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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Recipient by Audrey J Cole @audreyjcole @GoddessFish

The Recipient
by Audrey J Cole
GENRE:   Thriller


A year after serial killer Michael Rhodes is executed and allowed to donate part of his brain as an organ transplant, Sergeant Wade McKinnon gets called to a murder scene that shares uncanny similarities to those of the late Michael Rhodes. Other similar killings happen around Seattle, and Wade seems to be the only person still alive who knows enough about Michael Rhodes’s murders to be able to replicate them. When evidence found at one of the crime scenes points to Wade as the killer, he races to find the real culprit before it’s too late to clear his own name.

Elle is overjoyed when her husband, Brian, gets a second chance at life when he receives a partial brain transplant after suffering a debilitating stroke at the age of thirty-seven. Their lives seem to return to normal, but Elle notices a disturbing change in Brian’s behavior. When Elle learns that her husband’s brain cell transplant came from Michael Rhodes, she fears that Brian now has the mind of a serial killer.


She hyperventilated as she tried frantically to free herself from the trunk. She assumed her lack of ability to catch her breath was due to her panic and the confined space she was in, not realizing that every muscle in her body was becoming paralyzed, including her lungs. Calm down. You can get out of here. She tried to take in a deep breath, but the tightness forming in her chest only made her more anxious.

She remembered that her car had an emergency trunk release on the inside. Unsure if she was in her own trunk or that of a stranger, she began moving her hands along the felt-like carpet in search of the lever. But her arms would not move as fast as she commanded them to. Fear rose within her and she began to struggle for breath.

The car slowed to a stop when she felt a small plastic handle on the wall behind her head. Relief soared through her as she pulled on the handle and the trunk lid popped open. I’m going to make it, she told herself.

As she struggled unsuccessfully to climb out, she heard a garage door closing. She looked around as she lay helpless and mostly paralyzed and recognized the inside of her own garage. The relief she had felt abruptly dissipated when she recognized her attacker standing over her with an evil smile on his face. Unbeknownst to Mandy, the man had carefully planned her demise by discreetly following her home from the gym the week before. He had also checked her address records to make sure that she lived alone.

“Oh good, you’re awake.”

She was unable to put up a fight as he leaned over and pulled her out of the trunk before carrying her into her house.

My Review:

The Seattle Serial killer is at it again or that is what it looks like when Sergeant Wade McKinnon  is called to investigate a crime scene. The only problem is that our serial killer was executed a little more than a year ago. So who is this mysterious killer that is on the loose? Wade is called to help solve the crime as he was the officer in charge and helped to put Michael Rhodes behind bars and probably knows more than anyone else about the Seattle Slasher. The evidence is plying up and it is pointing toward our very own Sergeant McKinnon. Who is this copycat killer? Is it Sergeant McKinnon?

Elle’s husband Brian suffered a stroke at the young age of thirty-seven which left him a drooling mess of his former self. Elle is ecstatic when Brian receives a partial brain transplant and is then able to return to his former self and his job. But when Brian starts to act differently and not like himself at all Elle becomes concerned about her husband especially when he starts lying to her about where he is and comes home late. When Brian’s late nights start coinciding with the same nights when the Seattle Slashers strikes Elle starts putting two and two together and starts to wonder if her husband could be involved somehow. Is Brian the copycat killer?

When I read the summary of The Recipient I thought now that sounds very interesting and intriguing. It did not disappoint in the least. Actually it was way more than I ever expected. I couldn’t stay away from it I would lay it down to do some blogging or other things but the next thing I knew I had my kindle opened again. Once The Recipient got its claws in me it didn’t want to let go. The Recipient is filled with so many twist and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more and just waiting to see want is around the next corner. I can’t wait to read more in the Emerald City Thrillers series.

I would recommend The Recipient to anyone who loves a good mystery, thriller or suspense. Come join Sergeant McKinnon to find out who the copycat killer is.  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Audrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a writer of thrillers set in Seattle. Although born and raised in the Seattle area, Audrey now lives with her husband and daughter in Port Stephens, Australia. She maintains a blog for aspiring authors and is currently writing a psychological thriller.

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