Sunday, May 16, 2021

Review: Arrogant Architect by Alexa Padgett @AlexaPadgett

 Arrogant Architect

The Wright Family Series #2

by Alexa Padgett

Published: May 16, 2021

Publisher: Cocky Hero Club, Inc.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


A sexy, new forbidden romance from USA Today bestselling author Alexa Padgett.

For the first time in years, I want…

I want Knox Wright. My best friend’s brother, my boss…the man who breaks my still-shattered heart.

Knox was a college hockey legend and, now, he’s one of the most successful architects in decades. I was the new hire whose desperate need to move on from that night drove me to succeed.

I never should have accepted the position, not once I looked into Knox Wright’s eyes and felt the heat deep in my belly…but I did. Because Knox makes me feel alive. And as I fall under Knox’s spell, our relationship turns intense and deep…and secret. When our affair runs the risk of being exposed, I face a far more intimate betrayal than I ever expected.


My Review:

For Knox Wright and his new employee and his little sister’s best friend, Emmaline it was instant love. Neither one of them knew this when they first met at Emmaline’s interview for Knox’s architect firm even though both of them had started to heat up, but I do believe their hearts did.

The heat just kept ramping up each time they met no matter how hard they fought it for different reasons. Each had things in their past that kept them from feeling what they did. Things they kept hidden from the world or at least tried to.

Emmaline wanted Knox so bad but knew deep in her heart that could never be. The first reason being that he was her boss and they're being together going against the rules set by the Wright Family firm. And not to mention that she has a secret that she is trying to keep hidden from the Wright Family that she believes could end up being a complication with her job.

I have been patiently waiting to read Knox’s story in Arrogant Architect ever since I caught a glimpse of him in the first book in The Wright Family series, Magnetic Medic. I couldn’t wait to read about his dreamy story. Once I was introduced to him I wanted to know more instantly. And now I can’t wait to read the other brother Nico’s story.

Arrogant Architect had my attention from the first page. There were times when I felt like crying and then there were times when I would just laugh out loud. Arrogant Architect keep me on the edge of my seat time after time wondering if Knox and Emmaline would ever put their past behind them and move on, right into each other's arms for all time.

Arrogant Architect is one of the best romantic books I think I have read this year well, that would be if I didn’t count the first book Magnetic Medic of course. Grab your copy of both Magnetic Medic and Arrogant Architect today to begin a great romance or two! Both books are completely standalone but seeing how both books are great stories with some very awesome and dreamy characters I do suggest that you give both a try. 

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