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Book Tour: Love Songs of the Zombie by Ronald Stephens @SongsOfZombie @RABTBookTours



Is there a God? Can religion be compatible with science? Do miracles happen? Why do bad terrible things happen to good people? You are on a lifetime journey seeking answers to these questions.

You want to base your beliefs on science, reason, and logic, while still affirming purpose and meaning for human existence. You seek to value religious traditions and scriptures but want to avoid accepting obsolete dogmas and superstitions.

The author, a scientist and business leader, shares insights carefully collected and collated during his 70-year quest, and provides surprising, illuminating, and stimulating ideas to help point you in the right direction.

Is it still possible to experience and participate in spirituality like the ancients did? Yes, and it can be done with poetic flair and joy.

Interview with Ronald Stephens

Tell me about yourself.

I am a typical family man, father of four, 71 years old, who has a 50 year career in high technology, has been president of 3 different leading companies in the precise time and frequency industry, including leading roles in the development of satellite communications and navigation systems including GPS. I have degrees in Physics, Math, and Operations Research and I have contributed technically to my field as well as in management.

But I have also written. It is not possible to precisely pin my writings into a "genre". Perhaps similar to the ancient Hebrew prophets, or the psalms, or Nietzsche, one thing for certain, no AI, chatGPT or OpenAI could have written this book! It is unique and original.

I have been on a life long spiritual journey, having explored all world religions, and am determined to find a faith compatible with modern science and reason.

Tell me more about your journey as an author, including the writing processes.

Pieces of this book, poems, were written as early as my teenage years, though most is later. More than half was written in the last 5-10 years. Before my self editing, the manuscript was many, many times bigger. I consider the end result to be very concise, focused, and condensed. It is unified and makes sense as a whole. While even the prose parts are "poetic", it is most certainly NOT like most books of poems that are sort of random. The poems and the prose are real, meaningful and communicative. One could certainly read just the prose if one hated poetry :-) Well more than half the book is prose and every item, poems included, contribute to a unified whole with purpose.

Tell me about your Book (that you want to talk about) / Story (that you want to highlight)

The book includes true, personal anecdotes. Every word and sentence was agonized over. The underlying message is that there is Purpose, even though we do not know entirely what it is, and even the fact that we are in the dark, on so much, with the great unknowns and mysteries challenging us, is part of the plan to optimize all good. But it can be so painful along the way....

Readers will find the book interesting, a page turner that they will come back to again and again, I think.

Any message for our readers

I respect the reader's time. I made great efforts not to waste any reader's time. I believe I have unique and interesting things to say. I wrote a book I would have loved to read myself.

I painstakingly thought and massaged every word so many times, I am satisfied that this is the best I can do. And of course I was influenced by the King James Bible, Shakespeare, Medieval, Romantic, and modern English poetry (which I studied in college), Chinese poetry, Philosophical writings by the leading philosophers, etc. 

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