Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Review: Shattered by Jenetta Penner @JenettaPenner


The Illusion of Truth #2

by Jenetta Penner

Published: April 28, 2021

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction


He's always taken risks... but this risk might be his last.

In a society that has forgotten that some of its citizens are human, Kalib Fisher is just trying to survive.

Born into the Cobalts, the lowest rung of society, he has done everything to protect those he loves, even if it meant skirting the rules. So when an opportunity presents itself to ensure the safety of his best friend, Tenly Hawkins, he must leave everything behind and follow her into the Cobalt Premier Workforce.

But instead of being happy, Tenly begrudges his choice and rejects him. Somehow she knows he doesn't deserve the placement and must have cheated to get ahead.

Nothing is as he knew it in a new Scarlet household that holds dangerous secrets, and Kalib must accept a fate that could lead to his destruction.

Despite the threat, his pull to Tenly won't leave his mind, especially when he sees her drawing closer to a treacherous member of her household...

And there's little he can do to protect her this time.

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My Review:

Shattered is book two in The Illusion of Truth series. Shattered is the same story as the first book Collapsed which is told from Tenly Hawkins point of view where as Shattered is told from Kalib Fisher’s point of view.

The world that Kalib and Tenly live in, is divided into two different societies, one is the Scarlets and the other is the Cobalts. Kalib and Tenly were born into the world of the Cobalts, the lowest rung of society.

Kalib knows that his best friend Tenly has studied long and hard to pass an exam to cross over into the Scarlets side of the world. Kalib doesn’t want to lose his best friend but he has not always followed all the rules as he has been too busy trying to protect everyone he loves.

On the day of the exam, Kalib decides to take the exam anyway as he wants to protect Tenly. He has no idea what he will find on the other side but will take his chances if it means keeping Tenly safe. But to his surprise, he passes along with Tenly.

Once on the other side, Tenly tries to keep her distance from Kalib as she is suspicious as to how he passed the exam with his record. Tenly no longer trust Kalib but I am not sure she knows who to trust now. But what Tenly doesn’t know is that Kalib will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

But there is more going on in the Scarlets than either of them know and whatever they do may put their lives in peril. Will Kalib and Tenly learn to trust one another again? What is going on inside the walls of the Scarlets? Can Kalib protect Tenly? Will Kalib’s secrets be revealed?

I loved getting the story from Kalib’s point of view. I loved getting to know Kalib more and getting his side of the story. It made me love the world of The Illusion of Truth more than I would have thought possible.

Shattered was just as fast-paced as its predecessor Collapsed and just as secretive. It held on to its secrets revealing them slowly one at a time keeping me interested and wanting more the more I read until I had read the last page and even now I still would like more from this world.

I highly recommend Shattered and Collapsed to all dystopian and science fiction fans. Grab your copy today to begin this epic journey into a whole new world! 

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