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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Mrs. Murray's Home by Emily-Jane Hills Orford @ejhomusic @GoddessFish

Mrs. Murray's Home
by Emily-Jane Hills Orford
GENRE: Middle Grade Fantasy


Home is where the heart is, or so they say. It’s also been said that a home is a person’s castle. But home is also with family and friends. Mrs. Murray longs for home, the family home, a castle an ocean away. The Brownies also crave for home, the same castle Mrs. Murray considers home. And Granny? Mary’s Granny hasn’t been home since she was Mary’s age. It’s time to visit the homeland, Scotland. Mary’s excited to tag along with Granny, Mrs. Murray and the Brownies. And then there’s the witch. The one they thought they’d killed. And the treasure. The one they had found. And it all ties together, for better or for worse. Join the adventure in book 3 of the popular “Piccadilly Street Series”.


Yes, she was going to Scotland. It was a dream of hers to visit Scotland, the land of Brownies and grand storytelling. Her Granny was born in Glasgow and spent her early years visiting family in Kinross and at Blair Castle, the home of the Murray clan chief. That’s where they were headed: Blair Castle. Granny was taking Mary and their collection of Brownies, and, of course, the ghost, across the ocean. They were flying. Mary’s first airplane ride. Mary’s first visit outside of Canada. Mary’s first visit overseas. A lot of firsts. It was all very exciting.
The Brownies weren’t convinced. Neither was Mrs. Murray. And she was the ghost. They all wanted to go. It was their home. Or, at least it had been their home a long time ago. But flying? That was unnatural. It went against the laws of physics. It went against the laws of their magical powers, too. It was one thing to conjure up a spell and become invisible, or to grow bigger like Brunny did the first time he met Mary. Scared her, too. But that was months ago and the two were now fast friends.

“I can’t go,” a voice sobbed from somewhere underneath the growing piles of unpacked clothes. It was Briddie. “I just can’t go. Flying? No! I can’t!”

“We must, Briddie.” Brunny appeared near the folded pyjamas, Mary’s favorite pink ones.

“There is so much we have to resolve. And I want to see our cousins and Pelly’s son. Perhaps they have grandchildren. I want to know. Don’t you? Don’t you want to connect with our family and friends?”

“Yes, Brunny. But flying?” She peaked out from underneath the pyjamas. “I can’t go inside a metal cavern and allow it to take off into the air, thousands of feet off the ground. Once inside, there’s no escape. We’ll be stuck. Inside. Forever.”

“Just eight hours,” Mary interrupted. “And it’s overnight, so we can sleep the whole time. We’ll be there first thing in the morning.”

“No! No! No! It was bad enough getting on that boat and floating out into the deep, blue ocean. But flying over it? No! I can’t! I just can’t.”

Mary stood there watching the exchange. It was actually a little comical. This couple were the bravest people she had ever met, considering all their past adventures. They really weren’t people, though. They were Brownies. Little people. They lived between the walls and underneath the floors. Magical little people who once called Scotland their home. And they were old. Extremely old. Mary wasn’t sure how old, but they all talked of things they did three and four hundred years ago.

My Review:

Mary’s Granny decides to take a trip to visit her homeland in Scotland. Mary, her ghost friend Mrs. Murray and her Brownie friends, the little people all decide to go with Granny on her trip. Granny hasn’t seen her home since she was a little girl. Granny is going to visit her Cousin George at his castle.

Mary’s trip to the castle is filled with excitement and mystery as trouble brews from an old friend that she thought to be long dead, an old friend that has popped up again wanting something that belongs to Mary. This old friend is a very evil and powerful person/witch who is up to no good and Mary must find a way to stop her before she can cause real havoc in the world.

I had the pleasure of reading the second book Mrs. Murray’s Hidden Treasure in the The Piccadilly Street Series and I must say I am not sure as to which book I enjoyed more. I don’t believe I am able to choose between the two both are very enjoyable and easy to read. Although I have not read the first book Mrs. Murray’s Ghost I don’t feel as if I have missed anything that they can be read as standalones but I could be wrong as I have not read the first book in the series.

I love all the characters in The Piccadilly Street books. I love following after Mary, Mrs. Murray and the Brownies as they solve the mysteries. The Brownies are so cute with their size. I would so enjoy seeing these characters on the big screen and watch as the Brownies come to life. All of the characters have found a place in my heart and I hope to see more of them in the future.

Mrs. Murray’s Home is a great book for teens, young adult or any age for that matter. With saying that I highly recommend Mrs. Murray’s Home to anyone looking for a great ghost story slash mystery. One click yourself a copy today to begin this wonderful adventure. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

An avid gardener, artist, musician and writer, Emily-Jane Hills Orford has fond memories and lots of stories that evolved from a childhood growing up in a haunted Victorian mansion. Told she had a ‘vivid imagination’, the author used this talent to create stories in her head, allowing her imagination to lead her into a different world, one of her own making. As the author grew up, these stories, imaginings and fantasies took to the written form and, over the years, she developed a reputation for telling a good story. Emily-Jane can now boast that she is an award-winning author of several books, including Mrs. Murray’s Ghost: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 1 (Telltale Publishing 2018) which was named finalist in the 2019 N.N. Light Book Awards, Mrs. Murray’s Hidden Treasure: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 2 (Telltale Publishing 2019), Mrs. Murray’s Home: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 3 (Telltale Publishing 2020), Queen Mary’s Daughter (Clean Reads 2018) which won the 2019 N.N. Light Book Awards, King Henry’s Choice (Clean Reads 2019), and several other books. A retired teacher of music and creative writing, she writes about the extra-ordinary in life and the fantasies of dreams combined with memories. For more information on the author, check out her website at:

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