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Review: Dependence by Clare Littlemore @Clarelittlemore


The Bellator Chronicles #2

by Clare Littlemore

Published: May 27, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Young Adult


A bitter betrayal. An unwilling hostage. An impossible choice.

Kidnapped in the aftermath of the explosion which rocked Bellator, Faith is a prisoner in the rebel community of Eremus. As she plots her next move, she struggles to come to terms with Noah’s betrayal. He proved what she was always taught – men can’t be trusted.

But in this harsh environment, Noah may be her only ally. Bitterly regretting his actions, he does everything he can to regain Faith’s trust. And when he defends her from the ruthless rebel leader, she finds herself falling for him.

Then Faith learns that Bellator wants her back - for all the wrong reasons. Caught in the middle, she doesn’t know where to turn. As the reckless actions of the leaders on both sides endanger someone she loves, Faith realises she has become a pawn in a much bigger game.

Can she save her best friend without playing into the enemy’s hands? And, if she succeeds, will it mean leaving Noah behind?

The second book in the Bellator Chronicles, Dependence is filled with intense drama, gripping action, and a pair of star-crossed lovers you’ll be rooting for long after lights out. Perfect for fans of The Selection, Noughts and Crosses, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

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My Review:

Dependence is the second book in The Bellator Chronicles and was just as great if not better than its predecessor Compliance. Dependence was just as exciting and kept me racing to the end not being able to flip the pages fast enough wanting to know how it all was going to turn out.

Dependence is told from both Noah's and Faith’s points of view. I enjoy seeing the world through more than one pair of eyes as there is usually more than one story to tell or more than one side to a story. Dependence takes place in the rebel community of Eremus. Eremus residents live in caves with many rooms.

Inside one of these rooms is where Faith is being held. Faith is from Bellator. After the explosion at Bellator, Faith and a few other girls were taken, prisoner. Noah knew that taking the girls was a bad idea but he couldn’t resist as he wanted Faith close to him. I do think Noah probably thought he was saving her more or less.

I really loved reading Compliance and getting the Bellator side of the story about the all-female population but I also loved reading Dependence and getting their side of the story and seeing their world. Can you just imagine how all those girls are going to react when or if they ever learn of the existence of men?

I can’t wait to see where Faith and Noah’s story or stories go next in the third book Defiance in The Bellator Chronicles.

I highly recommend Dependence to all dystopian and Sci-Fi fans. Grab your copy of Dependence today!

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