Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Review: Seeker of Secrets (Coven of Shadows and Secrets, #1) by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Seeker of Secrets

Coven of Shadows and Secrets, #1

by Ashley McLeo

Published: March 30, 2022

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Demons, Fantasy, Vampires, Magic


A past erased from my memory . . .

A protector I never wanted . . .

An enemy (or two) determined to strike me down . . .

One day I’m raiding tombs and trying to buy my freedom from the man who has controlled me for years.

The next, I’m dropped into the underbelly of Yale and propositioned by a secret society of dark artifact hunters.

And apparently, I have magic.

But that’s not the craziest thing.

My last heist unleashed evil on the world, and I’m responsible. Thankfully, the secret society seems happy to help me right my wrongs and discover my power. Maybe even help me to remember my past too.

Well, most everyone, anyway. Tobias, a domineering, sexy vampire, is the notable exception. Too bad for him, he’s also assigned as my partner. My protector—a designation that he clearly despises.

But I’ve handled worse than Tobias and now that I have a place to start, no one will stop me from discovering my hidden past.

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My Review:

Seeker of Secrets opens with plenty of action as Meredith and her partner, Denz is in a cave searching for a hidden artifact when things turn ugly for them. Meredith and her partner are hit over the head and their precious artifact was taken from them. Meredith hunts hidden treasure trying to pay off a debt she owes so she can gain her freedom.

Seeker of Secrets reminded me of The Mummy as they were in the cave looking for their treasure. The descriptions were so vivid I could see the cave in my mind. I could also see Meredith surround by all the mist as she danced her way to the artifact trying to bypass all the hidden booby traps that lay in wait for her. Meredith reminded me a little bit of Lara Croft as she danced her way past all the hidden booby traps.

Seeker of Secrets opens up a whole new world of magic and fantasy. Oh, and did I mention vampires? Oh, yeah, Meredith is awarded a vampire as her partner, Tobias, a job that he sorely does not want any part of. Seeker of Secrets is told from both Meredith and Tobias's points of view.

Once again Ashley McLeo has outdone herself with Seeker of Secrets! I have loved each and every book by Ashley McLeo that I have read. Each one just seems to outshine the one before it. When you open a book by Ashley McLeo you are pulled into its deep, dark depths with no way to see the light until the story is finished and that last page is read. And even then it will stay with you for a long time to come. Leaving anxiously awaiting her next book. Speaking of the next book. I can’t wait for the next book in the Coven of Shadows and Secrets to see what awaits us there.

As always I do highly recommend Seeker of Secrets to all magical fantasy fans! One-click your copy of Seeker of Secrets today and enter a world filled with mystery and magic! Oh, and I highly recommend that you check out all of Ashley McLeo’s books!  

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