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Review Tour + #Giveaway: An Unproven Concept by James Young @Youngblai @GoddessFish

An Unproven Concept
by James Young
GENRE: Sci-fi / Space Opera


In the year 3050, the Confederation of Man finds that there are indeed things that go bump in the night:

Aboard the starliner Titanic, Chief Security Officer Marcus Martin must choose between rescuing his vessel or the love of his life from creatures that are the stuff of nightmares.

Commander Leslie Hawkins must make a Hobbesian decide between human decency...and humanity itself.  Facing overwhelming odds, she must use the obsolescent destroyer Shigure to buy that most precious of resources: time.

Captain Mackenzie Bolan has no decision.  His unproven vessel and her crew are the closest rescue the Titanic and Shigure have.  The only question will be can the Constitution arrive in time.


“Marcus…” Sarah said, her voice breathless.  “Marcus!”

It was the desperate, out of breath cry followed by the wet gurgle as she nearly vomited from inhaling that finally pierced the fog around Marcus’s brain.  Turning around, he found himself confronted with his very angry fiancĂ©.

“Dammit, Marcus, you and the fucking Spartans are about to give us all heart attacks,” Sarah snapped, her chest heaving and sweat pouring down her face.  “We have wounded and elderly people, and half of them are having to hang onto other people.  Where the hell are we going in such a hurry?!”

Marcus felt himself nearly scream at Sarah in rage, his expression causing her to take a step back.

She doesn’t realize what’s going on, he thought, fighting to contain his rage.  No one besides the security folks and maybe the Spartans do.

“Engineering,” Senator Lu interjected from behind Marcus.  “The first place you secure in any boarding action is the powerplant.”

Thank you, Senator, Marcus thought, slightly more in control of his emotions.

“Why not the bridge?” Sarah asked, confused.

“You can’t really do much from the bridge if you have no power,” Marcus bit out.  Realizing he had snapped, he moderated his tone while continuing to explain.  “You’re basically king of a little realm that has no ability to supply its own air, heat, or light.  But engineering is our second stop, I’m just trying to get us into Corridor C so we can find a working intraship communication console.”

“I thought we’ve passed two?” Sarah said.

“No power,” Aimi remarked, still scanning the darkened hallway to their front through the Kanabo’s scope.  “Whomever designed this ship’s subroutines should have their legs broken then left out on the plains for predators.”

“Charming,” Sarah observed lowly, drawing a poisoned look from the Spartan woman.  Marcus hated that he found himself agreeing with Aimi’s sentiment more than Sarah’s.  He looked and saw that their gaggle had closed up slightly.

“People have to keep up, Sarah,” Marcus said lowly.  “This isn’t a pleasure cruise anymore.”

Sarah’s lips compressed in a thin line.

My Review:

Captain Herrod’s ship the Titanic, a passenger ship, is about to become obsolete. It is being pushed aside for a ship the Constitution, a combination between a battle ship and a passenger ship. Captain Herrod will do everything in his power to prove that the world still needs a ship like the Titanic.

When the Titanic runs into a little trouble and the Constitution comes to her rescue it could end up changing everything for the two ships. Will it be a change for the good? Will it be what Captain Herrod had in mind? Can Captain Herrod save the Titanic? To find out all the answers you will have to pick up your copy of An Unproven Concept.

When I read the summary of An Unproven Concept and saw that it was about a starship called the Titanic I knew I had to check it out. It sounded like it would be like Star Trek but with the concept of the Titanic. I was very excited about reading it as I love both Star Trek and Titanic movies. If you love Star Trek and Titanic then you are going to love An Unproven Concept. 


James Young is a Missouri native who escaped small town life via an appointment to the United States Military Academy.  After completing his service in the Army, Mr. Young moved to Kansas to pursue his doctorate in U.S. History.  Fiction is his first love, and he is currently the author of the Usurper’s War (alternate history), Vergassy Chronicles (space opera), and Scythefall (apocalyptic fiction) series, all of which are available via Amazon or Createspace.  Currently living in the Midwest with his loving, kind, and beautiful spouse, Mr. Young spends his time completing his dissertation while plotting new, interesting ways to torment characters and readers alike.  As a non-fiction author,  Mr. Young has won the 2016 United States Naval Institute’s Cyberwarfare Essay contest and the U.S. Armor Center’s Draper Award for a battle analysis of the Golan Heights.  He has also placed in the James A. Adams Cold War History contest held by the Virginia Military Institute and been published in the Journal of Military History (“The Heights of Ineptitude”).

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An 11 x 14 print of the cover art for Kraken Edition signed by the author and Justin Adams 

A 9 x 12 print of the "The Butcher's Blade," a sci-fi artwork print that will be the cover for Though Our Hulls Burn, the sequel to An Unproven Concept 


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