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Review + #Giveaway: The Gathering Dark by Charles O'Keefe @TheNLVampire @GoddessFish

The Gathering Dark
by Charles O'Keefe
GENRE:  Paranormal


Newly-made vampire Joseph O’Reily has rejected his vampire lover Cassandra and declared their relationship at an end. Although he loves Cassandra – and she loves him – he knows their relationship cannot survive because she places such low worth on human life and morals.

Former pirate and vampire sire Anne Bonny is bored from spending almost a century on a tropical island and makes her way to St. John’s after receiving the last thoughts of her creation, John Snow. Once in Newfoundland she engages with Joseph and Cassandra, both of them surprised to see a vampire that doesn’t wish them harm.

Joseph, who is dealing with his failed relationship with Cassandra and his new one with Anne, has forgotten a human figure from his past, Augustus Green, a pimp and murderer. Green plans revenge for the brutal beating Joseph and Cassandra gave him months ago.

The Emperor Commodus, leader of the vampire council, has commanded his subjects, Count Dracula, Countess Elizabeth Bathory and others, to swell the ranks of his evil army by creating brainwashed vampires. Hope is not lost though as other vampires secretly prepare for the war to fight for their survival and humanity’s.

Anne Bonny devises a plan that would mean the death of the Countess and replacing her. Joseph must make the decision to join Anne on his own. As his enemies gather, so do his friends, and Joseph discovers he has allies he never even knew about. The good side of the Council holds its own meeting that Joseph and Cassandra are secretly invited to.

With Anne and Cassandra at his side, they wage a desperate battle against the Countess, in the hopes of not just defeating her but striking a pre-emptive blow against the forces of evil. Joseph is ready to take on his greatest challenge yet. If he wins, good will prevail. If he fails, he will enable the destruction of the entire world. With a lot riding on him, Joseph can only hope for help from old friends and old flames alike, if he is to turn the tide of destiny.


The last remnants of the sun disappeared below the horizon, and Anne felt her senses fully come to life. Charles’ heartbeat thumped in her ears and she smelled the sweetness of his blood. As he approached, she stood and held out her hand for the phone.

Charles said in his accustomed manner, “Are you hungry, mistress?” He passed her the phone and stretched his neck to one side.

Anne smiled.

Charles nodded. “Thank you for choosing me tonight.”

Anne took the phone and clipped it on the back of her bikini bottom. She took off Charles’ shirt and sank her teeth into his neck. He tasted lovely with not a hint of drugs or alcohol and a pleasant taste of cinnamon in his blood. She drained Charles until his heartbeat started to slow and he drifted into unconsciousness. Anne cared for her servants, the way a pet owner cared for her animals, and she laid him gently on the sand.

She took the cell phone out and punched in the mansion number. She didn’t allow time for a greeting but simply stated, “Have a boat waiting on the southeastern end of Midway Island. I’ll whistle. Also, prepare the sub and head off for Honolulu. I’ll be there in a few days. Make sure it has my weapons on board. Oh, and send Michael down to take Charles to sickbay. He’ll need a few days off.”

The reply came instantly. “Of course, mistress, right away.”

Anne tucked the cell phone into Charles’ right front pocket and, after a brief glance at the sky, dived into the ocean. The water was warm against her cool skin. It would take her weeks to get there this way, but she was in no rush. Anticipation was an exquisite thing, and time was certainly on her side.

My Review:

Joseph and his vampire lover Cassandra are no longer together as Joseph feels that their relationship is going nowhere because of the way Cassandra looks at humans. Joseph loves Cassandra and she him but Joseph thinks it is time to move on.

Joseph has a new interest Anne Bonny and yes it is the Anne Bonny the pirate. She has lived on an island for almost a century. Joseph is finally glad to have met a vampire that doesn’t want to kill him. Anne and Joseph hit it off from the very beginning and become fast friends.

The leader of the vampire council has given orders to the Countess and others to make more vampires; an army of vampires and then enthrall them so they will do what they tell them to do to help them take over the world. 

Anne has come along at the right time as she has a plan that could help them fight back and help them to protect humanity and to save everyone from these evil vampires. Fortunately for them they do have a host of good vampires on their side who want to stop the council just as much as they do. Hopefully their plans with all come together and they can save the world.

The Gathering Dark is the third book in The Newfoundland Vampire series and I have enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed the first two. I have loved following Joseph on his journey being a new vampire and meeting all the characters. I can’t wait to read more about Joseph, Cassandra, Anne and all the other Characters. It would be very nice to read more about some of the other characters and know their stories.

If you like reading vampire stories then you are going to love reading The Newfoundland Vampires. I would like to recommend that you start with the first book The Newfoundland Vampire and then the second book Killer on the Road before reading The Gathering Dark. A great series to curl up by the fire with. Why don’t you pick up your copy today and get started.


I live in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, where I am a co-owner of a beauty business. I am happily married. I also live with two cats, Jude and Elenaor (see if you can figure out the theme to the names). I enjoy lots of hobbies like walking, Pilates, writing, reading, movies, gaming, television, poker, Ingress - and, of course, vampires (not the sparkly kind!). I am massive geek, huge music lover and I go to as many concerts/plays/shows as I can afford. I love conventions (both attending and as a vendor/guest) and try to attend at least three a year. I would describe myself as Agnostic, an environmentalist and an animal lover. I also love to chat about all things geeky and I’m always up for a good chat.
My first novel "The Newfoundland Vampire" was re-released by Distinguished Press in March of 2015 and the second one “Killer on the Road” was re-released in October of 2015. As of January 2016 I became a self-published author with the help of other authors at Four Phoenixes Publishing. The long awaited third book of my series, “The Gathering Dark” was released in July of 2016. "The Newfoundland Vampire" is a series of at least 4 books with the next install to hopefully arrive sometime in 2017
The Newfoundland Vampire Book III: The Gathering Dark will be $0.99 during the tour.

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This is the author, thanks so much for reading and reviewing my book =) I'm so glad you enjoyed them and the third one in particular. Book 4 is half-written and should in out in the next 2-3 years. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

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Thank you for your comment. Thanks! I enjoy writing, my fourth book is going to be out (hopefully) by summer of 2017. Good luck! :)

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This sounds like a book I need to read in order with the others of the series.

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