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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: The Spinster, the Rebel, and the Governor by Charlene Bell Dietz @CharBellDietz @GoddessFish

The Spinster, the Rebel & the Governor

by Charlene Bell Dietz

GENRE: Historical Fiction


Move over Susan B. Anthony. There’s an unsung woman asking for the vote 224 years before you, and murderous rebels and bigoted gentlemen can’t prevent spinster Lady Margaret Brent from wielding her power to defend Maryland settlers from plunder and obliteration.

Lady Margaret Brent, compelled to right wrongs, risks her life by illegally educating English women, placing her family at risk. She fights to have a voice, yet her father and brothers exclude her from discussions. Worried the kings’ men may know of her illegal activities, she flees to the New World where she can enjoy religious tolerance and own land, believing she will be allowed a voice. Once in Maryland, she presents cases in provincial court where she’s hired as the first American woman attorney, but there she uncovers perilous actions, prompting her to build a fort to shield those within from being murdered. Can Margaret Brent’s integrity and ingenuity protect Maryland from being destroyed?

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Fulke, the eldest and shortest brother, spoke. “Cecil, I know you have an urgent purpose for coming here tonight. Your carriage and horse stand unattended outside our door, you’ve arrived unannounced, and all the while your manners cause you to bide your time to play the social card.”

Cecil, the second Lord Baltimore, surveyed his Brent cousins’ faces. After a brief hesitation, he said to their father, “Richard, your family may be under the scrutiny of the king. If you’ve a way to hear the latest news, and you already know these things, then I hope to God you’re making plans. However, I suspect living so far away you haven’t heard the terribleness of it all. Since King Charles dissolved Parliament, he’s ruling uncontrolled.”

Richard held his hand up for Cecil to stop talking. Her father stood. “Dary, stoke the fire once more, then you may retire after you ask Pip to attend Lord Baltimore’s horse and carriage.” Margaret understood her father’s desire to keep whatever Cecil might say within the family. She nodded to Crissa, dismissing her for the evening.

Will you be wanting more wine, your Lord?” Pursell removed the empty bottles.

Thank you, Pursell. Please leave the other bottles on the table.”

Richard made some superfluous comments until the door shut behind the butler, house boy, and the young maid. Margaret’s brothers huddled in their own conversation.

Richard scowled. “The king’s eye falls on my family because Catherine, Eleanor, and Elizabeth have become nuns, a clear statement about the family’s distasteful view of the Church of England. My daughters must do what’s in their hearts.” He sighed. “The obvious is the obvious. My sons and my attendance at church seem no longer enough to placate the crown.”

Giles nodded to his brothers. “You can wager our fines won’t be enough to satisfy the crown either. The Brent estates are in danger—”

Their father scoffed. “I have protected my lands from the king’s sequestration. Admington and Stoke have safely been signed over to relatives.”

Father,” Fulke said, “your fourteen-year lease to protect Lark Stoke ended last year.”

Ah, time, time, time.” Richard shrugged. “I have other lands the king can take for his damnable two thirds.”

Lord Baltimore shifted in his chair, flexing his fingers. “There’s more. Your name sake Richard and his writings—it pains me to say he’ll no longer be fined, but next imprisoned.”

Margaret watched Cecil start to say something else—instead he took a sip of wine.

He believes prison may not be the worst of what might happen to Richard.

Cecil glanced up at Margaret. After a moment, he set his goblet down, strode over, and took Margaret’s hand. Holding it gently, he stared down at her, looked at her father and brothers, then cleared his throat, probably full of words he didn’t want to say.

Dear lady, some tell me they fear for your safety.” He lowered his voice. “Rumors say since the Pope banned Mary Ward’s institution, you’ve now taken up the call and are visiting Catholics in hiding.”

Richard cocked his head. “What’s this you say? Mary Ward?”

Margaret’s blood chilled.

If he knew the whole of it, the mathematical and Latin lessons, the reading of the actual bible instead of prayer books sanctioned for women—gathering in the homes to sew and study.

Margaret,” Cecil said, “consider your family. If certain people hear of this all your lives will be in peril. Your family, nor I, would wish to see you swing from the gallows.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Charlene Bell Dietz lives in the central mountains of New Mexico. She taught kindergarten through high school, served as a school administrator, and an adjunct instructor for the College of Santa Fe. After retirement she traveled the United States providing instruction for school staff and administrators. Her writing includes published articles, children’s stories, short stories, and mystery and historical novels

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We appreciate you featuring this book today.

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I like the blurb and excerpt. Sounds like a good historical novel.

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Sounds like a good book.

Charlene Bell Dietz said...

Thank you for highlighting my story, Avid Reader. You have developed a most engaging site.

I appreciate all of you following my tour, too.
Marcy, I'm pleased you like the excerpt. So much happens historically in this story, it keeps the plot just whizzing along.

Sherry, I hope you find a chance to read it. I bet you'll love it.

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This looks like a great novel. Thanks for hosting this tour.

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looks like a fun one

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Thank you Michael and Daniel for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

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Would I ask the author what cost him the most when writing this story?

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Sounds like an interesting historical read!! Also, like the book cover!!