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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: The Killing Game by The Black Rose @theblackrosenyc @GoddessFish

The Killing Game
by The Black Rose
GENRE:   Romantic Suspense


The series opens as Ives Andrich, Special Agent in Charge of the New York Division of the FBI, is confronted with investigating the woman he has waited a lifetime to find. Because of her more than accurate novel about an Italian crime lord, the Bureau, against Ives' wishes, asks for her help in infiltrating the internal organization of the nation's most nefarious Mafia don.   When the Bureau’s plan fails, and she becomes dangerously entangled in the private life of the United States' most wanted criminal, Ives’ tolerance for Bureau mishaps vanishes. No holds barred, he puts everything on the line to save the woman he loves in the first book in The Killing Game Series, a suspense thriller series by The Black Rose.


Sparducci swore at Ives in Italian, hurling curses at him as if that could change the situation. With his left hand, he desperately held his right hand as his blood seeped faster from the wound Ives’ round had left in it. The initial pain must have been excruciating, as injuries to extremities usually are. Now Sparducci was quiet, but it was not because he had nothing to say. He was losing blood profusely and within minutes, if his wound was not wrapped properly, he would be in the first stage of shock; the growing numbness in his hand indicated this.

Ives pulled a handkerchief from his pocket. Being careful not to step in Sparducci’s blood, which had comingled with the dead man’s blood puddled on the floor, Ives stooped down to Sparducci who sat staring at him, as his injured hand was completely dead to him now. Setting his pistol a safe distance from Sparducci’s grasp, Ives lifted Sparducci’s right hand to examine his wound. And though Ives meant to help Sparducci, Sparducci tried to push him away with his left hand.

“Do you want to bleed to death?” Ives asked.

When Sparducci lowered his left hand, Ives continued. Turning Sparducci’s right hand palm up, he saw that the round had sliced through Sparducci’s flesh, tearing apart nerve, tendon, and muscle between the index finger of his right hand and its thumb, luckily missing the metacarpals.

Shaking his head at Sparducci’s stupidity, Ives wrapped the handkerchief around Sparducci’s hand. Taking Sparducci’s left hand, he closed it around his right hand, showing him where to apply pressure in order to help the stop the bleeding.

“You’ll live,” Ives said, then asked, “Where is Torpo?”

“How would I know?” Sparducci stated sarcastically.

“He was supposed to meet you here. So where is he?” Ives asked.

“Are you sure your information’s right?” Sparducci asked.

Ives stared at him briefly, wondering what he meant by that comment. Concluding it was more of a fishing expedition than a clue, he asked again, “Where is Torpo?”

Sparducci only shrugged.

“I’ll find him soon enough,” Ives said, then he asked, “Where is Luca?”

Sparducci said nothing.

“Where is he?” Ives asked, obviously irritated at this cat and mouse game Sparducci played with him.

“I dunno,” Sparducci answered in a slightly anxious and elevated tone.

 Ives picked up his pistol, stood, then stared down at him. As he spoke, he waved the pistol slightly.

“Don’t play games with me. Where is Luca?”

Still, Sparducci shook his head. “I dunno. It’s the truth. I haven’t seen him in a week,” he answered, secretly wondering if Ives would shoot him again.


The Black Rose is an author, photographer, and filmmaker. Born in Chicago, she currently resides in New York with the love her life, her Hokkaido Dog, Kuma. She began writing at the age of seven and dabbled until she woke up one day and simply had to write a novel. She has several 5-Star reviewed novels, both part of individual series.

She categorizes her novels very directly; “My writing is deeply rooted interpersonal relationships: people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, and the intimacies between two people that truly love each other despite the circumstances surrounding them.” Her genres are suspense, thrillers, crime, romance, and espionage. As she says, “I write about love, honor, and doing the right thing, even when it seems disadvantageous, even when it’s not the popular path to take.” She sees her writing as a gift from God, and appreciates and learns from her stories.
Her writing passion stems from her immense love for art, which began with drawing at age five and moved into oil painting by age eight. Her love and study of photography soon became a professional passion, and she spends hours photographing and laying out her book covers. Readers can visit Privé with The Black Rose” showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into her writing, novels, characters, photography, and films. She films and produces her book trailers and, in the future, plans to make short films.
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