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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Calling the Reaper by Jason Pere @GoddessFish

Calling the Reaper
by Jason Pere
GENRE: Dark Fantasy


The time of the Unity has ended. Now, the realm of man is stranded between Paradise and Purgatory. The Valkyrie and Reaper battle over the fate of all who pass from the land of the living and into the afterlife.

Eight mortal spirits from vastly different worlds tread the same, inevitable path toward their last, crucial decision. Within them all exists the defining conflict every man must face—to look upon the end of their life with glory and honor, or to give credence to their baser longings, calling the Reaper to their own demise.

In this rich, harrowing tale of pride, deceit, honor, vengeance, and redemption, each individual must battle their inner turmoil, facing the sacrifices they have made before their unavoidable end in the land of the living.

But their last day in life is also their first day of death amidst the terrors of the underworld. Lord Master Death wants them all…and the real battle has only just begun.


It was said he could not be defeated. It was said he had slain over ten thousand warriors. It was said he had lived for nine hundred years and would live for nine hundred more. It was said that his father was the strike of lightning and his mother the winter’s frost, that he traded his spirit to a demon for the strength of twenty men. It was said his blades were forged from the teeth of dragons and his armor fashioned from the bones of giants.

No one knew how much was myth and how much truth save for this: he was the Fist of the Shogunate, the finest of warriors and the most brutal of killers. His thirst for blood and glory was unquenchable. His name was Kenji Rei.

In the final days of autumn, the air was filled with the crisp bite of the coming winter. The Emperor’s court found itself covered in the shadow of falling leaves and petals as the morning wind stripped the trees bare. Two men stood before an audience of some of the most prestigious men in the empire, including the Emperor himself.

The first man was a formidable bladesman of impressive lineage. Hoshi Okami was regarded far and wide as the pride of the Kobiko Dojo, the oldest and most exclusive school in all the empire. It admitted no more than four new students a year. Those Kobiko students were all remarkably gifted and skilled warriors in their own right, and they required not only one but two letters of recommendation from the most venerable Senseis in the empire before they could even petition for admittance.

Above any living practitioner, and arguably any practitioner of the Kobiko art who had ever lived, Hoshi Okami stood a paragon of the way of the warrior. To date, he had never declined a challenge and had fought precisely two hundred and eleven duels, winning each and every one of them. He was about to fight his two hundred and twelfth. Hoshi Okami currently served as the bodyguard and principle advisor to General Aiko Mastay. Okami’s opponent, and the second man before the gathered audience, was Kenji Rei, personal champion of the Shogun and Fist of the Shogunate.

My Review:

In Calling the Reaper we have eight different tales with each character fighting battles of their own choosing. The Valkyrie and Reaper are both fighting to get their hands on each character. Each of our characters thinks they are making the right call in their decisions. They are doing what is right for them. They believe they are making the right call for themselves at that time in their life. The choices and decisions they make will determine if they will end up in paradise or purgatory.

Each character is making the right choice for them. I have always heard that everyone has a price and I use to always argue that point saying that no everyone does not have price but alas I have discovered over the years that I was totally wrong. Yes everybody has a price. Although my price at the time may not have had the outcome that we were on the time of what we both were discussing I still had a price. We set this price when making the choices we make and then we pay the price whether we are aware of it at the time or not.

Each of the characters was very strong and determined people who set out to do a very good thing but may not have been good for them in the end. They each have very big hearts and are set on doing what is right and maybe it is the right choice for them no matter what the end results are. 

The message in Calling the Reaper is a very good one and I have enjoyed reading it. If you like a good story with a message attached to it then Calling the Reaper is the story for you. Get your copy today!


Jason Pere is a born-and-raised New Englander. He always had a passion for the arts and creative storytelling. At the age of thirteen, Jason took up the craft of acting for film and theater. He pursued that interest for over a decade until refocusing his medium of expression into writing.

At first, Jason took a causal interest in writing, starting with poetry and journaling. Over time, he honed his direction and finally began writing larger works. In November of 2012, Jason self-published his first book, Modern Knighthood: Diary of a Warrior Poet.

Since then, Jason has continued writing on his own, mostly short stories and poetry. Calling the Reaper was his first experience committing to a full-length Fiction title.

In early 2015, Jason became affiliated with Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC). Since then, he has joined many other writers on numerous collaborative projects. Jason is a regular contributor to CWC and is scheduled to have multiple pieces of his work appear in their publications throughout 2016.

You can find out more about Jason Pere’s involvement and publications in collaborative fiction at:

To connect with Jason, check him out at:

Jason also writes fanfiction for Team Covenant on their Blog of the Pheonixborn, dedicated to the new game by Plaid Hat Games, ‘Ashes’. Go to to read Jason’s flash fiction work.


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Mai T. said...

For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

Carmen Rudnick said...

Thank you for the excerpt! Sounds like a great read!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your review and hosting :)

Jason Pere said...

Thank You for taking the time to read Calling the Reaper and hosting the review. I am grateful for all the praise you had to give to title.

Jason Pere said...

A for my own reading. I much prefer Paperback/Hard Cover books. Sadly that is rarely an option for me since most of what I read as of late is other authors and writing buddies works in progress.