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She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet

by S. R. Cronin

GENRE: Historical Fantasy


Do you know what your problem is?

Celestine, the fifth of seven sisters, is tired of hearing about hers. Father thinks she’s frivolous because she likes pretty clothes and caters to the crowds in the taverns who adore her music. Mother thinks that because she’s the most social daughter in the family, she can’t keep quiet about anything.

They’re both wrong. Celestine hides a secret she has kept for most of her life.

As the family beauty and a talented musician with a lyrical voice, she has the best prospects for marriage to a prince. When such a liaison never happens, people assume Celestine is too choosy. But even in somewhat tolerant Ilari, a daughter hates to disappoint her family. How can she tell them she’s in love with a princess instead?

Lucky for Celestine, all her sisters are obsessed with an invading army headed to their realm. Celestine would rather ignore the threat and enjoy the freedom their lack of attention gives her. But, her voice can unlock a power that may help save Ilari. And the woman she loves is determined to fight these invaders. And her family, for all their talents, seems clueless about how to motivate the masses.

Celestine knows she can inspire the citizens of Ilari to do what needs to be done. Is it time to put her inhibitions aside and use her voice to save those she loves?


My twin sister Olivine and I saw more of each other as spring grew warmer. She and I differed outwardly, as her shiny bronze hair made clear from a distance. She avoided people, being utterly absorbed by her art. Me, I couldn’t imagine spending every day alone, working to make some small piece of canvas look exactly as I wished.

We differed on the inside too. Sex with boys thrilled her, giving her an easy route to the intimacy she otherwise lacked.

How long do you think either of us will last living at the farm?” she said as we sipped a lovely pink lunch wine and enjoyed a dish of eggs and chives, the mid-day specialty at one of my favorite taverns.

How long do you think we’ll last without a place to have lunch,” I answered. “Neither of us is cut out for the farm, are we?”

No, but what can we do about it?” She looked as sad as I felt.

This musical ensemble I told you about? I’m trying to turn it into a paying proposition so Mom and Dad won’t object if I spend my time here in Pilk performing.”

She stared into her goblet of wine, thinking.

That could work. Mom would hope you’d find a husband in Pilk. She’s already complained to me that you rejected every boy in Vinx.”

Oh, but not just any boy will do,” I said.

Of course not,” she answered. “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a prince!”

I repeated the words with her and we laughed. Mom had passed that piece of wisdom along since we were toddlers.

I’m probably not going to marry royalty,” Olivine confided.

Yeah. Me neither.” I thought about saying more, about telling her about Firuza and all the passions she’d awakened within me. Olivine wouldn’t criticize, but would she understand? I hesitated for a heartbeat, the waitress interrupted us, and then Olivine stood to leave.

The time for confidences had passed. Maybe next time.

My Review:

She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet is Celestine, the fifth of seven sisters story of the War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters. War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters is told from each of the sister’s points of view upon events happening at the same time. She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet is told from Celestine’s point of view and her side of the story.

Celestine’s mother thinks she can’t keep her mouth shut. She thinks that Celestine is the kind of person to tell all but she doesn’t know her daughter as well as she thinks as Celestine has had a secret that she has been holding onto for most of her life.

Like all her sisters Celestine is expected to marry a prince but she has never wanted all of that. She just wants to put her talent to use in helping her sisters fight the war that is headed their way. Celestine is a great singer who loves playing with her band at the tavern.

Celestine finds her true love but she is not a prince she is a princess. Like Celestine and her sisters, her new friend wants to help fight in the upcoming war. Celestine and her sisters have been preparing for the war that is heading their way. They have been practicing their magic trying to find the best way they can use their magic to serve in the war and to save their realm from impending doom.

Like all the books that have come before it, She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet is full of action with lots of twists and turns that keep the pages turning. I have enjoyed reading Celestine’s story of how everything went down before their enemies arrived on their doorstep.

I loved learning about and watching Celestine as she practiced her magic. The descriptions and world-building were so realistic I felt as if I was seeing it all play out right in front of me. The words just jumped right off the page as I was swallowed up in their world, the world of the Seven Troublesome Sisters.

I highly recommend She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet to all fans of historical fantasy and seven troublesome sisters. Grab your copy of She's the One Who Can't Keep Quiet today and step into the epic world of seven wonderful sisters. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sherrie Cronin is the author of a collection of six speculative fiction novels known as 46. Ascending and now writes a historical fantasy series called The War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters. The synopses of her books makes it obvious she is fascinated by people achieving the astonishing by developing abilities they barely knew they had.

She’s made a lot of stops along the way. She’s lived in seven cities, visited forty-six countries, and worked as a waitress, technical writer, and geophysicist. She’s lost several cats but acquired a husband who still loves her and three kids who’ve grown up just fine, both despite how odd she is.

These days she lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she also answers a hot-line, does things to improve her writing, and volunteers for the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) of which she’ s proud member.

All her life she wanted to either tell these kinds of stories or be Chief Science Officer on the Starship Enterprise. She admits to occasionally checking her phone for a message from Captain Picard, just in case. 

Author Social Media Links:

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