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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Under the Radar by Dee J. Adams @DeeJAdams @GoddessFish

Under the Radar
by Dee J. Adams
GENRE: Romantic Suspense


Two brothers. Two best friends. One robbery gone wrong.

With a court date looming, a near-fatal car accident, and a house invasion, the four surviving witnesses to an armed robbery know they are targets. In a desperate attempt to stay safe, they take matters into their own hands and go off the grid a week before the trial.

Danny St. John was stuck in a dark place of guilt and regret after a personal tragedy. On the run from violent criminals, he is forced to spend time with the one woman who makes him feel too much. Victoria Lopez needs to protect her heart, but she also misses the guy Danny used to be and thinks she might be able to bring him back. Now, evading gunmen together in Sequoia National Forest, Vic will risk everything to keep Danny safe.

Eric St. John isn’t a big fan of his sister-in-law-to-be, Zoe Turner. Sure, she’s beautiful, but also bossy and brash. When Eric and Zoe are forced to rely on each other for survival, he sees a side to Zoe he never anticipated, a side he definitely likes. But as the two grow closer, so do the men hunting them down.

Time nearly runs out as each couple must not only brave the perils of the wilderness and their growing feelings for each other, but also outwit their pursuers in a deadly game of cat and mouse.


Something moved in the bushes just outside the window in the corner of the room. Zoe’s pulse leapt as she sat up in bed.

“Did you hear that?” Vic whispered almost soundlessly.

“I thought you were sleeping.” Zoe’s voice wasn’t much louder.

“Tried. Not successful.”

They heard the tiniest scrap on the glass and both of them bolted out of bed. “Stuff the pillow under the blankets,” Zoe ordered softly. “Shoes,” she said next as she grabbed her flats. Before they could leave the room, an explosion of sound came from the front of the house and Zoe swung Vic into the closet, followed her in, and shut the door as the window in their room blasted apart. Seconds later, heavy footsteps crunched over broken glass.

Fear and nausea erupted in Zoe’s gut like a geyser. Grunts and thuds coming from the hallway marked the sounds of a fight and she held her breath, waiting for someone to pull open the door. She’d pulled Vic into a death trap by jamming them into this closet.

Bullets erupted outside the door and Zoe slapped a hand over her mouth to hold back a scream. The noise stopped and long tense seconds passed as Zoe and Vic stared at each other, the whites of Vic’s eyes clear in the dark. Before Zoe knew what happened, Vic slammed the door open and pounced on the man in front of them, putting him in a chokehold while hanging onto his back. It was the same thing Casey had done when she’d fought off her ex last year. The gun bounced on the floor and Zoe scrambled to reach it, her hands shaking and breath billowing in and out of her lungs.

My Review:

Under the Radar is filled with lots of action on just about every page that will keep the adrenaline flowing and the heart rate high. It will keep you on your toes trying to keep up with the characters as they are witnesses to a robbery and are sent on the run just trying to stay alive.

Two brothers, Danny and Eric St. John and two best friends, Victoria and Zoe find themselves running through Sequoia National Park being chased by the same men who robbed the store they were in buying supplies for the wedding of Danny and Eric’s brother and Zoe’s sister.

After they are contacted by the robbers and informed not to testify against them at their trial and then they try to kill them they all decide that the only thing for them to do is go off the grid until the trial if they want to stay alive.

Under the Radar is one of those books that will pull you in from the beginning and filled with enough action that keeps you flipping those pages and feeling as if you are running right along with the characters and hoping they make it out alive. Under the Radar is like those books that you don’t want to end but you can’t wait to see how it is all going to turn out in the end. It’s like seeing a movie play out in your head while you are reading it.

Under the Radar is the first book in the High Stakes series and the first book by Dee J. Adams that I have read. Although this is the first book in the series that I've read I didn't feel as if I was missing out on anything.

If you like your books filled with lots of action, suspense, adrenaline pumping running through the woods with robbers and murderers hot on your trail then you are going to really love Under the Radar. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

After graduating high school in Texas, Dee J. moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. For twenty years, she acted in television and worked behind the scenes as an acting/dialogue coach for sitcoms.  Writing happened accidentally after a vivid dream and the urging of her husband to “Just write it down.” Three weeks, fourteen hours a day, and four hundred and fifty (long hand) pages later, she had her first novel.  Dee J. loves writing books filled with action, mystery and love. (Not necessarily in that order.) Her experience in show business led to her narrating many of the books in the Adrenaline Highs series for She is the wife of a wonderful man and mother to a fabulous daughter. She’s a dog lover all the way, with a fondness towards Boxers and Pit Bulls. She is a member of several organizations, including Romance Writers of America and SAG-AFTRA.

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Dee J. said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for hosting Under the Radar! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! My characters were certainly at the wrong place at the wrong time. I wonder if that's happened to anyone else out there. (I'm happy to share one of my wrong place/wrong time stories... Any takers?)

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Thanks for hosting!

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Do you have any ideas for your next book? Congrats on the release. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

Dee J. said...

Hi Joseph,
Yes, actually, I'm working on a police story. (New officer / longtime detective.) She's learning on the job and gets caught up on his case. Lots of fireworks. Haha. Thanks for stopping in!

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