Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Review: Future Tense: Tales of Apocalyptic Vision by Michaelbrent Collings @mbcollings

Future Tense

Tales of Apocalyptic Vision

by Michaelbrent Collings

Published: March 23, 2022

Publisher: Written Insomnia Press

Genre: Apocalyptic, Horror


Worldwide bestseller and horror master Michaelbrent Collings invites you to peer into the future, to uncover things long hidden, and to experience worlds of a Future Tense…

A world where suicide is illegal – unless you agree to kill yourself over and over again...

A place where childhood games turn back the clock – and bring with them monsters long forgotten...

A home where secrets abound – until the killing begins...

A reality where a writer's dreams can make her rich – if she's willing to sacrifice the universe...

All these, and more: stories of darkness and of light.

Stories of despair, and lingering hope.

Stories of a future unknown, where ignorance feeds our souls, and where the only hope that remains in a world gone dim… resides in Tales of Apocalyptic Vision!

Michaelbrent Collings, a double Bram Stoker Award finalist and voted one of the Top 100 All-Time Greatest Horror Writers by Ranker, invites you to brave a future unlike any you have experienced. Because the future is what we make of it… and we have made a monster.

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My Review:

Oh, what a horrifying thrilling ride Future Tense turned out to be. Future Tense is a compilation of short stories that would be a delight to any horror fan. Each story is different in its own way but so similar in detail. Each story holds some very gruesome events. Each is terrifying in different ways.

Each character had their own choices to make, each choice was a sort of life-changing event. Some of the stories are very dark and eerie. If you like to be scared then you will fall in love with Future Tense the moment you read that first page.

Future Tense is filled with the kind of stories that will make you think twice before making any decisions. Future Tense is filled with stories that will stay with you long into the future. Future Tense is filled with stories that will make you leave the light on at night. Future Tense is filled with dark and intense stories that nightmares are made of.

The question now is do I recommend Future Tense? Well, of course, I do to all horror fans! If you love to be scared then grab your copy of Future Tense today but fair warning be prepared to be scared out of your pants! 

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