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NBTM Virtual Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Gone Before by Terry Korth Fischer @TerryIsWriting @GoddessFish

Gone Before

by Terry Korth Fischer

GENRE: Mystery


Small-town detective, Rory Naysmith, thought he’d seen it all, but a young woman’s brutal murder is especially hard to stomach. Doubly so, when he recognizes the murder’s MO is identical to that of Tobias Snearl—the killer he put behind bars a decade before. His frustration grows after a series of senseless accidents plague those dearest to him, and a second woman dies—this one too close to home. Searching for answers, Rory races against time, plunging deep into the murder investigations, drawing ever closer to becoming a casualty of the dark, angry deeds himself, until he finds no one is who they pretend to be—and none are beyond evil’s reach.

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I think my guardian angel is off for the Fourth.” The detective studied the cloudless sky and tried not to think about his foot. It didn’t work. “Just use the crowbar to break one of these frickin’ stones loose.”

The jack handle didn’t do the trick. Opening the trenching tool and using the pick end, Thacker swung it against the largest stone. It bounced off the surface.

Rory suppressed a scream as pain shot from his knee down his encased leg. “Easy!”

Sorry, boss.”

Try removing one of the outer stones. Loosen them, and maybe we’ll be able to budge these. I’ll hold the light, and you make room for these damn jaws to unclasp. Try finding the cornerstone.”

A fine layer of perspiration covered Rory’s face. He felt defeated and a little nauseous. He leaned back on his elbows and looked at the sky. “Thacker,” he said, “this is damn unlucky.”

The rookie moved down the mound to the edge of the pile. Using the crowbar and a lot of muscle, he attacked. Finally, he was able to roll one stone out of position. Then another. He was still three feet from Rory’s crevice, working his way toward the more enormous boulders and Rory’s ultimate freedom, when the rock he was prying loose rolled out of place. He hesitated. “There is something funny here, boss.”

I could use a good laugh.”

Not ha-ha funny, peculiar funny.” “Tell me anyway.”

There’s someone else in this rock pile.”

My Review:

Detective Rory Naysmith stumbles upon the brutal murder of a young woman half-buried. So far Rory has no clues as to who killed the poor girl. But the more he looks at the evidence the more it becomes familiar to him.

Rory swears that he has seen this MO before. But the guy he is thinking may have killed the girl is behind bars. So who killed this girl? Does Rory have a copycat killer on his hands? How does a man manage to commit murder from behind bars?

When Rory finds this girl he stumbles and injures his leg but refuses to see a doctor at the time as he has too much on his plate like a murder investigation. Rory’s injury slows him down during his investigation but never fear as he has a lot of friends who help him out at home and work.

Gone Before is a very enthralling read that kept my attention from the first page to the last. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I raced to the end so I could find out whodunit. The suspense alone was enough to keep the pages turning. Detective Rory Naysmith is a wonderful character and I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes. I also liked meeting all the other characters in Gone Before as well.

If you like a good murder mystery like myself then I definitely recommend Gone Before! Grab your copy of Gone Before today!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Terry Korth Fischer writes mystery and memoir. Her memoir, Omaha to Ogallala, was released in 2019. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies in print and online. Terry is a member of Sisters in Crime, Pennwriters, Inc, and Clear Lake Area Writers. Transplanted from the Midwest, Terry lives in Houston with her husband and their two guard cats. She enjoys a good mystery, heat and humidity, and long summer days. Visit her website at

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Thank you for sharing your review of this book, it sounds like a thrilling read and I am looking forward to it

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