Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: Animal Graph by M.Black @AmiBlackwelder @RoxanneRhoads

Animal Graph
Graph World
Book 1                  

Genre: Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Action-Adventure

Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing

Date of Publication: July 2017


Number of pages: 157
Word Count:  40,000

Cover Artist: Amy Blackwelder

Tagline: In this never-before-seen-concept, follow Jin through the Amazon in a struggle to survive.

Book Description:

Get lost with Jin in a world of exotic animals, landscapes, rivers, warring groups and an evil ruler.

The novel came to the author in a dream. When prisoners are experimented on by the ruler of the Americas, after a nuclear war, their cells are grafted with cells and neural tissue from animals of the Amazon. Release to be hunted in the Amazon, to train soldier, Jin finds another Graph like herself named Adan and the two have to survive the Amazon if they are going to live.

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous and dangerous Amazon, find new creatures, learn about new exotic countries, travel the highlands, savannas, and plateaus in this breath-taking, page-turning book, ANIMAL GRAPH.

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My Review:

King Borran wants a bigger army so he has taken to experimenting on humans by mixing human and animal DNA to give humans abilities of animals called animal graphs.

A young girl Jin is imprisoned for stealing bread for her family. In prison she is experimented on and becomes an animal graph. After spending a year in prison Jin escapes to find herself in the Amazon jungle hoping to make it home to her mother and brother.

In the jungle Jin meets a young man Adan another animal graph. Adan helps Jin through the jungle saving her life numerous times with soldiers hot on their trail. Soldiers are not the only thing they have to worry about in the jungle there is a lot of wild animals that kill them to protect what is theirs.

Animal Graph is a very fast paced read that takes us into the jungle of the Amazon. We get to see the world through the eyes of Jin as she makes her way through the jungle. We are introduced to new and exotic animals and the description of the landscape after the destruction of a nuclear war.

It would be so awesome to see Animal Graph on the big screen to see the animals in the jungle and to see Jin, Adan and other humans with their different graphs to see them use their abilities.

I would recommend Animal Graph to all fans of dystopia and science fiction. 

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