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Virtual Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: World for the Broken by Elexis Bell @bell_elexis @RABTBookTours

Dark Post-apocalyptic Romance
Date Published: 4/21/2020

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Fading into unconsciousness, Christian watches psychotic thugs drag his sister-in-law and nephew away to suffer in the city they just escaped. Left for dead near his brother’s corpse, he has but one hope for survival, rely on the pretty stranger who stumbled across him. Not exactly smart after the apocalypse.
Encumbered by the lingering effects of her own violent past, Chloe struggles against her need for independence. Trusting a stranger found lying in the snow is risky, to say the least. Yet, she patches him up.
As they strive to rebuild their hearts, the harsh world they’ve been thrust into promises to tear them apart. Because Christian’s rescue attempt can’t wait. Every second in Chloe’s idyllic hometown means another second of pain for Christian’s family, leaving Chloe with a choice. Risk her life to help Christian save his family? Or condemn them all to a slow death?

My Review:

Christian wakes during the middle of the night to the sound of snow crunching just in time to see his little brother’s lifeless body lying next to him. He watches as he is fading into unconsciousness as his sister-in-law and nephew is taken away by their attackers.

Later Christian awakens to a pretty face staring down at him and attending to his wounds. The pretty face staring down at Christian was Chloe. Chloe is a 27-year-old woman who went through of tragedy of her own a while back. Chloe was attacked in her home just as her parents were leaving. Luckily for Chloe her mother came back as she forgot her purse.

Chloe is left with the memories of that day playing over and over in her head. She watches as her mother and father fight for their lives and she is attacked. Chloe lost both of her parents that day plus a piece of herself, a piece that she will never get back.

As Christian makes plans to rescue the only family he has left Chloe has a tough choice to make, help Christian save his family or not.

World for the Broken is told from multiple points of view giving you a better chance at getting to know more about different each character and who they are. It also gives you a look at the story from different angles and more about each ones story.

World for the Broken is a beaten down and desolate world where each and every character is just trying to survive in more ways than one by putting one foot in front of the other, living day to day. They are trying to survive the tragedies, loss, and heart ache, finding enough food, and even having to fight their fellow humans just to stay alive.

World for the Broken is a heart wrenching and intense read filled with tragedy and enough twists and turns that will keep you glued to turning the pages until the last one has been turned and there is no more. I would like to see more books from this world and its characters.

I love post-apocalyptic books and can’t seem to get enough of them so with saying that I definitely highly recommend World for the Broken to all fans of post-apocalyptic worlds.  

About the Author

Elexis Bell is a quiet nerd with too many hobbies, including everything from gaming to shower-singing and even archery, weather permitting. She specializes in sarcasm and writing stories that make people feel. She's made a home for herself with her husband, their dog, and a small army of cats.

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