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Review: Siren Falling by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Siren Falling
A Starseed Universe Novella
by Ashley McLeo

Published: July 31, 2018
Genre: Paranormal, Witches, Magic, New Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Our stories aren’t always ones we’re proud of, but they’re still our stories.

Selma de Avila, a gorgeous siren cursed with a quick temper is finally realizing a life-long dream. Despite her mama's beliefs that sirens are particularly susceptible to the vices of city life, Selma is determined to leave her sleepy Spanish island for New York City--the city she believes holds her destiny.

Once in The Big Apple, Selma quickly ingrains herself into high society, all the while trying to find love, conceive of a career, and live the life she's always dreamed of.
But everything goes awry, including her tight control over her magic, when Selma runs into billionaire Andrew Van de Berg at the Faerie Fall Ball and sparks fly.

The problem? He's married.

Despite knowing Andrew is off limits, Selma can’t seem to avoid him. Every encounter with the playboy billionaire riles up her powerful magic and manipulates her body and mind. Within days of meeting Andrew, she’s siphoning magic all around New York, enchanting total strangers, and altering the courses of lives, to appear steady and in control of her own life.

Will Selma be able to put an end to Andrew's persistent attentions and regain mastery of her magic? Will she ever discover what truly called her to New York? Or will her magic take over, toppling Selma into siren madness and pulling the men of NYC behind her?

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My Review:

Selma de Avila has dreamed all her life of leaving her little Spanish Island of Menorca to go live in the Big Apple, New York. She hopes to find a career and a nice handsome man to spend her life with. Selma has decided that now is the time and putting it off any longer is not an option. So she hops on a plane to fly across the big ocean to land in the Big Apple with her mother’s warning about one of her ancestors going mad from using too much of her powers in her ear.

Selma doesn’t exactly believe the tale that her mother has warned her about she thinks it is she an excuse for some sirens when they have gone overboard with the use of their magic.

But once she arrives in New York and she sees all the hot men and her magic starts to build up and she must get rid of it, the men start to follow her around and leave her messages, messages from men she doesn’t even know she begins to wonder if her mother’s warning was not true after all.

Selma soon realizes that she is losing control of her magic and if she doesn't get control of it soon then she is going to go mad like her ancestor. Selma finds the help she needs in a very dear friend, Mary McKay who is visiting from her little Spanish Island of Menorca.

Siren Falling is a very short and fast read that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what Selma was going to do next and how she was going to handle all those men. Siren Falling is a great little introduction into Selma’s life of how she came to be in New York and where she is from and what made her the person she is today.

Siren Falling is for anyone who likes witches, sirens or any magical creatures. Come join Selma in Siren Falling on her magical journey across the water from Menorca to New York. 

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