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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Nadia's Heart, Part 1 by Wendy Altshuler @SirTwoSays @GoddessFish

Nadia’s Heart, Part One
by Wendy Altshuler
GENRE: YA Fantasy Horror


When an amnesiac girl who thinks she has been born without a heart utters a prayer, she is met by a mysterious angelic stranger from her forgotten past. Together they embark on a journey to recover her removed heart, but enter into battle with an Evil Voice on a rampage to remove the hearts of an entire generation of children - and replace them with stones.


It was dark inside, and all green.  It was cold.  Their breath formed clouds as they exhaled. They walked down a long corridor, staring at the walls and ceiling, which seemed to have gotten higher since they entered.  The door through which they had come was even smaller and more distant, and now, their feet echoed slightly.

Coming up ahead was another set of huge double doors, made of wood, and carved with animals of every kind. Georgeonus stopped at the door, looking up.    He turned to Jasper, and then pushed it lightly.  It opened.

They entered a room, not as bright, and not as cold. Everything was blue, and the corridor continued down to yet another door.  But something lined the walls, they could see, as they walked through, though all did not notice, right above the lamps that were surrounded by a strange light.   They were… glass cases…and there was something in each of them.  Nadia could not tell what that was, but it was something red and purplish in color.  She now lagged behind the men, curious, and vaguely noticed the glow of Georgeonus’ eyes up ahead as he turned to see where she was.  Her curiosity was heightened, and as Jasper approached the next set of double doors she stepped in a crevice, a small crack in the wall, barely large enough for the toe of her boot to fit into.   She reached for the lamp’s neck which extended from the wall, squinting, determined.

Nadia hoisted herself up into another crevice and peeked, and when the flame of the lamp flickered she jumped back, letting out a stifled yell as Georgeonus covered her mouth.  She looked up in horror, pushing his hand away, as Jasper signaled urgently toward the next door, now opened.  The crouched men ran through and Georgeonus pulled Nadia, still fighting, her metal boots clunking on the floor like heavy roller skates.  They heard the echo of a door slamming, a large, heavy door.    It traveled through all of the corridors.

Nadia wiped her eyes, looking up along the walls and back at the glow of Georgeonus’ eyes.   She was horrified, and she spoke to him without words, screaming the thoughts at him.

They’re tongues!!  Did you know that?  They’re tongues!!!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Wendy Altshuler is a writer-producer who explores myth in new media. She writes fantasy novels and creates works in stop motion animation.  Her credits include award-winning screenwriting and WGA-accredited representation. With a degree in psychology and a Master of Arts from Columbia University, Altshuler documented the work of international choreographers and wrote and produced regional programming. Her short plays have been performed at Boston Playwrights' Theatre, at regional schools and most recently, Puppet Showplace Theatre. Altshuler's young adult book series has been hailed as "emotionally moving, uplifting and wholesome," and "spirited and haunting. . .with much symbolism and beauty." 

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