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Review: Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen @BornTimAllen

Apocalypse Orphan

The Fractured Earth Saga #1

by Tim Allen

Published: January 29, 2016

Publisher: Spectrum Ink

Genre: Young Adult, Teens, Aliens, Time-Travel, Science Fiction, Dystopian


Commander Orlando Iron Wolf is aboard the International Space Station when a blinking light on his computer console alerts him to a fast moving comet headed for a collision with planet Earth.

With no way to stop the impending doomsday, the world descends into panic and anarchy. Massive transport ships are built to colonize the moon, and evacuation of a chosen few begins.

After a shuttle mission to study the approaching comet goes awry, Wolf is forced into cryogenic deep sleep, and the onboard computer assumes control of the ship.

Wolf awakens 50,000 years later to a wildly different earth. Endowed with incredible strength, he finds himself caught in a war between primitive tribes, and his survival depends on Syn, an advanced computer intelligence who has fallen in love with him.

Will Wolf be able to help restore Earth to its past glory or is civilization doomed to fail?

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My Review:

I sorely enjoyed Apocalypse Orphan from the moment I read that first page until the last. When I read the summary for Apocalypse Orphan I knew right away that I had to read it. Apocalypse Orphan had me from a comet about to hit earth to massive transport ships being built to colonizing the moon for people to live on.

I was drawn in with the main character Wolf flying around in space to study the comet, hoping to find a way to save the earth and the people on it. I will have to admit this was my favorite part with Wolf flying around in space. The descriptions were so vividly written I could see it all in my mind.

Apocalypse Orphan was a fast-paced and intense read from the first page to the last but it was especially intense at the moment when Wolf was being pulled in by the comet. Oh, and then when he wasn’t able to pull himself free he was put into cryogenic sleep by his onboard computer for about fifty thousand years and then waking up to a new earth.

Wolf also discovers that he is much bigger and stronger than he was before. When he lands on this new earth and meets the people there he sees that he is bigger and stronger than anyone on this new earth.

Apocalypse Orphan is one of the best books I have read in a while and I can’t recommend it enough. I would love to see Apocalypse Orphan on the big screen. The graphics would be excellent. I know my imagination cannot do it justice. I loved this world that was created for Apocalypse Orphan and can’t wait to read more from this world.

I would recommend Apocalypse Orphan to all science fiction fans. One-click your copy of Apocalypse Orphan today!

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