Sunday, July 31, 2016

Review: Cobra Z by Sean Deville

Cobra Z: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller
by Sean Deville
Published June 15th 2016
Genre: Horror, Zombies


What if one day you find your world suddenly torn apart? Entranced by your daily routine, you hear the terrifying news that makes your blood run cold. A devastating man made virus has been unleashed on the world, a virus so lethal that it rapidly turns everyone it infects into rabid, blood crazed killers. Maniacs so devoid of humanity that their only goal in life is to rip the flesh from your very body, and kill or infect the people you love the most. Would you panic? Would you rush from your desk in a frantic attempt to save your children? Would you hunker down, and hope the infection somehow passes you by, praying to whatever God you think will help? And what if the very people you care for so deeply are the ones clawing at your door, their blood smeared faces screaming for the destruction of your soul?

How would you survive in such a world? And would you want to?

My Review:

A virus has been dropped on London and it is spreading thorough the world like wildfire. People are being infected by the hundreds in an hour’s time.

The zombies in Cobra Z are unlike any zombies I have ever read before. They are faster than a speeding bullet and will be upon you before you can blink an eye.

Most zombie books start somewhere in the middle or right at the beginning of the outbreak not Cobra Z it starts at the very beginning with the creation of the virus.

If you like reading books about zombies and in the mood for something a little different than your average zombie book then this is the book for you. Cobra Z is a very thought out and well written novel. Pick up your copy today!