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Review: Through Digital Ascent by Chris Sarantopoulos @c_sarantopoulos

Through Digital Ascent

Matriarchs - Silicon Gods #2

by Chris Sarantopoulos

Published: May 29, 2022

Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Thriller


When giants fight, ants better stay away.

It’s been ten years since Chris Leuben’s fall from grace began with no apparent end to it. When the mafia boss he has grudgingly been working for threatens his son’s life unless he apprehends the terrorist responsible for the A-B Massacre, Leuben is forced to accept.

When the team they paired him with gets exterminated after the job is done, Leuben begins to investigate. What he discovers shakes his faith in the system he has defended throughout his life.

Now it’s up to him to expose those hiding in the shadows and to prevent them from succeeding with their sinister plans. There’s a timer ticking down for him and the entire human race.

Trigger Warning: mention of prostitution. Moderate violence. Drug use. Suicide themes. Moderate use of foul language.

Audience: Adult

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My Review:

Chris Leuben used to be a cop but for the last ten years, he has been working for a mafia boss. This is not something Leuben wants to do but at the moment it is his only choice.

One day Leuben’s boss sends him out on a job to bring him a terrorist, a woman. Leuben wants no part of this assignment and tells his boss but he threatens his son’s life leaving Leuben no other choice but to find this lady terrorist. After Leuben and his team find this terrorist she is killed along with his whole team. Leuben sets out to find the person responsible for their deaths.

Through Digital Ascent kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how it was all going to come to an end. There is one thing about it Leuben kept me entertained from beginning to end as he is one bada** dude, always kicking butt where ever he went. He is one tough dude. I would love to see this dude on the big screen. I could just see him as one muscular dude fighting his way to the killer. I am looking forward to the next book Through Virulent Time.

I would recommend Through Digital Ascent to all mystery and thriller fans! Grab your copy of Through Digital Ascent today!

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