was that you said?’ Perez scowled at Pepe.

‘Nada, Señor Policia. Nothing!’ Hermes said, walking rapidly
toward the other side of the street. ‘He didn’t say nothing.’

Perez watched us with his frog eyes as Joaquin and I struggled to
take Pepe away. Black Face chewed on his cigar stump.

‘What these little bastards need is work,’ Perez said. ‘Trabajo.’

‘Trabajo, si.’ Valdez took the cigar out of his mouth and spat
again. ‘Put them to work in the sun ten hours a day with a pick and a
shovel. That’s what they need. I guarantee you they won’t be so sassy
‘Si,’ Perez said. ‘That’s what they need.’ He laughed. ‘And palos.
Una buena partida de palos. Beat the shit out of them with a stick.’
As if to emphasize his words, Perez hit the façade of the school
building hard with the butt of his machine gun. ‘And here’s where
they learn all that mierda. Right here!’ He banged the wall again. ‘From
the curas and their goddamned Catholic schools.’

‘That’s the problem with Cuba, the goddamned curas,’ Valdez
said. ‘Fucking priests stick their noses into everything. All they do is
create trouble. Look at these kids, asking questions. No respect for
authority. Wanting to know who’s the new president.’

‘Si, what the fuck do they care who’s the new president? That’s
the fault of the curas,’ Perez said, adding so softly I had to strain to
hear him as we rambled away, ‘School and curas. Never liked them
and never will.’

Unexpectedly, Black Face screamed something at us. The
jumbled words reached my ears with the force of a slapping wind as
we hurried down the street. For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend
what he was saying and then, finally, I did.

‘It’s Batista, cabrones. You hear me? Batista! That’s the name of
your new president. And he’s black too. Like me.’

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

David Pereda was born in Havana, Cuba. The award-winning author of seven previous novels, he enjoys crafting political thrillers and edgy mainstream novels with unique characters placed in exotic settings. He has traveled to more than thirty countries and speaks four languages. Before devoting his time solely to writing and teaching, David had a successful international consulting career with global giant Booz Allen Hamilton, where he worked with the governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Qatar, among others.

A member of MENSA, David earned his MBA from Pepperdine University in California. He earned bachelor degrees in English literature and mathematics at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

He lives in artistic Asheville, North Carolina, with his youngest daughter Sophia, where he teaches mathematics and English at the Asheville-Buncombe Community College. He loves sports and is an accomplished competitor in track and show-jumping equestrian events.

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David Pereda said...

I want to thank you for hosting me in your blog today. I'll be checking in and out throughout the day -- before, in-between and after my classes -- to answer questions or respond to comments from your readers about Havana Blues, my next upcoming book to be released in March, or any other topic regarding my writing. As a special concession, my publisher has reduced the price of the Kindle book on Amazon to only $2.99 and the print book to $17.55 during the length of the Goddess Fish Blog Tour. Again, my thanks.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour and I hope it is a fun one for you :)

David Pereda said...

Thank you, Lisa. Good luck on the giveaway.

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Thanks for sharing the excerpt!

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