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Review: If She Wakes by Erik Therme @ErikTherme

If She Wakes

Harlow Series #2

by Erik Therme

Published: February 20, 2022

Publisher: Thecker Books

GENRE: Psychological Thriller



Who do you trust when everyone is lying?

My name is Tess Parker.

Two days ago, I was in a car accident with my sister-in-law, Torrie. Before she slipped into a coma, she asked my husband and me to care for her four-month-old son, Levi.

Yesterday, a woman claiming to be Torrie’s estranged sister knocked on our door. But Torrie has no siblings . . . or so she said. She and my brother were only together a short time before he left, and Torrie has clearly been keeping secrets.

Today, another of Torrie’s “sisters” has come to town. Both say the other is lying about who they are.

Neither of them is telling the truth.

Both of them want Levi.

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My Review:

If She Wakes is book two in the Harlow Series by author Erik Therme. If She Wakes is just as good if not better than the first book If She Dies. I really enjoyed reading both books and if I had to choose which book was the best I don’t think I could as I loved them both and definitely can’t wait for more from the Harlow Series world and its characters.

If She Wakes was a sad but sweet book that had me in tears on more than one occasion as it revealed secret after secret, secrets that I never saw coming. The twists and turns were coming faster than I could turn the pages. Each page was filled with mystery, suspense, and lots of twists. If She Wakes was also an intense read that kept me glued to the pages waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Tess and Josh are still dealing with the loss of their little girl Lily. Lily was killed in a car accident. Tess blames the man who hit them. Tess has also lost her twin brother, Colin after he lost his battle with cancer. Tess is having a hard time dealing with their deaths. Although she has Josh she still feels as if she is all alone in the world.

Colin left behind a wife, Torrie, and a four-month-old baby, Levi. Tess and Torrie have not been close but they really have not had a chance to get to know each other well as Colin and Torrie were not together that long before his death. Tess is trying to spend more time with Torrie now and to help out with the baby or whatever she may need.

Torrie and Tess decide to go out and spend some time together. They are involved in a car accident. Torrie was injured worse than Tess and had to go to the hospital. In the hospital, Torrie asks Tess and Josh to take care of Levi. Torrie slips into a coma and Tess begins to wonder about baby Levi.

Tess knows that she and Josh may have to raise Levi themselves if Torrie doesn’t wake up. Tess is not sure she can do this as she is still suffering from the loss of her own little girl.

A girl shows up on Tess’s doorstep claiming to be Torrie’s sister. Tess is very suspicious of this woman as Torrie never said anything about having a family. Who is this woman and what does she want? Tess gets a call from another woman also claiming to be Torrie’s sister? What is going on? Who are these people? What do they want?

Do I recommend If She Wakes? Oh, yes, I definitely do! I would recommend If She Wakes to all mystery, suspense, and thriller fans! Grab your copy of If She Wakes today!

If She Wakes can be read as a standalone without any problems but I would suggest that you read If She Dies first as I do believe you would enjoy If She Wakes so much better.

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