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Murderous Envy

by C.J. Carson

GENRE: Paranormal Mystery


Allie Callahan had her whole life mapped out - run her family's marketing firm, make her first million, and get that next big contract. Destiny had another plan. After a catastrophic event forces her to rethink her life's path, Allie discovers that the heritage she's tried so hard to deny is about to lead her in an entirely new direction.

Unable to ignore her grandfather's Native American heritage, Allie embarks on a journey that will test her fortitude, strength, and courage, but it will also bring her the one thing she never dreamed possible - Love.


AFTER DROPPING CLAUDIA OFF AT HER HOUSE, I went directly home as it had been a long, but great day. I had taken the first step to relinquish some of my work to Tara, had a great meeting with Healthtech Pharmaceuticals, and, thanks to Claudia, I now had a date with Josh. Well, kind of.

As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed a long Hummer limo parked in front of a neighbor’s house a few doors down. The windows had a dark tint and, although I could not see through them, it was clear there were running lights lit on the top interior in the back of the car. Now that’s not something you see in this neighborhood, ever, I thought. I shook it off, used the remote to open the garage door, drove in the garage, and hit the remote to close the garage door.

Entering the house, I shut the light off in the garage as the sensor light lit the hallway. Dropping my keys in the dish on the desk, I noticed there were messages on the answering machine. Grabbing a glass of wine from the kitchen, I hit the play button to see who had called.

You have seven messages.

The first call was from, of course, my mother. “Hi, honey, just checking in. How are you? How was your first official day back to work? Call me. Love you!”

The next one was from Mark. “Allie, just got back from my business trip to New York and I just saw your email. You’re promoting Tara? Wow, what prompted that? I mean, I think it’s great, but you’re giving her the Healthtech account? Let’s talk in the morning.”

Message three was from Claudia. “Hey, girl, I had a great time tonight and, well, I hope you’re not too mad at me for inviting Josh over. I have to tell you; I am kind of excited. Can’t wait to see who he brings me for a non-date. See ya!”

The next few messages took me completely off guard and sent chills through my entire body. Message four. “Well, I hope you had a great day today back at work.”

The next message. “Oh yes, and don’t get too used to it.”

Message six. “I almost forgot and couldn’t resist asking, did you get my gift at your back door?”

The next one was, “Oh yes, how are you?”

By the time I got to the last message, I was in a full panic. “Sorry, last message. I will be in touch again soon, both literally and figuratively.”

Interview with C.J. Carson

What made you want to become a writer?

For as long as I can remember I have loved telling and writing stories, but the inspiration has undoubtedly come from my love of history and the arts. In addition to those interests, I have had many opportunities to travel both here in the United States and abroad visiting places where history has unfolded. To name a few, I visited Betsy Ross’s home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, President Lincoln’s home in Springfield Illinois, and Mark Twain’s home in Hannibal, Missouri here in the states. Overseas I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit many places which included Monet’s summer home and gardens in the south of France, The Palace of Versailles in France, the Giants Causeway in Ireland and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.


What inspired you to write Murderous Envy?

My love of learning and new adventures has afforded me many opportunities to reinvent myself many times over in my life. Some of my experience working in the medical field doing energy work as a Polarity and Reiki Therapist was part of the inspiration for this book. I was fortunate to work with a group on projects for film and I wrote this book as a screenplay before I converted to a Trilogy. Seeing a story come to life on film was a great and inspiring experience.


Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Murderous Envy?

Allie Callahan, the protagonist in this book, is a driven and focused businesswoman. She had her whole life mapped out, run her family’s marketing firm, make her first million, and get the next big contract. Destiny had another plan. A catastrophic event forces her to rethink her life’s path and during this story she grows and transforms into the person, she is meant to be.

Claudia Buchanan, Allie’s lifetime friend is an eccentric, strong, and outspoken woman that helps to keep Allie grounded.


You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

This is really a tough question for me. It is hard to pick just two authors, but I would have to say James Paterson and Mary Higgins Clark.

I love their writing for a number of reasons, but by far I love how their stories move right along. They are well written, intriguing, and easy to get through.


Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

I do have future plans for my writing. First, I will complete the trilogy of The Veils of Parallel Times. The three titles are “Murderous Envy” (released), “Murderous Interruptions” (August 2021 release), and “Murderous Karma” (December 2021 release). These books explore Allies’ Native American ancestry on her father’s side of the family. Going forward, I plan to explore her ancestry on her mother’s side, which is Celtic.


What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

In writing this story, I loved trying to keep the reader guessing. I tried to have enough twists and turns in the story to keep the readers guessing, “What would happen next!”.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

From a very early age CJ Carson has been inspired by a great story, but what has brought her to this juncture in her life and inspired her to put pen to paper are the many rich experiences and opportunities her life has put in her path.

Her love of learning and new adventures has afforded her opportunities to reinvent herself many times over.

While working in the medical field she became a licensed massage therapist, attending a number of classes to learn energy work. She then went on to become a Polarity Therapist and Reiki Therapist.

As an artist, she has explored many modalities that have taken her on many a journey.

Her acting has brought her into the world of theatre both on the stage and behind the scenes.

Painting introduced her to a group of artists that shared her passion of bringing a scene to canvas.

Her love of singing afforded her the opportunity to travel twice to Europe as a soloist with conductor Sonja Dahlgren Prior and a chorus out of Boston. Sonja, affectionately known as Sunny, inspired her to do something, she never dreamed possible.

But something CJ Carson has always wanted to do is write. As a young student in high school, she had a teacher who implored her to pursue a writing career, but life had other plans for her first.

Now she is finally introducing to the world her first published work, "Murderous Envy" from her trilogy, Veils of Parallel Times.

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