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Review: Prophecy of Three & Rogue Fae (The Starseed Trilogy) by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Prophecy of Three
The Starseed Trilogy #1
by Ashley McLeo

Published May 2, 2017
Publisher: Ashley McLeo
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Witches


It begins with a burning library, a frantic witch, and an enchanted prophecy.

It ends with the birth of the three.


Lily Whiplark returned home from college expecting nothing more than an epic summer solstice party followed by months of blissful relaxation after her break up with her boyfriend Liam.

Instead, she's handed a ticket to Ireland to meet her birth family.

In the rolling hills of Ireland, Lily's life takes a thrilling turn when she discovers she's one of three women fated to save humanity from an alien invasion. What’s more, the events of her birth are connected to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, historical witch hunts in Europe, and even rift between Adam and Eve.

Despite, the promise of danger Lily agrees to train in the magical arts. But will it be enough? Will she be brave enough to learn all that is required to rectify Eve’s betrayal and save humanity from magical otherworldly forces intent on chaos?

My Review:

Lily Whiplark has been away at college and she has just broken up with her boyfriend Liam, now she is on her way home and his looking forward to enjoying her vacation and celebrating her birthday with her family. Yea it’s her birthday, it’s her birthday, her twenty-first birthday.

But before all the festivals have a chance to begin Lily is given the news that her biological parents want to meet her. She is then thrust with a plane ticket to Ireland. Lily has always known that she was adopted but she never thought that she was from a whole ocean away in Ireland.

In Ireland, she meets her birth family and is thrown so much information that she almost goes into information overload. Lily learns that she is one of three sisters, triplets and that she is a witch. She also learns that she is descended from aliens who came to earth to enslave humans. Lily soon learns that she and her sisters are destined to fight the aliens and save the humans.

When I read the summary for Prophecy of Three I knew I had to read it and once I picked it up I didn’t want to lay it down. It grabbed me from the first page and wouldn’t let go until the end and even then it is still hanging on. I just wished it that I had started way before I did. There was action right from the first page. I loved seeing and witnessing the world through Lily’s eyes that was so amazing.

Ashley pulled me in so that I felt as if I was sitting there right beside Lily seeing and feeling everything she did. It was like a movie being played out in my head with the witches and the vampires and the story in the end just blew me away with even reading the summary for some reason that is not what I was expecting at all. I loved it. I can’t wait to read more from this world of The Starseed Trilogy.

I would love to recommend Prophecy of Three to anyone who loves reading about witches, vampires, magic and lots of twist and turns that will blow you away.

Rogue Fae: A Starseed Universe Novella
by Ashley McLeo
Published October 2017
Publisher: Ashley McLeo
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Witches


A rogue fae is on the loose in Nashville. When the fae kills a wizard and leaves three women insane in its wake, the Nashville coven seeks to bring the fae to justice. They search each crime scene and come across a type of magic no one is sure how to decipher. 

No one, that is, except Emily Harp, recent divorcee, Nashville visitor, and empathetic witch. At the coven's request Emily, alongside her new friends and fellow witches, Gwenn McKay and Rena Whiplark investigate the crime sites in hopes of helping the coven catch the fae.

When the trio stumbles across information of a feud generations old between the Nashville coven and the local fae tribe it sheds new light on the crimes. Light that quickly fades to a very dark scenario. Will Emily, Gwenn, and Rena succeed in bringing the rogue fae to justice? Or will they discover there's something more sinister that needs to be dealt with in Nashville? 

My Review:

Gwenn McKay a witch from Ireland is on vacation in America when she meets a fellow witch Rena Whiplark who is traveling across country herself. Gwenn and Rena hit it off real quick. When Rena finds out that Gwenn is on vacation she invites Gwenn to travel with her. So they set out on their journey going from place to place and seeing all the sites.

Instead of staying in motel rooms they call up other witches and ask to stay with their coven. While on one their expeditions they meet another witch Emily Harp who is an empath. They stop for the night at a Nashville coven and learn that one of their members has been killed by a rogue fae and three human women have gone insane as well. The Nashville coven asks Gwenn, Rena, and Emily to help investigate their friend’s death.

This has been an epic journey following along with Rena, Gwenn, and Emily and watching the magic fly. I really loved reading Prophecy of Three the first book in the Starseed Trilogy and couldn’t wait to dive into Rogue Fae and read about three of the women from Prophecy of Three and learning more about their magic. I can’t wait to read more in the Starseed Universe as I know it is going to be out of this world. The Prophecy of Three and the Rogue Fae is just the beginning of an epic world.

If you like reading about witches, Faes with lots of magic around every corner then you are going to love this new series into the Starseed Universe. 

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