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Review: Deception (Dark Matter #2) by Teri Terry @TeriTerryWrites

Dark Matter #2
by Teri Terry
Published: October 29, 2019
Publisher: Charlesbridge Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian


The second book in the spine-tingling Dark Matter trilogy. Finding the cause of a deadly epidemic and a cure has never been more urgent--or uncertain.

Shay, one of the rare survivors of the epidemic sweeping the UK, has surrendered herself to the Army because she believes she's a carrier of the deadly disease. Along with other survivors, she unwillingly becomes a test subject in an effort to find a cure. When the lab where she's being held is attacked, Shay and a few others escape--with the help of Dr. Alex Cross, Kai's hated stepfather and Callie's father. Alex is the leader of the cult-like group Multiverse. Their agenda is murky, but genetic engineering might be one of their goals.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Kai is determined to find Shay. He's discovered survivors aren't carriers, and Shay sacrificed herself for nothing. Teaming up with other survivors who are being hunted, Kai races to rescue Shay before it's too late. His sister, Callie, the true carrier of the epidemic, continues to hide her secret, and a wave of infection follows in her wake as she travels across the country.

As mysteries deepen, the teens must decide whom to trust, and their friendships are tested. Is Callie who she says she is? Should Shay trust the man her mother ran away from--a man Kai hates? Will Kai ever forgive Shay for her betrayal?

My Review:

Shay believing that she is a carrier of the plague that is sweeping across the UK and killing almost everyone in its path decides to turn herself in to the Army before she can kill more. After turning herself in Shay meets more immune survivors who like herself is being used as a test subject to finding a cure for the deadly disease.

When Kai discovers that Shay is gone and has turned herself in he is determined to find her and bring her home. Kai has also discovered that survivors are not carriers. On his journey to finding Shay Kai meets other survivors along the way that are being hunted. They are told that survivors are dangerous and have special powers that if used could be deadly.

In Deception the plague continues to sweep across the country leaving many dead in its wake. More is revealed about the plague and who may be responsible for it. Tests are being run daily in the process of finding a cure before more die.

Deception is told from multi-points of view. It is told from Shay, Kai and Callie’s point of view. We get to see where and what Shay, Kai and Callie are up to and how their stories are progressing and later see how they all come together or intertwine.

Deception is a fast paced read that will keep you glued to the pages with all the action and suspense just jumping off the pages and racing to the end revealing one secret at a time. Oh and speaking of the end that was one big twist that I never saw coming or expected. What a great read! I can’t wait for the next book Evolution to find out more about that ending.

I highly recommend Deception to anyone who likes dystopian, science fiction books with a little romance on the side. One click your copy today to begin this wonderfully amazing journey!

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