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NBTM Virtual Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Wesley Raccoon Series by Michelle Porter @GoddessFish



Wesley Raccoon: The Old Man in the Houseboat

This story is about a shy little raccoon who overcomes his fear of meeting new people. Join Wesley Raccoon on his travels through the streets of Amsterdam to find out how The Old Man In The Houseboat becomes his new best friend.

My Review:

The Old Man in the Houseboat:

Wesley Raccoon starts his day looking for something to eat. He starts his search at all his usual and favorite places. When he is going from place to place he hides in the flower pots along the way because he is afraid of people. The people are also afraid of Wesley Raccoon so whenever they see him they run him off, so Wesley hides.

When Wesley can’t find any food at his favorite haunts he decides to try the boats down at the canal. Wesley spots a houseboat with pretty curtains. The day is nice and warm with the sun shining down on the boat so he decides to take a little nap. He is startled awake by an old man looking down at him. Wesley is afraid and doesn’t know what to do.

I so enjoyed following Wesley Raccoon around on his adventure through Amsterdam looking for food. I loved the illustrations as they brought the story to life right before my eyes. Wesley Raccoon is so adorable who could rest that little face? Come join in on a day in the life of Wesley Raccoon as he searches for food.

Wesley Raccoon is a delight for all children and adults alike. Grab your copy of this delightful tale today to join Wesley on his adventurous little walk down to the canal and new friends.


Wesley Raccoon: Captain John's Social

This inspiring story of friendship captures the importance of spending time with friends throughout our life. Join Wesley Raccoon and The Old Man in the Houseboat on their adventures through Vondelpark, and learn how Captain John's Social gathers a unique circle of true friends.

My Review:

Captain John's Social:

Come join Wesley Raccoon and his friend the old man who lives on the houseboat on an adventure riding their bikes on a wonderfully beautiful sunny day. Wesley and his friend like to take their bikes to the pond and watch the fish and have a picnic. They like to smell the sunflowers. They meet up with friends as they fly a kite. They get in a little fishing as well. They sing with their friend Lisa-Lou the Hare of Vondelpark.

When it starts getting dark they head back home. Once they are home they decide the night is still early so Wesley takes the old man out for a night on the town. They visit Captain John’s Social where Wesley introduces the old man to more of his friends where they sing and dance the night away.

Captain John's Social is another adventure with Wesley Raccoon and his friend. The illustrations are so remarkably done that they create a story right on the pages. Wesley Raccoon: Captain John's Social is a neat and adorable little story that will teach kids to go out and spend a day in the warm sunshine and make new friends while visiting old friends just to have a little fun. It teaches them to be sociable and friendly.

One-click your copy of Wesley Raccoon: Captain John's Social to join Wesley and his friends for a day of fun-filled adventure!


When he awoke, Wesley was startled and afraid to see the face of an old man peering out through the curtains at him. The man had thick curly white hair, wrinkles, and big bright blue eyes. Wesley wasn’t sure what to do. He started to scurry away, but then noticed a big friendly smile on the old man’s face.

The old man gently opened the window and, in a kind voice, offered Wesley a cup of tea and some fruit bread. “Wow, two of my most favourite things: tea and fruit bread,” thought Wesley. Wesley and the old man in the houseboat spent all afternoon together talking about many interesting things. They had a lot in common.

They shared their favourite music and talked about treasure maps and pirate gold. The old man in the houseboat even taught Wesley how to catch a fish. Wesley soon realized how silly it was to be afraid of his new friend just because he didn’t look like him. And the old man in the houseboat realized how wonderful it was to meet a new friend in such an unexpected place.

Interview with Michelle Porter

What made you want to become a writer?

Writing has always been a part of my life. As a new grandmother I was inspired to bring forth children’s stories that focus on love and social awareness for the next generation of early readers. Somethings we can never get too much of or outgrow; the innocent voice of our inner child, the need to give and receive love, and the enrichment of friendships.

What inspired you to write the Wesley Raccoon children’s series?

The idea for the book had been mulling around in my mind for a couple years but came to life during a recent trip to Amsterdam with my family. After long walks through the city streets and boat rides up the canals, Amsterdam seemed like a perfect setting for the Wesley Raccoon series.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in the Wesley Raccoon children’s series?

The first book in the series introduces 2 charters, Wesley Raccoon, who was inspired by my grandson and The Old Man in the Houseboat, who was inspired by my father.

The second book builds on the character development and introduces Wesley’s key friends into the series. The Fox of Dam Square – this is the main square in the downtown area of Amsterdam. The Wise Owl of Nine Streets – a character that lives in the Nine Street section of the old city core. The Nine Street area is named for it radius (which encompasses 9 city blocks of unique retail shops). The Hare of Vondelpark – that lives in a very popular park which runs through the middle of Amsterdam.

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

That’s a hard question to answer. I think I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the infamous Dr. Sues books that have inspired many children over the years. I remember as a child receiving the book Green Eggs and Ham as gift from my uncle. That’s all it took - I was bitten by the Dr. Sues bug and collected many of his other books for years to come.

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

As a new author, writing a trilogy was an ambitious first project and one that has been tremendously rewarding. The first book in the Wesley Raccoon series focused on Finding New Friends, the second book shared ways at Growing Friendships and the final book will tackle the sensitive subject of saying goodbye to a friend that has passed away.

The final book in the trilogy is titled Wesley Raccoon: Tulips in the Water and is due to be released of publication at the end of 2021-early 2022.

The story concept was developed a couple years ago, however timing of the release is rather serendipitous as we have all been tremendously affected by world events this year. For some readers this topic may hit rather close to home if they have lost a friend or family member during the pandemic. The book provides a gentle gateway for parents to initiate a conversation with their young children about the cycle of life in a positive and loving way.

I think it is safe to say that there will be many more children’s books on my horizon, and I look forward to sharing additional news with you on future new releases.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Writing this series was a huge sense of accomplishment for me as it has been on my bucket list for many years. Recent life events became the catalyst and a big part of my drive to publish a series. I recently lost my father six months prior to the release of the first book and five months later became a new grandmother to my beautiful adventurous grandson Wesley. Writing this series seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce them to each other in the magical way of storytelling.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

As a mother to four grown boys, Michelle is passionate about writing captivating children's stories on the importance of social acceptance, kindness and life lessons. Her books focus on friendship, love and self-awareness blossoming in a world that children understand.

Her warm-hearted approach to writing and whimsical use of watercolor illustrations connect with young creative minds, inspiring children of all ages. The message she coveys is simple yet powerful: "When we release our fear of the unknown and our preconceived notions, we free our hearts to find true friends, to love, and to grow."












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