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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Faking It with Damian by DJ Hunnam @DJHunnamAuthor @XpressoTours

Faking It with Damian
DJ Hunnam
Publication date: January 23rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

I don’t do relationships… especially not with egotistical jerks like my new boss, Damian Wood. The man is vile, arrogant, condescending… and scorching hot. If he weren’t my boss and a grade-A a*&hole, I would turn on my world-famous charm and seduce the pants right off the man. But giving in to his undeniable allure might just cost me my job. Or worse yet, my heart.

I’m a prick…and Janice Holder’s new boss. Which means I should stay away, but I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. If I don’t get my twisted fascination under control, it will only be a matter of time before I bend her over my desk and screw her. Hard. The way I’ve imagined no fewer than a thousand times since we met. I’m playing with fire and neither of us can afford to get burned, but landing in hot water might just be worth the risk.

Faking It is a full-length, standalone office romance. It contains steamy scenes with a ton of heat and strong language intended for mature audiences.


I gripped her elbow and forced her into a narrow alleyway.  She shook my hand off with a grunt and turned on me with chest heaving.
"Don't touch me!"
I put both hands up and took a step back. "Calm down."
"Stop telling me to calm down."
"If you aren't capable of handling yourself with professionalism, then you need to go back to the hotel."
"Oh, that's rich, coming from a man who forced his employee to share a room with him and then accosted her while she slept."
"Enough," I boomed. “I didn’t know you were asleep.”
I backed Janice up against the wall until our chests nearly touched. Her breathing shallowed and the vein in her neck throbbed. She gazed up at me with eyes dilated and lips parted. I saw what she was trying to hide with all of her bravado-laced anger. It lurked in the depths of those dark, emerald eyes, like a beacon drawing me in.
Pure lust.
"This is the last time I will allow you to insinuate that I took advantage of you. Understood?"
"Or what?"
I traced my finger along her jawline and across her plump, bottom lip, relishing the way she trembled under my touch.
"Or I'll be forced to prove a point."
"And what's that?"
I leaned closer so that our lips almost touched. Janice's eyes fluttered shut and her mouth parted, her pink tongue glistening in welcome.
"That you want me to fuck you so bad, you'd beg for it."
Her eyes snapped open and before I could stop her, she slapped me.
Hard enough to send me back a step.
The sharp sound reverberated down the alleyway with her shocked gasp. I dragged in several measured breaths before turning to face her. She ducked her head down and stared at the ground, shaking out her hand with a wince. Clenching her chin in my hand, I forced her to look at me. Guilt tore through me at the raw anguish I saw there. I had pushed too far. Again.
Before I could apologize, she masked the pain and spoke with quiet resolve. "I'm sorry for hitting you, but you deserved it." There was no way I could argue with that, so I stayed quiet, watching as she struggled with her next words. "And you're right. I do want you."
"Janice…" I said, stepping closer, but she stopped me with her raised hand.
"But it doesn't matter. This," she said, gesturing between us, "can never be." I opened my mouth to argue, but she stopped me with a shake of her head. "When we get to the office, you and I are going to do the job we came here to do. That's it. No more flirting. No more touching. No more getting to know each other," she insisted as she stabbed me in the chest with her finger, driving me back with each one of her statements.
She hitched her laptop bag higher on her shoulder and pushed past me with a huff. I watched her retreating backside with awe. That had not gone as expected. Instead of clearing the air, I had managed to make things ten times worse.
"Oh, and Damian," she sang out with a cool smile as she came to the end of the alleyway.
"Don't let what I said go to your head. I may want you, but mark my words. You'll be the one on your knees before it's all said and done."

Author Bio:
First introduced to the genre by her grandmother, DJ Hunnam is an author with a true love for great romance novels. After reading hundreds of them over the last twenty years, she finally decided to put pen to paper and craft her own happily ever afters (HEA). She loves to write about strong heroines who fall in love with even sexier heroes, while tackling real-world problems. Her books are packed with sizzling scenes sure to make you blush. 
A scientist by day and author by night, DJ Hunnam straddles the fence between the mundane and the erotic on a daily basis. When she isn’t writing, you might find her curled up with a book, chasing her two wild sons, or pursuing her own HEA with her husband of ten years. She’s a sucker for dark chocolate, a good bottle of Malbec, and a sexy six-pack. 



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This book sounds steamy! Love the cover!

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This book sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading, thank you for sharing!