Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Unforgiving by Alisic Adnan @XpressoTours

Alisic Adnan
Publication date: January 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

12 years after surviving horrific massacre, 15-year- old Meho commits ruthless murders and sets in motion the event which could change the world order.

The murders are followed by the trial of the century, where media vilifies Meho as a psychopath, mass murderer, and a monster — all under the influence of FBI, who are trying to conceal the identity of the victims and protect the National Security.

The only person who believes that Meho is innocent is his 10-year-old brother Bucky, who will turn heavens and earth to free Meho. After learning the truth, Bucky is devastated, but not all things are as they seem, and the truth will be revealed at the very end.

Guest Post:
Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?
They definitely get developed as I write. One perfect example would be Yogi(the wolf in book 2). In the beginning he was just an animal, but as I was writing, his character started to develop, so first he started talking, then cracking jokes, then being a wise ass. I gave him most of the human characteristics and with time he even became wiser and smarter.
Another example would be Bucky. Originally he was a rich, privileged kid, but with my rewriting, he developed into  a tiny, smart motor-mouth who believes he can do anything. He lives in his own world, the world where good guys always win, and if you're his friend, he'll do anything for you. He'll lie for you, cheat for you, steal for you, and he'll always find a rational justification when he steps over the line of morality. That definitely wasn't how I first envisioned him.
Bucky was also full of contradictions; he was a genius, yet in some cases naïve; he was fearless of bullies, yet he was afraid of vampires or werewolves; he was expert in many things, in some others totally clueless.
So characters will definitely take their own shape and grow as the story grows. Any other way would be a recipe for a cardboard character.

Author Bio:
After witnessing terrible war atrocities, Adnan Alisić escaped from Bosnia and came to Phoenix, Arizona where he became a successful businessman. Entangled in a gambling addiction, he was forced to execute this sensational casino heist. He can be reached at or www.AlisicAdnan. 



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What does a regular writing day look like for you?

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