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Review: Where The Stars Hide by Patricia Gulzar

Where The Stars Hide

by Patricia Gulzar

Published: October 22, 2023

Publisher: Write The Truth Productions

Genre: Teen, Young Adult, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller, Dystopian


Puberty can be a scary time for the youth in Eradeem. Breasts are developing, hair is showing up in strange places, voices are deepening, and unsightly, gray vine-like markings called Abnormal manifest over the body. Yet for 14-year-old Mae, Abnormal hasn’t happened. Could it be from the stress of last year? First, her grandfather’s controversial research on the existence of stars landed him in prison; then she witnessed her mom’s Abnormal getting out of control - changing her into something not human.

Mae seeks answers as she ventures to where her grandfather conducted his research, as strange floating lanterns lead her to a shepherd named Lev, revealing the unfathomable truth about Eradeem and the Abnormal. After Mae mysteriously awakens in her bedroom, she wonders if it was all a dream. But how 
could it be if she’s been missing for hours?

Her disappearance garners the attention of higher authorities, and she is taken to an institution with other misfit children to be re-educated. Alone on an emotional battlefield, should she accept that her grandpa’s insanity isn’t too far from her own and submit to rehabilitation? Or will she embrace the overwhelming evidence confirming everything she’s ever believed, risking it all?

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My Review:

Where The Stars Hide was a great story that grabbed my attention with the first chapter and kept hanging on until the end. Once I picked up Where The Stars Hide I couldn’t lay it down until I had read the whole thing. I said before that Where The Stars Hide grabbed me with the first chapter well, that is not totally true as I was actually pulled in by that title. I wanted to know where the stars were. That cover grabbed my attention as well it is so beautiful. I love it.

I was not disappointed by what I found inside as I raced to the end to see where Mae’s journey was going to end up. The descriptions were so well written I had no problem picturing it all in my head as I read. I could see Mae as just watched the lanterns floating by overhead. I could see the lanterns floating by myself as if I was seeing it through Mae’s eyes. I could just see her face when she saw the bugs flashing in and out.

Mae and her family live behind a wall and all their lives they had been lied to as to what lay on the other side of that wall. In Mae’s world, there were no stars, and if anyone was caught discussing the stars they were taken away immediately. Mae has no idea where people are taken either.

Mae’s grandfather is taken away and her parents will not tell her where he is. But Mae is very determined to find out where they took her grandfather. Mae waits until after curfew to go to her grandfather’s secret place they call his base. She thinks she may find the answers she is looking for there. If she is caught then she will be in serious trouble.

Mae’s trip to her grandfather’s base reveals more than she ever thought and leads her down a path that she never dreamed it would. Mae learns more about the stars and more about her grandfather’s world not to mention her investigation reveals a lot about her mother and father as well.

Where The Stars Hide is very unique and quiet, unlike anything I have read before. I would sorely love to read more about Mae and where she is going next in future books. I would love to know more about the world that was created for Where The Stars Hide.

Grab a copy of Where The Stars Hide today and join Mae on her adventure!

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