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Virtual Book Tour: Wake the F**k Up! by Barbara Long @WaketheF_kUp @RABTBookTours @mkwebsiteandseo

Nonfiction / Humor / Satire

Date Published: September 24, 2020

Publisher: MindStir Media

Wake the F**k Up!

Based on humor and satire, Wake the F**K UP is a book for the parents of teenagers, anyone who has been a teenager or just knows one for that matter. The struggle that surrounds teen-life is real and we can all use a little more laughter in our lives.

Interview with Barbara Long

Book synopsis: Based on humor and satire, Wake the F##k Up is a hilarious peak in to the day in the life of raising teenagers.

Targeted age group: This book is for the parents of teenagers, anyone who has been a teenager or just knows one for that matter.

What was the inspiration: My own children were my obvious inspiration but more importantly the book started out as a gentle reminder to myself to laugh more and worry less. When our children are little, there are playgroups and class parties where parents gather and see for themselves that they are not alone in the daily struggle of parenting. Parenting a teenager is very different and can feel somewhat isolating. I decided to publish the book to remind us that we may not gather around playgrounds anymore but we are all still in this together.

How did you come up with the characters: That’s easy. The parent in the book is literally saying what I am oftentimes thinking and the child is a fairly accurate depiction of my own children. And yes, we also have a dog pees on the floor.     

About The Author

Barbara Long is a registered nurse and graduate of University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. She is married to an emergency medicine physician and together they lead hectic lives with their two teenagers, three dogs, two ducks and a rabbit. They now live in Virginia and enjoy all of the love and laughter that life has to offer.

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