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Review: No Time to Die by Andrew Barrett @AndrewBarrettUK

No Time to Die
Eddie Collins #2
by Andrew Barrett
Publisher: July 20, 2018
Published: Bloodhound Books
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense


When CSI Eddie Collins finds a dead woman in his house, he thinks life can’t get any worse, until a violent gang ties his hands together and puts a gun to his head. And this time there’s no way out.

Operation Domino is the investigation into gang boss, Slade Crosby, and his connection to an undercover officer’s death. But tampered evidence kills the investigation’s progress, and with Eddie gone, Slade is in the clear.

There’s only one way to get Slade in cuffs, but it won’t be easy…

My Review:

I love how our main guy Eddie Collins, CSI is probably the best investigator around. The top dogs want him on their team but his peers are a different story. The reason they don’t want him on their team is probably because he is the best and they don’t want him showing them up so to speak. But it might be that Eddie looks deeper into a crime scene than most to find the truth while others just wants to solve a crime and could care less about the truth as long as they can put someone behind bars and they can get a star by their name.

He is sent to investigate a crime scene that looks like murder/suicide but is it? Another investigator walks in who won’t listen to Eddie’s truth. They have it out and Eddie not being one to take anything off of anyone has had it with this dude and walks out after turning in his badge. Eddie comes home to find a dead body his house.

No Time to Die covers murder, rape, domestic violence, love, being taken hostage and being beat. No Time to Die will have you jumping from one emotion to another with twist and turns on every page.

I love how No Time to Die has all these characters and we get to know the story from their own point of view and then we get to figure out how all these character’s stories and lives are going to intertwine. No Time to Die is a very intense read that will keep you hanging on for more. I can’t wait for more of Eddie Collins, CSI.

No Time to Die is for all fans of murder, mystery, suspense and thrillers.

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