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Review: When They Came by Kody Boye @XpressoTours @KodyBoye

When They Came 
by Kody Boye 
(When They Came, #1) 
Publication date: April 3rd 2017
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult


I was never afraid of monsters—at least, not until They came: the visitors from outer space.

Now They’re in our skies, on our streets, always watching, forever waiting.

At seventeen, I’m just about to graduate from the Juvenile Education System and declare my career of choice. The Midnight Guard—who protect our community from the vicious things that lie outside our walls—calls to me.

It’s hard, dangerous work, with grueling hours that offer little sleep, but it’s the one thing I know will help make a difference in
our ever-changing world.
My Review:

It has been six years since the aliens invaded Earth and started harvesting people and taking them up to their ship to do who knows what to them. Ana Mia’s father was taken on the first night They came. Ana Mia is luckier than most as she is not alone she still has her mother and sister, Xiomara where most do not.

Ana Mia is graduating and wants to join The Midnight Guard like her sister to stand guard on the wall to keep the aliens from coming inside the walls of Fort Hope.

When the wall is breached and the aliens make it inside and attack their city Ana Mia and her friends Jason and Asha find themselves on the run from the aliens.

I love alien movies and post-apocalyptic worlds. When They Came reminds me of that tv show Falling Skies. I love the world that was created in When They Came with the aliens attacking and Ana Mia and her friends always having to look over their shoulders hoping to see the aliens before they saw them so they would not be harvested like others.

When They Came is a very intense read that will keeping you on the edge of your seat looking for aliens around every turn. Rooting for Ana Mia every time she saw the aliens hoping They wouldn’t catch her.

I loved the ending and can’t wait to see what Ana Mia has in store for us in the next book When They Saw. Even though I loved that ending part of me was expecting it but another part of me kept thinking that it would go in another direction.

I would recommend When They Came to fans of aliens, post-apocalyptic and even science fiction. 

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