Friday, February 9, 2024

Review: Mr. Wicker by David Viergutz

 Mr. Wicker

by David Viergutz

Published: February 5, 2024

Publisher: The Nightmare Engine

Genre: Horror, Psychological Horror


In the heart of a Dallas summer, a menacing figure descends onto the concourse of the Mellows Subway Station, dragging a veil of darkness behind him. Escaping beyond the veil proves deadly: a woman loses her life upon crossing, while another loses a hand. The station is sealed off from the world—a private prison made of shadow and concrete. And there, shrouded by the gloom, the malevolent Mr. Wicker lurks, a spectral sentry whom none shall pass.

No one dares to cross beyond the veil, and no one knows if they’ll ever escape.

Warren Dodd, an ex-con hoping to be reunited with his family after seven years behind bars, finds himself trapped in the company of a cluster of equally unlucky citizens—an insurance salesman with a chip on his shoulder, a duplicitous attorney, a busker in mental anguish, Warren’s wife and child, and a Chinese national running from her past. And nobody is entirely who they seem …

The group faces a grim choice: decipher the meaning behind Mr. Wicker’s presence, or forfeit their lives to the dark.

And with the veil drawing ever closer, time is running out …

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My Review:

Mr. Wicker is very unique in it's own way. It is dark and scary. It will have you guessing from the first page trying to figure out if what is being seen is real or not. The suspense kept me hanging on every word as I raced to the end wanting the whole story now. Mr. Wicker kept me in the dark page after page as I tried to figure out what was really happening.

Mr. Wicker will have you gasping and in shock most of the time. Mr. Wicker is told from several different character's points of view. The darkness of the story kept pulling me in more and more the more I read.

For some, I would imagine Mr. Wicker to be a nightmare or maybe cause nightmares to happen but I would have to say that for me it was fun as it is only a story and a dark one at that. Well, not all fun as it was a little bit disturbing.

Mr. Wicker is a deep story that goes deep into one's mind finding that little voice that we all have that talks to us in different ways. That little voice that pulls you one way or another trying to convince you to do things or not do them.

David Viergutz sort of reminds me of Stephen King’s writing in ways. David knows how to write words and stories that you can get lost in as the world around you disappears for a little while which is what we want to happen when we pick up a book to read, right?

David Viergutz had done it again by writing another horrifying story that I would recommend to all horror fans! Grab a copy of Mr. Wicker today! 

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