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Book Tour: Swipe Write by Lindsay Taylor Dellinger @Leend_Sigh @RABTBookTours

A sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, always brutally honest account of 20 online dates with 20 different men

Memoir, Pop Culture, Relationships, Humor, Dating

Date Published: January 2022

"...I was sixteen years old when I became familiar with heartbreak, when I developed a disdain for whoever made up the whole sticks and stones bullshit..."

Live vicariously through Lindsay Taylor Dellinger's 20 online dates with 20 different men as she recounts the sweet to the downright absurd. From charming one-night stands to grown men genuinely spooked by skeletal art, come for the laughs and stay for the drama!

"...I teetered dangerously somewhere between a four-legged furry friend and a one-way flight to a Mediterranean country where the fine men were just as abundant as the fine wine..."

The thirty-three-year-old divorcée weaves her dating tales through a contrasting lens of therapy, wine, and an unforgiving past. Will she or won't she find her "Ride or Die" online?

*This publication is unsuitable for children under the age of 18*

Interview with Lindsay Taylor Dellinger

    If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

    Good question. I would tell my younger writing self that she’s better than she sometimes thinks. In fact, she’s just as good as her mama thinks she is. So don’t ever doubt yourself.

    What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to?

    The most important magazines for writers to subscribe to are really anything that interests the writer. Writer’s Digest, specifically, is great, but, for example, if you’re into traveling and/or write about travel, subscribe to Afar, Travel + Leisure, Sunset Magazine, etc. The objective is to continue reading. Never stop reading.

    What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters?

    My characters are all real people. I would say I owe most of them anonymity and others gratitude for their support and willingness.

    What is the first book that made you cry?

    The Journey of Natty Gann, written by Ann Matthews based on Jeanne Rosenberg’s screenplay. I was obsessed with this book when I was a little girl. I read it several times, and I’ve also seen the movie a few times.

    Does writing energize or exhaust you?

    It usually energizes me. I get inspired, and I just wanna keep going! The ideas come quicker than I can type or write, sometimes.

    Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

    I definitely try to be original. At the same time, I still consider what readers may want. I mean, you have to if you wanna sell books, right? I think there’s a happy medium, and I try my best to walk that fine line.

    Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

    My mama started introducing books to me at a very young age. I learned to read around the age of 4/5. It was exciting to pick up a book and be immersed in another world. It was fantasy and Unicorns and the lot for me at the time.

    My taste evolved as I grew, but reading is synonymous with wine tasting or coffee (two loves of mine). There are so many different flavors, worlds, experiences…endless, really. Words and language are beautiful. The fact that I usually come away with something new from each book or story I read or write is enough to make me never wanna stop. Life is meant to be lived and experienced. Books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. are a large part of that growth.

About the Author

Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and graphic artist and former fashion industry Art Director, currently traveling the United States in the “WOW WAGON,” a 30-year-old Bluebird International school bus. She resides in this converted tiny home with the two most important men in her life, her love and talented artist, JazEfx, and her thirteen-year-old feline, Sir Benson Brunello the First and Only (Benson, for short).

Lindsay completed her first memoir, which was on January 25, 2022. She also maintains her five-year-old blog, The Road Linds Travels, which covers everything from her travels, both near and far, the tragic losses of her life, wine, and everything in between.

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