Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Review: Murder with a Psychic Touch (A Wonder Springs Cozy Mystery, #1) by B.T. Alive

Murder with a Psychic Touch
A Wonder Springs Cozy Mystery, #1
by B.T. Alive
Published: August 27, 2019
Publisher: Villette Press
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Magic


Her unique power is secret…

… but she just got framed for murder.

Can Summer use her psychic gift to catch the real killer in time?

Wonder Springs seems like such a sweet little Southern town. A mysterious "Grandma" invites her to stay at the lovely Inn.

Then a fellow guest drops dead.

And Summer's the only suspect.

Until now, Summer's always been a loner. (Except for her beloved cat.) Can she get over her haunted past and work together to catch the killer…

…with new friends who may have secret powers of their own?

You'll love this fun, fast-paced cozy, because it has fresh paranormal powers, a huge warm family, and a twist ending you'll never suspect.

Get it now.

My Review:

Summer has worked really hard to get where she is with her job but things are not working out like she had hoped they would so Summer gets real frustrated and quilts her job. She would like to leave town find a new place offering a new start but with no money for gas how far would she get?

Summer receives a letter from someone claiming to be her Grandmother and wants her to come for a visit. Summer has no idea who this woman is. Is this lady truly her Grandmother? Can she trust her? Does she even have a choice at this point in time?

So Summer decides to take the lady up on her offer and go visit her in this little town called Wonder Springs.  Summer meets some new friends in Wonder Springs. A murder is committed in Wonder Springs and Summer is the accused. Summer is the only one who can prove her innocents or is she the only one who can?

Summer realizes that she can’t prove her innocents all alone in a town where she doesn’t know anyone so she enlists the help of her new friend Tina, an empath.

Summer has special abilities of her own that she uses to help her solve the murder. Summer has spent her whole life hiding her ability from others but if she wants to stay out of jail then she will just have to trust Tina with her secret. Can Summer prove she is innocent? Or will she go to prison for a crime she did not commit? Or is she innocent? To find the answers one click yourself a copy of Murder with a Psychic Touch today.

Murder with a Psychic Touch has a sweet warm loving feel to it that will leave you feeling all warm and cozy inside for days. The characters all feel so loving and will touch your heart and give it a little squeeze. It is filled with mystery and secrets that will keep the pages turning and you will lose the world around you all the way to the end finally revealing whodunit with a twist that you will never see coming.

Murder with a Psychic Touch is wonderful introduction into a warm and cozy new world of murder and mystery with great lovable characters that will keep you coming back for more. I can’t wait for more from this new world of mystery.

I highly recommend Murder with a Psychic Touch to all mystery readers. 

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