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Blog Tour + Excerpt: The Silent Violent Few: Noir By Grayer Vaughan @grayervaughan @GHBTours

The Silent Violent Few: Noir
The Silent Violent Few # 3
By- Grayer Vaughan
Genre- Romance, Fiction, 16+

"How will he still want me once he finds out what I've done?"
Alabama Crowne thought she had finally secured her freedom when the life she was destined to live came to a halt. Despite everything she left behind, there was one constant she would never be rid of as death claimed who she was in order to become who she was meant to be all along:  Cash Zachary Calloway.

 Leaving one life to create another didn't seem so bad until Finn Haines, the man she thought she knew, begins to become unhinged when secrets, lies and betrayal tempt them both into an epic end game of "name that Submissive".

Thinking she chose the right Calloway, Alabama takes a chance to build a life worth living as she is set to give birth to the next Calloway heir until facts about Finn's past lead her down a dangerous path filled with devious deviants of epic proportions.  

Unsure of who the father of her unborn child is, Alabama begins to struggle with her sanity, keeping her pregnancy hidden while she soon realizes that the only way out of the mess she created might be to return to the life she left behind as visions of her dead best friend Frankie lead her down a dangerous path of becoming the one thing she never thought she would: Mrs. Calloway.

Will the darkness she created claim the life she must live to be free or will her static inspiration become the dominant Noir she will need to save her from the violent death Goddess has planned?

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Excerpt From Noir-

Something needed to be done. Innocent lives were now gonna be subjected to unrelenting games of torturous pleasure just to please the deceitful motives of a psychopathic killer and his Devil Doll of the requiem.

            My allegiance needed to be shifted to Caley.

            That was the first step in my redeeming efforts.

            I first knew I loved her as my own when she laughed uncontrollably about her explanation for wanting to trademark the color blue.

            “It’s my signature color. I look fantastic in blue. It makes me feel like I could just lose myself in the happiness it offers with open abandon. If I trademark the color, then I can control the effect it has on anyone trying to feel blue and make their lives better as they try to exist in my trademarked color. I refuse to let anyone be unhappy while they surround themselves in my blue. I’d also make a fortune and be able to eat lunch with creative minds desiring an audience with the Mistress of the Blue hues,” she snickered, holding her head high while she tried not to break.

            “Give it to me, Crowne!” Finn would demand, waiting for her ridiculous laugh to boil her over.

            That was all it took.

            I fell in complete love with all she was for my demented son right then.

            It was the one time she truly gave me hope that her unconditional love was enough to tame Finn, transforming the demon within him into a sacred Angel by bowing to her sweet heart.

            I never once considered the alternative.

            When she wasn’t able to, I knew straight away she was going to be my penance for creating the monster that can’t sleep within Finn. I needed to do something to help her survive. I couldn’t just sit here and allow Meryl to continue to direct my every move like we were her favored Southern marionette dolls of granger. This whole scenario worked when we were younger. We had the world at our heels, ripe for the takeover of the Calloway bloodline.

            Now is a different story entirely.

            I don’t know if it is age or conscious nature, but I just can’t live with this kind of guilt. Meryl had no problem going through her day as usual, plucking our strings to suit her warped entertainment. I was being hauntingly tortured by the cries of my grandchildren that called to my broken heart.

             It was going to take a knife cutting betrayal to make sure he was stopped.

That much I was sure of.

            Betrayal is the code we Calloways survive by.

            It is now with my old Southern life that I will pay to the death soul who haunts our home in order to give Fielding and Daniella a chance to break this devious betrayal circle of Calloway.

            I had no problem kicking the platinum bucket.

            I only needed to be certain they were safe on solid ground. It was now time to rattle the wealthy stack of skeletons in my abundantly overpriced closet.

            Glancing over the balcony, I made sure to keep eyes on Meryl as she walked down the beach. Opening my phone, I quickly placed a call to Bachman Burke Industries to put my plan into action.

            “Bachman Burke Industries. How may I direct your call?” the eager receptionist asks in a chipper voice.

            “This is Beatrice Calloway-Haines. Put me through to Bachman Burke immediately please,” I nervously directed, tapping on the edge of the balcony as if my fingertips were sending a distress call to Heaven in Morse code.

            “Absolutely, Mrs. Calloway-Haines. He has been waiting for your call. One moment,” she replies, forwarding the call.

            Bachman Burke was Meryl’s first tango with passionate love.

They met the day his company presented an internship opportunity to the accomplished ladies of Wellesley. Meryl was young and extremely ambitious with promise oozing out of every pore. She had always been strikingly stunning in appearance. Her russet brunette hair was always pinned into the most elegant curls.

She was a masterpiece come to life as far as Bachman was concerned.

            That was all it took for her to catch his cold silver-blue eyes. 6’1” with the athletic body build of a Greek statue, Bachman was the youngest billionaire in Nantucket sound. His raven hair was perfected into feathered heaven. All the girls wanted so badly to catch his eye; they would have killed for him. He sent hearts soaring with one greeting and the shy smirk that often graced his lips, naturally followed by a humble dip of his head.

            That smirk was the cause of broken hearted madness.

            I was certain everyone had been hypnotized by his cornered bravado.

           Everyone except Meryl.

About the Author-
Grayer Vaughan is the author of “The Vaughan Chronicles” series: Magnolia Like the Flower, Burning Blossom, Starshine; The Cathedral Saga: The Receiver, and The Silent Violent Few series: The Silent Violent Few, Risen, Noir.

Beginning at 11 years old, Vaughan began training in sport Karate as her parents wanted her to be able to defend herself against bullying in school. She began studying under the late 10th Dan Master Richard Dixon, learning Japanese Goju, which is Taekwondo, Kempo, and Kungfu combined. Over the next 7 years, she earned her blackbelt degree and fought all over the United States defending her regional, and divisional titles as well her right to fight for the State of Texas for her division. She received her first state title at 11 and her first world title at 14, fighting her way up to earn her titles. She is still undefeated and is now a retired World Champion. After making the decision to retire, she continued the family tradition in joining the Armed forces once they became of age. Upon discussing an opportunity to fight in the All-Army karate team, Vaughan decided to join the Army to follow in her father’s footsteps. serving 6 years in service, Vaughan returned home to Texas where she entered college to study as an artist. In an effort to keep a promise she made to her grandfather, Daniel, to write about her extraordinary life, she penned "The Vaughan Chronicles", basing the story off her life experiences.                   

“There is always an opportunity to continue to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They may have tried to push me back, but they will never succeed. I can always get better. Never give up.” ~Grayer Vaughan.

According to Grayer, she never intended to become an author. “It happened by answering a “what if” question, and a promise. I was blessed enough to be with my grandfather, Daniel in his last hour here on Earth. He asked what I would do in the next ten years as he wouldn’t be around to experience it with me. I said, “I have no idea, Grampy…I guess I will sell my art- have a show or write a book? I have no idea!” He replied, “you should do it. I believe in you. Promise me you will do whatever it takes to get it out there.”

With the promise made, he passed away a few seconds later. It took 6 months for Grayer to honor that promise, and with each book produced, she continues to keep her accord intact.

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